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4.4 out of 5
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    4.4 out of 5


  • Curves designed for total comfort
  • Crafted for your hand
  • Long battery life
  • Smooth and precise tracking
  • Plug-and-forget Nano receiver
  • Right-handed contoured design: Curved soft rubber side grips for extra comfort
  • 2 year battery life: Go longer between battery changes (Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions)
  • Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking: Enjoy ultra-precise and responsive cursor control
  • Plug-and-forget Nano receiver: Reliable wireless connection with a small receiver that can stay in your computer’s USB port
  • Wide compatibility: Works with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Chrome and Linux Kernel 2.6 operating systems
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Amazon Review by Ramnik Bansal :star::star::star::star::star:

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M320: Great Price, Very Precise, Latest tech, Right Handed natural shape

I will divide my review into :

a) The need for a mouse
b) My search and choice of M320 ( M280 in India)
c) Mouse Features : Pro/Cons
d) Amazon Delivery and reliability


I have been very comfortable using the trackpad on my Macbook Pro and hence have never felt the need for a mouse. I am on my laptop more than 6 hours a day. Recently I have started teaching online classes which requires me to have an extra monitor and a writing tablet (wacom). I am shuffling between two monitors and at least 5 different softwares each consisting of multiple windows at times ( Chrome, R, GotoWebinar, Write, ScreenFlow) , while also delivering my lecture through the microphone. I need to be extremely quick and accurate while moving around and switching different windows and monitors. I started feeling the need of a mouse that would be better than using a trackpad (which I am very comfortable using btw). I have never liked scrolling with a mouse before this.

b) SEARCH and CHOICE of M320/M280:

I needed a professional level mouse that would enhance my online teaching. Some of the parameters that I had in mind were:
(1) Technically, it should be the best for my needs.
(2) It should be accurate even without a pad and on the cotton-mat that I use as table top.
(3) It should be extremely comfortable to hold ( the grip of it) and touch ( the feel of it).
(4) It should be wireless, to avoid another wire near the whole setup.

I have always liked Logitech products and preferred a logitech one. M280 specs mentioned about “New-generation of Advanced optical tracking” , “soft-rubber” grip designed for specifically right-handed use and natural curves. This made me go for the M280.

c) MOUSE Pros/Cons

The Pros:

  1. mouse looks great with its mat rubbered finish!
  2. the scroller is broader than other mice I have used.
  3. Has a natural grip as advertised.
  4. No annoying optical tracking lights.
  5. Holder for wireless connector inside the mouse on the back.
  6. Quite accurate for my usage.
  7. Availability of latest model of logitech ensuring the latest technology (or the one used in more expensive but older models)
  8. Surely a value for money. I had not set any price constraint while choosing to buy the mouse and I think this Rs 960 product takes care of all my needs over any more expensive a mouse.

None I can think of. If I could change something, that would be to make it slightly smaller.


I have purchased this product in India on amazon.in. Though I have been a regular purchaser of online products from flipkart, I have been vary of picking them from amazon coz of the incident of someone getting a soap instead of a mobile phone doing the rounds on facebook. So I cautiously ordered COD. The delivery boy , on request ,showed me the sealed product by taking it out of the loose yet safe outer packing before I chose to pay for it. Secondly I could pay by debit card which I prefer over cash. With flipkart the debit card payment facility is not available on COD ( at least in my area here in Chandigarh). This is my second order from amazon and I am gaining trust in buying products from them. Hope they keep it this way and better it !

EDIT: After using it for about 2 weeks I would like to add that I find the mouse to be a little heavier than what I would want it to be. This could be because it is cordless. I guess all cordless mice must be the same or heavier weight given that this has one battery (AA though not AAA) also inside it. You may prefer a corded one if you prefer lighter mouse. Secondly I find that the scroll is like any other mouse, with discrete circular motion ( I guess this is how mice are designed). I prefer the smooth scrolling motion I get on my trackpad. Wish the mice had continuous circular motion.

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