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  • Smart Touch functionality replaces complicated multi-step scanning processes with one-touch simplicity.
  • Create email attachments, picture files, and searchable PDFs - and get your documents to the cloud, so they can be accessed wherever you are.
  • The USB-powered capability lets you bring all this functionality with you, wherever you go. Capture, process, and send information effortlessly.
  • With the i940, you can scan directly to cloud-based applications such as SharePoint, Evernote, and DocSCAN.
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Amazon Review by John :star::star::star::star::star:

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Great scanner for the price, very glad I went with this particular model

Couple of minor quirks here and there but most of the issues mentioned in the negative or neutral reviews with regards to the software have been addressed as of July 2014. In fact, as of the version I'm currently using (1.7.111), I would say the software is actually one of the best features of this device, and Kodak seems to be updating it constantly.

First off, the way you use this device is to press the arrow button to select the preset on the device itself, then press the green scan button to scan. You can have up to 9 presets and disable the ones you’re not using, so you don’t have to flip past them using the arrow button. The resolution you choose in the settings shortcut will determine how fast it scans. It technically does up to 1200 dpi, however, I’ve found that there’s no image quality benefit beyond 600 dpi, and it can actually crash doing OCR (optical character recognition) at 1200 dpi on occasion.

The settings are a little convoluted, but one of my main beefs with the software was addressed recently, which is that you couldn’t have more than three settings shortcuts. The settings shortcut is the option within each “Task shortcut ‘preset’” that has to do with how the image is acquired. You could not previously, for example, have more than three different combinations of resolution/number of sides/compression/document type previously. Now you can have as many as you want.

Overall I just don’t see how you can complain about this device. It does exactly what I want it to do, and it’s dirt cheap. Ergonomically, it does a good job considering it’s a lightweight small form factor device. Regardless of what Kodak says, the document feeder can handle more than 20 pages and will scan all day long as long as you can feed it paper. Here are some of the presets I’ve used:

  1. Grayscale OCR PDF’s for scanning general documents (one and two sided, I have a preset for each)
  2. Color OCR PDF’s for scanning colored documents
  3. Color BMP’s for scanning photos
  4. High resolution non-text PDF’s, non-OCR, for scanning music - works very well with no distortion.

The OCR works very well although it does seem to distort the image in the background a decent amount like older versions of Abode did. Probably a way to fix that I haven’t bothered to explore. Can’t complain when I don’t have to pay Abode to get decent scanned OCR’d documents.

If I had to take issue with one thing, it’s that scanning color photos is mediocre. Flatbeds are a much better choice for photos. You can’t use JPEG compression at all with photos on the i940 software or they will come out blurry and oversaturated. And you pretty much have to clean the glass any time you scan a photo because otherwise you’ll get streaks.

Also, this thing seems to be rigged by default to give you the absolute worst image quality it’s capable of generating because the default scan resolution for basically all of the presets is way too low (like 200 dpi) and when you add standard JPEG compression on top it pretty much ruins any image you scan. I’m 100% sure they did this to advertise better scan times. You need to start at 300 dpi to get any kind of decent quality and then go up from there. If you just got this thing and the pictures look terrible, the answer is that YES, you must fiddle with the software to get better scan quality.

Presto Bizcard is included - really don’t know how it works but it’s excellent. Load the business card in, click acquire business card. It automatically sends it over to outlook which for me is linked to my gmail account, so I’m done. It’s impressive how accurate it is… it always seems to fill things into the correct fields.

In summary, for the price, the Kodak i940 is an excellent scanner. I really can’t see any reason to spend more money for the average home office.

Amazon.com - Customer Reviews: Kodak ScanMate i940 Scanner


Walmart Review by StanS :star::star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

Small in size.. large in noise.. small in software

It is compact, but noisy and the software is lacking. Not a good deal even at that price.

Walmart.com - Customer Reviews: Kodak ScanMate i940 Scanner


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