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  • Have fun without slowing down. A powerful quad-core processor with a 1.2GHz CPU and 2GB of memory lets you switch back and forth between apps quickly, smoothly and easily.
  • See clear photos, videos and more on the 5-inch HD display. The 720p HD resolution assures sharp pictures and vibrant colors on everything you love.
  • The 2800 mAh battery keeps your Moto G Play powered up for all-day use (Actual battery performance will vary).
  • Advanced nano-coating creates a water-repellent barrier that helps guard against moderate exposure to accidental spills, splashes and light rain (not waterproof).
  • Shoot crisp photos with the 8 MP rear camera with fast f/2.2 lens, LED flash and sensor with larger-than-average pixels. Take great videos at 30 fps in 1080p. Use the 5 MP front camera for selfies and video chats.
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Amazon Review by Aaron P. :star::star::star::star::star:

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I'll try to keep this review short and sweet. My last phone before it broke was the ...

I'll try to keep this review short and sweet.

My last phone before it broke was the Moto G (gen 1), only had 1 GB ram and 8 GB internal storage with NO SD card slot, which was extremely odd.

This phone, which is the fourth generation of Moto G, upgrades everything about the old phone. 2 GB RAM, slightly faster CPU and GPU, 16 GB internal storage WITH an SD card slot, and an actual removable battery, which is a must with all phones in case you need to do a hard reset in case none of your buttons are responding.

It’s much faster than the old Moto G, the screen feels much bigger although I think it’s only half an inch or an inch bigger. Picture quality is good and so is the camera quality at 8 MP (front).

I got this for $62 (not including shipping) which was the cost for my old Moto G, so for the price it’s definitely worth it. Is it the best phone on the market? Absolutely not, but for the price you pay (or what I paid for in case the price goes up in the future), it’s extremely worth it for a good pre-paid phone.

The ONLY complaint I have about this phone, is it started downloading 102 MB of system updates while I was using the 4G data instead of Wifi, which is no big deal for me personally, since I don’t use that much data in the first place, but that may not be the case with some people so if you use a lot of data, make sure that you’re over Wifi for the first couple of hours you activate the phone

The old Moto G(1) was 3G speeds, while this one is 4G, if you’re switching from 3G to 4G, it’s surprisingly easy to do. You can also keep the same plan you currently have, just go to My Verizon, login, change device, enter phone ID (on the bottom of the box, it’s the IMEI number) and then it’ll ask for the SIM Card number (ICCID on the side of the box). Then it’ll tell you to put in the battery and turn it on and then it’ll activate.

Edit: I am no longer using this phone. After about a month of using it, it for some odd reason kept resetting (NOT factory resetting, just turning off and back on). I tried factory resetting it and booting it into safe mode etc etc, so I switched to the Galaxy Note 4.

I’m still leaving this review at 5 stars, because for the time it worked, it worked well and smooth. Also because some people I do know that have this phone have not had the problem I have, so it seems like it’s just a very uncommon problem. - Customer Reviews: Moto G Play - Verizon Prepaid


Best Buy Review by technerd9 :star::star::star::star::star:

Good phone for Verizon prepaid

First thing's first - this is for Verizon prepaid only. It can't be used on GSM providers, at least, not 100%. Some intrepid people have tried, I guess.

This is a nice device, and the price is good. Sure, there are “edgier” and more fancy phones out there. This thing does 99% of what it needs to do, and does it fairly well.
It will last at least a day on a charge, and is a decent machine.

No, it will probably not play the latest, greatest, fanciest games all that well. That’s not what it’s meant to do. It’s meant to be a good phone first. It should play games that aren’t super high end pretty well. For really intense games, it will probably choke up. I don’t game on the phone, though, so I don’t care. For puzzle games, etc., I’m sure it’s fine.

The screen is good (even in sunlight), and is of decent size. Actually miss slightly smaller ones, but this one is mostly usable with one hand.

It runs pretty smooth with 2GB RAM. Web browsing is decent, and it flips between a few apps pretty well.

Time will tell, but the battery does seem to be good, as reviews say. Takes a long time to charge up, though, so it will need to be an overnight kind of thing which I’d bet most people do anyway. With medium use, it looks like it will easily last a day. If it ever gets Android 7.x, there are even more battery optimizing features built-in, so that would be really nice. Not holding my breath, but the word is that it should get 7.x in the near future.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this device. It is a nice upgrade from last phone. It is smooth running, long running, surprisingly lighter than I thought, and I’ll get used to the slightly larger size. Makes reading a little easier anyway.


  • It’s a good mid-range phone.
  • It runs smooth, and doesn’t seem to get hot
  • The camera is OK. It should do well enough for random pictures.
  • It runs Android 6.x - and should get 7.x, but we’ll see.
  • Long battery life. Much nicer than many other phones out there, especially in this price range
  • Price - you simply can’t beat it for what you get
  • SD card slot. Easy to add a card for storing pictures etc.
  • Removable battery. What a nice thing to see. Not sure if replacements are out, or ever will be, but it’s nice to see the choice
  • Moto notifications. Very used to these. Very convenient.
  • Very little “bloat” or junk. Nearly “stock” Android with no weird extra “skins” or other things that get in your way. The very few “Verizon” apps can be ignored or disabled if you want.
  • It’s a Moto, even if Lenovo bought them out. That means it has a good radio chip in it. That means it probably has better reception than a lot of other brands, and that still matters in some places.


  • It’s not the “best” phone in existence, it’s a “mid-range” device. It’s still better than a lot of others.
  • It doesn’t have a 1080p or higher screen resolution, but the pixels are so small that the human eye can’t see them anyway.
  • It doesn’t have some features, such as NFC, or a fingerprint reader. Oh well.
  • It doesn’t make you breakfast, but it could probably help you order food online.
    -…biggest con… it has a Snapdragon 410. This is already at least a yr. old chipset. It’s not the latest. It’s not the fastest. It is what it is. This one isn’t great, but it’s also not horrible by any means. It’s efficient, and it handles “regular” things decently. It’s an OK compromise for good battery life and usable performance.

Overall - you can’t beat this thing for the price. If you want to use it with another carrier, get the “unlocked” one. If you have Verizon (prepaid) and don’t expect to need it on another provider, this is a great value, and it doesn’t disappoint. - Customer Reviews: Moto G Play - Verizon Prepaid


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Walmart Review by Raasta :star::star::star::star::star:

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AMAZING Phone for the price

I went from a Nokia Windows 8 phone (upgraded to windows 10) to this phone since that phone died on me after a good year of working. I have had 4 or 5 different Android phones in the past and was always happy with how they worked. But this phone far exceeds all my expectations for a $80 prepaid phone. I was lucky to get the last one off the shelf at my local Walmart. The set up was super easy and I was and am still amazed at how fast this phone is. It is very responsive and works flawlessly with all the software I have installed on it. The colors are very sharp and clear and the screen resolution is superb. I originally bought this to be a 'fill-in' phone until the new microsoft phones come out, but as great as this has been I don't even feel the need to look elsewhere. If anything I may be looking to get a high end Motorola phone cause if this phone is any indication of how well this company makes phone I can only imagine the high end ones are even better. Great phone for the price and does EVERYTHING (and more) that it advertises. <-- One happy Moto owner. - Customer Reviews: Moto G Play - Verizon Prepaid


@wartassault I love it :slight_smile: