Mini PC Windows 10 Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 /4GB DDR/32GB EMMC/Expansion Hard Disk/Gigabit Ethernet/Type-C/HDMI Mini Computer ⭐⭐⭐⭐:emptystar:



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  • [HARDWARE SPECIFICATION]. ACEPC AK1 Mini desktop computer is powered by Intel Apollo Lake Celeron J3455 Up to 2.3 GHz . And loaded with 4GB DDR3L RAM and 32GB eMMC as storage.Furthermore,it supports dual band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz 5.0GHz), Dual Output(HDMI Type-C),Bluetooth 4.0,Gigabit Ethernet. And comes with licensed Windows 10 Home (64-bit). It will prompt you to setup Windows for the very first time after boot up. You can just use it as normal desktop computer.
  • [2.5-INCH HHD] You can add a mini USB drive or Mirco SD card to the unit for extra storage for storing music, videos, etc,which will be helpful for the running speed.
  • [BUILD QUALITY AND DESIGN]. AK1 is designed with fan helps to reduce heat.It comes with a VESA bracket,so that it can be mounted on the back of the monitor and save desk space. There are(1xpower button,1xmicro SD slot,2xUSB 2.0 and 2xUSB 3.0 slots,1xmicrophone and headphone jack(combined),1xType-C port,1xHDMI port,1xEthernet port and 1xDC input)
  • [MOBILE AND ENTERTAINMENT]. Because of its portability and pocket size(5x5x2 inch), you can put this anywhere you want and take it to wherever you want. It allows you to turn any HDMI TV or display into a full computer,enjoy your favorite TV shows, music, games and more to the big screen with gamepad on big comfy sofa.
  • [AS HOME THEATER PC BOX]. It can play video up to 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 H264 60fps smoothly,1080p videos in h.264 or h.265 code are very easy for it. It is a great idea for presentations,streaming,catching up with emails, watching movies,or simply browsing the web.
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Amazon Review by Lawrence Dortch :star::star::star::star::star:

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The BEST Kodi Box Media Streamer I Have Reviewed The ACEPC AK1 Windows 10 Machine

 Good: This little computer is powerful. I comes packed with an Intel Apollo Lake Celeron 2.3 GHz processor 4 gigs of ram and 32 gigs of storage. It also has dual band wifi and an ethernet port so you can connect wirelessly or through a hardline. Good: Even though the AK1 only comes with 32 gigs of storage it has multiple ways to expand that storage almost infinitely. There are two USB ports that can both be used for expanded storage, there is also a SD card slot that can be used for the same purpose but my favorite way is that you can add an 2.5 inch laptop hard drive into this computer and really give yourself more storage. For instance, I added a one terabyte drive to my machine that is used for app installations and storage of files. Good: The AK1 is so much better than the Apple TV and FireStick not just because it can play 4K videos and has expandable storage but also because unlike the other streaming devices this a full fledged computer and the possibilities are so much more wide reaching. For example, neither the Apple TV or the FireStick have web browsers available on them and although you can side-load half-baked browsers that don't really work well on those devices you simply don't have to worry about that with the AK1. Because this is a real Windows 10 machine just open whatever web browser you choose to use and enjoy the content you want the way you want. You can also play any video format you can get a codec for whereas the Apple TV and FireStick limit you on what formats will play on their devices. Good: This computer is the best Kodi box I have ever tested. This machine runs Kodi like a dream and its super easy to install. Unlike the Apple TV and the FireStick you don't have to side-load Kodi or other apps to use them you just visit the Windows app store and download Kodi and that's it, it's that easy. If you want a different version of Kodi then you just visit the Kodi website and download it directly. With Apple TVs you have a steep learning curb to learn how to side apps and then the apps only last for seven days at a time. You don't have those problems with the ACEPC AK1 you control what apps you install not what someone else allows you to install. Bad: My main beef with this unit is that the included documentation is very limited. ACEPC really needs to provide in the package a more comprehensive user manual. Finally, I will say if you are looking for a great media streamer look no further. If you are looking for an Apple TV for FireStick alternative look no further. If you want a streaming device with expandable storage, high powered performance and the ability to let you enjoy your content your way then the ACEPC AK1 Mini Windows 10 PC is for you. I know its definitely for me. Mini PC Windows 10 Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 2.3 Ghz/4GB DDR/32GB EMMC/Expansion Hard Disk/Gigabit Ethernet/Type-C/HDMI Mini Computer AK1 - Customer Reviews: Mini PC Windows 10 Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 /4GB DDR/32GB EMMC/Expansion Hard Disk/Gigabit Ethernet/Type-C/HDMI Mini Computer



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