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  • The most powerful and intuitive Harmony remote works with Alexa for voice control. All-in-one control of up to 15 home entertainment and connected home devices
  • Full color touchscreen: Simply swipe and tap to control channels, movies, volume, 50 favorite channels and smart home devices like Philips Hue lights
  • One-touch Activities: Touch an Activity like Watch a Movie to automatically power on and switch devices to the right settings
  • Harmony app: Turns iOS or Android smartphones or tablets into personal universal remote controls for the whole house
  • Closed cabinet control: Included Harmony Hub lets you control devices in closed cabinets, or even when away from home
  • Convenient charging station: Keeps your remote powered and within reach
  • Easy-to-use design: Find the right button every time, even in the dark, with motion-activated backlit buttons, home control buttons and a comfortable layout
  • Works with over 270,000 devices: Controls your TV, satellite or cable box, Apple TV, Roku, TiVo, Blu-ray player, game consoles, plus connected lights, locks, thermostats, sensors and more
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Amazon Review by Luke :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Great remote, requires patience and tech savvy to properly install

I have loved and installed hundreds of harmony remotes. The Elite is the best product they have ever produced! I will start on why this might not want to install yourself. Followed by improvements over recent models.
  1. IR blasters. If you have IR equipment all over the place the blasters may drive you nuts. The blasters do not adhere to the equipment. They just sit in front of it. If the blaster gets notched off a shelf or blocked the remote will not work right. The remote does a lot of control using IP communication so that helps a lot.

You can purchase adapters to go from 3/32" to standard 1/8" eyes. No problem using 1/8" mono y splitters to use more eyes. I think I have needed to do 8 eyes or more. I have rarely had an issue when eyes were used instead of IR blasters.

  1. you need rock solid wifi! If your wifi network isn’t reliable your remote will not be.

  2. frequent updates. This is the first Harmony I have worked with that did not require a computer at any point. The previous model Harmony Ultimate Home needed a computer for firmware updates. The elite has already had a few updates even though it is just a week or two out in the world. Harmony remotes and hubs often require a reboot to work right after updating. The elite has been the same so far. No biggy, just reboot the hub and remote if something is not working right.

  3. programming can get confusing, especially making changes. The great thing is everything is adjustable on the fly. Just keep a iPhone or iPad around the first few times you use this remote. Making changes in iOS are much easier than from the wand remote.

  4. Bluetooth pairing, I had to reboot the hub, remote and the fire tv to get the Bluetooth pairing working. Probably took me 20 minutes or so to pair the first time.

  5. 15 device limit, this is the weakest point of the harmony line right now. It’s easy to hit the 15 device limit in more complex setups.

Why this remote is the best harmony to date

  1. control of Sonos playbar over IP not IR! This is great! No need to have a blaster semi hidden or an eye stuck to the playbar!
  2. hard buttons for lights! Super cool!
  3. IoT only gets easier with the elite! Even better integration of smart devices.

I will keep updating this review as I play with it more at home and install the second one next week.

Amazon.com - Customer Reviews: Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub and App, works with Alexa


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How to Setup the Logitech Harmony Hub



Best Buy Review by Nelix2 :star::star::star::star::star:

Harmony Elite with Harmony Hub work seamlessly

Please bear in mind I have not explored all the capabilities of the Harmony and Elite and Harmony Hub.

I have owned the Harmony Elite Universal Remote control bundled with the Harmony Hub for a few weeks. I have been setting up a cabinet so all AV, computer and peripherals will be out of sight and the Harmony Hub with it’s built in IR blaster, in combination with the 2 IR mini blasters supplied, will is able to control all my devices (including my 5 port HDMI hub) without line of sight since the remote uses my wi-fi network to send commands to the hub.

I originally purchased just a Harmony Hub figuring control of the hub via the Harmony app on my IOS devices would be fine. Well I was wrong. The Harmony app for iPhone and iPad is well designed but using them provides no tactile feedback and unless your brain/finger and recall where each button is on the mobile device screen you must constantly refer back to the screen for buttons presses. Add to the fact that a touch screen is not as accurate at buttons you press (as on the Elite remote) and the power drain on the IOS devices while using the Harmony app I bit the bullet and purchased the Elite Remote which is bundled with a hub and 2 mini IR blasters.

If you have never owned Harmony remote controllers set up of the remote require you set up a free online account at Logitech Harmony which you use to add devices which you wish to control and activities to your control system. It is simple to use. Harmony has a large database of AV, home automation and peripheral devices so remote setup is a matter of following the prompts for device type, brand and model which will be recalled in your profile. If you encounter a device that is not in their database it can be setup using the learning function.

The Elite remote does not have to be pointed at either the Harmony Hub or any equipment you wish to control. I hands and find the feel of the remote good in my hand. Some have commented that it is a bit unbalanced since the battery compartment is enclosed in the lower half of the unit but I have not found this an issue for me.

The elite remote has a good assortment of direct access tactile buttons on it including several for controlling Philips Hue lighting system or other home automation devices.

The touch screen is sharp and easy to read. The spacing between commands lines on the touch screen is just fine for my larger fingers. Feedback of selected commands is provided by a vibration device built into the remote and prompts and help can be displayed on the touch screen for assistance if you wish.

Selecting an activity (i.e.: “Watch TV”) turns on the equipment you have programmed for that activity as well as selecting the appropriate inputs for any given device. Note that you can include automatic control of automated lighting, blinds and more to be activated with that single request to “Watch TV”.

For those with bluetooth controlled Sony Playstation the Harmony system can transmit bluetooth commands to that device.

There are Harmony blogs and forums for those who wish to really get into complicated system setup or just wish to learn more about the Harmony system and it’s capabilities and limitations.

I have owned 2 Harmony remote controllers in years past but none came close to the capabilities of this new system.

Bestbuy.com - Customer Reviews: Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub and App, works with Alexa