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  • SharePort: No need for a splitter! 1 side of the Connect+ plugs into the device and the other can have another headphone plug into it to share audio!
  • Includes: Microfiber carrying pouch and detachable 52" nylon covered audio cable to allow for greater range between your children and their device.
  • Volume Limited with Adult Worthy, Quality Audio: The max volume is set at 93db with internal 40mm drivers and a range of 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • Comfort and function: Sized for children, padded for children, light for children, and durable for children (recommended for ages 2-8)
  • For the Kids: A portion of each purchase goes towards bullying prevention in schools and minimizing the environmental impact of your purchase
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Amazon Review by Liesel Phillips :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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These are great for very small, young children. I'm giving it a lower review because the product description isn't clear about that. These didn't come close to fitting my seven year old. As you can see from the picture I'm including, even my two year old has to adjust the band to fit her head. They are very, very small. They sound great and look comfortable though. The carry case is a cute touch, and the wire is cloth covered to help protect it.

Update: I have had the BEST experience with Lil’ Gadgets customer service. They messaged me on their own when this review went live, refunded my son’s pair of headphones immediately, and in general worked hard to express sympathy for my issue. I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s so unusual to experience that level of customer service these days. Bravo! The company should continue to thrive with that level of customer care. They also said they’ll work on possibly including the specific dimensions of the headphones on the product description. - Customer Reviews: LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones with SharePort for Children - Pink