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  • Northstar Navigation works like an indoor GPS to clean until the job is done
  • Choose from two modes - dry sweeping or damp mopping
  • Use with disposable or microfiber cleaning cloths to pick up daily dirt, dust and hair
  • Turbo Charge Cradle recharges Braava in just two hours
  • Reusable microfiber cleaning cloths included - one dry sweeping cloth and one damp mopping cloth
  • A hassle-free cleaning option, Braava uses dry or damp cloths to mop hard-surface floors for you, keeping dust, daily dirt and smudges under control automatically
  • Keep Daily Dirt In Check. Dry Mop Mode and Damp Mop Mode
  • Braava will clean your floors for you without disrupting your daily activity or sleep.
  • Braava uses either dry or damp disposable cleaning cloths, including Swiffer brand or Braava’s specially designed microfiber cloths. These microfiber cloths can be reused hundreds of times
  • Braava 380t charges in just two hours with the Turbo Charge Cradle.
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Amazon Review by Dan :star::star::star::star::star:

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With proper expectations set, this is the droid you've been looking for.

We've had this little guy for about three months and have been using it pretty much every other day. I couldn't be happier with it's performance.

This little robot is a helper, and keeping that in mind, you’ll find your floors stay much cleaner in between your more dedicated cleaning sessions.

That’s not to say you’re completely out of the picture. You have a responsibility to use this robot, and while his AI is quite impressive at times, it is still an appliance. This is not entirely a “set it and forget it” robot. Think of it as other helpful appliances. Your dishwasher is great! But you still need to properly load it, pre-rinse when necessary, and occasionally still scrape some dry food off of a fork with your thumbnail. Your washer and dryer are fantastic! But you still need to make time for use in your evenings, transfer from one to the other, and darn it, they still don’t fold your clothes.

The Braava, is like an appliance in that way. You don’t need to babysit it (other than your first few run-throughs) but you need to be aware of it, take it from room to room, change pads, and charge as necessary.

Our home is ~1600 square feet and mostly hardwood floors with area rugs centered in the dining room and living room.

The Braava works most efficiently in our kitchen (pretty much rectangular) and bedroom (again a square with the bed, which comes all the way down to the floor, is centered on a wall and all of our dresser/end tables are legged tall enough for the little guy to easily get under.

The only prep these rooms need when I put Braava to work are; Kitchen) move the two little rug mats we have out of the way. Bedroom) move the dog bed out of the way.

The dining room and living room are connected through a doorway, and I suspect I’ll want to get another Northstar Navigation cube to just combine them. As it is now, the Braava gets places I’d never get with a broom. Under the couches, under the book case…it’s great.

It’s quiet enough to let run while we’re cooking, eating, watching TV etc… (though it’s a little louder when mopping)

The methodical way in which it cleans was a surprise and is sometimes even fun to watch. They way it reacts to corners, walls, and furniture legs is impressive and it diligently works around them to cover every inch it can get to.

I found the Braava stuck once, so it’s the one room that I wouldn’t put it in and then leave the house. That room has an older couch where the arm “slopes” in towards the base. This slope was such that the Braava wedged itself and couldn’t get unstuck. The rest of our furniture, though, is pretty straight angled and tall enough for the robot to clean under.

It does a wonderful job identifying our area rugs and the more open your floor plan, the quicker it will get around and signal it’s done.

We use disposable swiffer pads for dry mopping and the reusable micro fiber for mopping.

We have a dog and a dirt driveway (wooded house) so we definitely are happy with the help in keeping sand, dirt, and hair to a minimum. Yes, the dog barked a lot at first. Yes, he got used to it within the first hour. Yes, we made a funny youtube clip of it which you can view here. […]

Very pleased with this robot so far and would recommend it to anyone, assuming they know that they do need to actively use it in order to keep the house clean. - Customer Reviews: iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop with Manufacturer's Warranty


Best Buy Review by Bogetta :star::star::star::star::star:

Basically a robotic Swiffer

I bought this because I have 2 basset hounds that shed and I don't have time to sweep my stained concrete floors daily. This works perfect in between a good deep cleaning. Plus, I have back issues, so this makes it where I can wait a tad longer between said deep cleanings.

What this basically is is a robotic Swiffer. It doesn’t vacume, you attach a cloth and it will basically sweep up the floor and most of the dust/dirt/hair will stick to the dry cloth. Then you can run the mop part and it pushes a wet cloth all around your floors.

The manual said that you can’t use with Swiffer products, but I have and I haven’t had a problem. Using something disposable also keeps me from having to wash the washable wet and dry pad that came with the robot every day.

My dogs are big babies, but this doesn’t scare them; it’s really quiet. It gets into places that I normally can’t get to to clean, such as under cabinets and under furniture that isn’t too low for it to get under. I haven’t had an issue with mine getting stuck either like some people seem to have had. I usually just move small things and cords out of the way and let it do its thing.

The only cons is that it is a little slow and can take a long time to complete a job (especially since it’s so thorough) and that the little tank for water is super duper teeny. It would be nice not to have to fill it up with liquid so often. On the plus side, the battery seems to last quite a while. I can sweep and mop my living room, kitchen, dining room, a bathroom, laundry room, hall, and one bedroom before the battery runs out. And all are decent sized rooms; even the bathroom.

Overall, this does what I needed. Now If they would make one that vacuumes, sweeps, AND mops, it’ll be perfect. - Customer Reviews: iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop with Manufacturer's Warranty


Walmart Review by 61Brrr :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Works like a damp Mop

At first I was very disappointed in this. I had hoped that it would shoot water down, scrub it, and suck the dirty water up. This does not do that. This works like a damp mop, uses a damp cloth, and adds just enough water to keep it moist. But, this is surprisingly effective. I mostly needed help with cat hair/dog hair. This mop collects an impressive amount of hair each time I use it. Which is constantly, because why not? So yes, my house is cleaner. It is very, very quiet and works well. This will never replace a good mopping when things get dirty. But it sure keeps things cleaner in between. I use it on my wood floor, my linoleum squares type floor, and tile. - Customer Reviews: iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop with Manufacturer's Warranty


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