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  • Large, legible numbers and big buttons make dialing effortless.
  • A powerful speaker ensures every conversation will be loud and clear and simple “Yes” and “No” menu buttons make navigation even easier.
  • To take advantage of the easy-to-use features on the Jitterbug Flip, activate with GreatCall by phone or via the Greatcall website.
  • No contracts and no cancellation fees. Dependable nationwide coverage. Affordable plans as low as $14.99 a month with GreatCall.
  • Award-winning, 100% U.S.-based customer service. A dedicated 5Star button immediately connects you to highly-trained Agents for help in any emergency.
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Amazon Review by P. Mortensen :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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This very nice lady located in Reno said repeatedly

I owned the older version of this newer device. I had a couple of problems with it, called customer service and the rep said I simply needed a new battery which was sent to me and I made the switch to the new battery. I thought I needed a new phone but replacing the battery seemed to resolve the problem....for about ten months or so. Leaving charging overnight sometimes resulted in a zero percent charge or sometimes sixty per cent. I called and spoke to a young man who said I probably needed a new phone. Ok, so I ordered the new one for 79 dollars plus I paid the 20 dollars charge for an expedited shipping of two days. I believe it was longer than that time but I still had my old one that was functioning. I get the phone, call the customer service for activation help because I was unable to do what was supposed to be a simple task. A rep then turned off or I guess more correctly de-activated the old phone. Then we proceeded to activate the new one. This very nice lady located in Reno said repeatedly, ok. I'll get you where we need you to be. Three times she couldn't get the phone activated, even after I went fro one end of my house to the other, then outside on the patio, then sitting in my car and finally at the end of the driveway. So, finally she says she's going to move me up to a tech person and she transferred me and I sat Andy waited and waited and waited with the usual we're so sorry but this a particularly busy day, etc. ad nauseum. So now I get the next person and he clearly had no clue who I was and I have to answer all the question all over again, e.g. Name address, account number and password and then I had to explain the problem and repeat the promise that moving he to this tech person would solve the problem...yeah, I'm right. Same business again...tried at least three times with no luck...he tells me that he's going to transfer me to someone else, presumably more expert than he. Same story again..on hold, apologizes, music and finally I am connected to a man who surely must have the technical knowledge to do get this done. Wrong! Multiple attempts at activation failed and I'm now up more than 35 minutes to get this fixed.nthis fellow tells me that this issue has been a problem with some phones coming from the manufacturer defective in this regard. His solution is to send me another phone that will have been activated by whomever at Great Call. I agreed but I told him I NEEDED a phone right away and to please do an overnight shipment but he says that can't be done. And so I agreed to the two to three day expedited charge of twenty dollars. Now this was on a Friday afternoon so he said I would have the phone by Tuesday or Wednesday and I knew there was no chance to get it on Tuesday. I hung up the phone and realized I had let myself get suckered into paying the expedited charge twice,..and WHY should I have to to have a defective phone shipped to me and then repeat the charge ! Tuesday comes and goes. Wednesday same thing. So meanwhile I've had no phone and I don't even have access to my phone book. I had been pleasant up to this point and completely accepting of the run around I had with three problem solvers who could not solve and then waiting for a phone that was PROMISED to arrive by no later than Wednesday. Back on the phone to customer service and finally, after the first person who was totally clueless about the situation and thus transferred me AGAIN to another rep, was allegedly speaking to someone who had the solution. Guess what, he had to make a phone call to someone in shipping and returned after ANOTHER long wait to tell me that not only had the phone not been sent, but that no one had even activated the phone. And now I'm pretty ripped! He said another two to three business days and I'd have it once they programmed the phone and then did the two to three day delivery. I said WRONG ANSWER and that I wanted him to get either his supervisor or the CEO of the company to get this fixed or I would two things. First I said that I would cancel the phone account and eat the cost of unfair expenses and I also would cancel the account I have with them for their Splash device, the medical alert system. Number two was that I promised that I would give a negative review; a detailed report of how horrible the device was and recommend that people go elsewhere for a phone. So here I am writing. And now come this Monday afternoon (this is Friday), if I don't have the phone, on Tuesday morning I am closing both my accounts with the company and demanding the 79 dollars I was charged for the defective phone they sent me AND I wanted the twenty dollar was do edited fee I had to pay. If you're looking for reliability..go elsewhere. Also I thought that because no one who was "above" the four people with whom I spoke emailed me or called me on my home phone to tell me that he or she was personally going to march down ou up to wherever they had to go to find a solution. A lousy way to run a business in my opinion!

Amazon.com - Customer Reviews: Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-Use Cell Phone for Seniors - Red by GreatCall


Walmart Review by Caregiving Daughter :star::star::star::star::star:

Perfect For Dad!

My dad's arthritis and stiff fingers makes it hard to use most cell phones. Saw this Jitterbug in an AARP publication, so I knew it must be good. He loves it!

Walmart.com - Customer Reviews: Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-Use Cell Phone for Seniors - Red by GreatCall