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  • To ensure that this item fits your car seat, check the compatibility chart in Technical Specification section below (Click on User Manual)
  • #1 Best-selling Gate Check Bag brought to you by J.L. Childress - the worldwide leading brand in car seat and stroller travel bags
  • Made of durable, yet lightweight and water-resistant material with double-stitched seams for strength
  • AIRLINE APPROVED and recommended by baggage handlers around the world
  • Large GATE CHECK logo and bright red color are instantly recognizable by baggage handlers - ensuring your gear makes it to the airplane gate as quickly as possible
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Amazon Review by Robert :star::star::star::star::star:

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Absolutely necessary - SAVED US!!

We flew to cancun for my sister-in-laws wedding w/ out 1 year old. There were huge thunderstorms prior to landing and, like many international flights, you get off the plane on the actual runway and take a bus to the terminal.

There were two car seats sitting on the run way - the other baby on our plane had her car seat FACE DOWN IN A PUDDLE, w/ the headrest cover laying next to it. pretty much ruined (jet fuel and oil is not good for babies) - ours was still in the red bag, totally protected and dry!

Without this we would have been totally screwed and would have had to throw away the car seat! (and we would probably have to find a new one at a store while my wife waits at the airport!)

To the people who are leaving reviews saying it doesn’t “last long” or “handle breaks easily” - who cares, I’d rather the bag gets damaged then the car seat inside of it! Luggage handlers are not gentle - if they are going to break something, i’d rather it be a $11 bag then a $200 car seat.

Also - EXPLANATION OF GATE CHECKING FOR NEW PARENTS - every airline will allow you to GATE CHECK your stroller- you bring it through security, to the actual gate where you board the plane- Take the car seat and put in the bag BEFORE you give them your ticket to board the plane, they will print an extra baggage tag at the gate, attach it to the car seat bag (and stroller - if you have one like ours that comes in two pieces so the seat can be used in the car) and then an attendant will take the stroller for you right before you get on. This way you have your stroller in the airport while you are waiting for your flight, and you get it back IMMEDIATELY upon departing the plane (they get it before the doors are even opened, on the flight back to the USA it was waiting on the walkway when you get off the plane before you even get into the airport. In cancun it was on the runway at the bottom of the stairs when we got off the plane)

Also for new parents- most airlines allow you additional carry on bags for baby food and clothes to ensure you have EVERYTHING you need in case of delays or lost luggage, they are very nice about it. just remember- the only thing they want less then an upset baby on a plane is a mom who is flipping out because her baby doesn’t have what they need. Also- the TSA will let you bring baby formula (above 4 oz) on the plane if it’s in sealed bottles, so buy the similac ready-to-feed bottles for the plane and all you need to do is screw on a nipple: https://www.amazon.com/Similac-Advance-Newborn-2-Fluid-Packaging/dp/B000N351WQ/ref=as_li_ss_til?tag=securicom07-20&linkCode=w01&creativeASIN=B000N351WQ

and of course, always bring an extra day or two of food, babies don’t sleep at well when you travel - and more awake time means extra feeding.

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