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  • A much better option for you and your family than Liquid Fabric Softeners which all have zero harsh chemicals / synthetics. 100% natural, perfect for babies and sensitive skin
  • Reduces your drying time by up to 25% for larger loads and up to 40% for smaller loads. Save hundreds of dollars per year
  • 100% Premium Organic from New Zealand. Lasts for more than 1500 washes
  • Completely Natural and Hypoallergenic
  • Cut costs, protects your family and helps keep our water supplies clean. Better for the environment and for your family
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Baaaall Humbug

I was very excited to try wool dryer balls to get away from using VOC emitting dryer sheets and fabric softener. I wanted the wool balls as opposed to the plastic nubby ones because I thought they would be quieter in the drier. I've just finished my 4th load of laundry with these, and my expectations may have been a little too high.

Here are the pros:

  1. They are organic and probably aren’t harming anything by being in with my clothes.
  2. They aren’t too noisy as they thump around in the dryer.
  3. I like the way they feel. Like little spun lambs without legs, or sticks and things in their wool…
  4. They are made very well. I like that they are felted wool, and not yarn that’s just been wound up like other sets I’ve seen.
  5. The price is very competitive compared to etsy and other sellers on Amazon. Very reasonable for the size and quantity.

The Cons:

  1. They are a little smelly on their own. I added a few drops of essential oil to make my laundry smell nice. There weren’t any instructions with the packaging, so I’m not sure if I did that correctly or not. They smell better than wet wooly balls now, though…
  2. I thought they would keep my laundry from wrapping around itself by beating the tar out of it if it decided to play twister. Instead, I ended up with hot and steamy balls wrapped up in my sheets.
  3. Static cling: When I chased my dog to retrieve a ball after it fell out of the dryer, I shocked the crap out of her because I’d been folding an extremely charged blanket when the chase ensued. She might not go for them again. I can’t say much for their ability to reduce static cling.
  4. Reducing drying time: nope. I have a really nice new dryer. It has a pretty good moisture indicator and usually gets it right most of the time. These last 4 loads with the balls have come out more damp than usual. I have no idea why.

Overall, they might be better than not using anything. I haven’t tried that method. I will keep using them because I like being able to infuse my laundry with the scent of essential oils of my choosing. Perhaps they will get better at their job after the novelty of tangling with my sheets has worn off. - Customer Reviews: Little Lamb Wool Dryer Balls, 6 Pack


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Little Lamb Wool Dryer Balls 6 Pack