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  • Carrier freedom: Moto X Pure Edition is unlocked and works on all major networks
  • 5.7" Quad HD display + stereo sound: Immerse yourself in entertainment with a vivid, edge-to-edge display that’s enhanced by rich stereo sound.
  • 21 MP camera: Take crystal-clear pictures and get great results in any light.
  • TurboPower charging: Get the world’s fastest charging with TurboPowerTM technology for up to 10 hours of use in just 15 minutes of charging.
  • All-day battery: Power through the day without stopping to recharge.
  • Advanced water protection: Never let spills, splashes, or rain stand in the way of using your phone.
  • Pure AndroidTM experience: AndroidTM as it was intended-without unnecessary clutter from preloaded apps or software.
  • Moto enhancements: Simplifying what you’re doing. Anticipating what you’re going to do. Your phone does it for you.
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Amazon Review by Chris W. :star::star::star::star::star:

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Moto X Pure vs. Nexus 6

Ever since December of 2014, I have been using a Cloud White 64GB Nexus 6. I am going to list the pros and cons of the Moto X Pure in general, and also compare the phone to the Nexus 6. I have included a Winner to each section, which sums up my points. Just in case you dont want to read my entire review. Hopefully this will help many others who are thinking of making the same switch that I did. That being said, let's get this review started!

Moto X Pure vs. Nexus 6:

Display: LCD vs AMOLED
I originally was scared to go back to an LCD, I loved the deep blacks of the AMOLED and got used to the saturated colors. After using the MXP for a bit, I genuinely prefer the more natural colors of the LCD. The LCD is also capable of getting much brighter than the Nexus AMOLED, while also getting darker. The Nexus 6 can get almost as dark, but at the lowest setting the colors turn red. Some people may prefer the over-saturated colors and deep blacks of the AMOLED, but I find the LCD blacks are extremely good, and it gets much brighter. The LCD seems to be sharper to my eyes. Keep in mind, the Nexus wins for viewing angles. The MXP viewing angles aren’t as bad as people make it seem, but they are not the best.

Winner (in my opinion): MXP. I prefer the brighter LCD, sharper picture and more natural colors.

If you are not used to a bigger phone, it will take some getting used to. Both the Nexus and MXP will be big if you are coming from a sub 5.5" display phone. That being said, the MXP is much easier to use. I personally have extremely large hands (all of my friends and family say the Nexus looks like a normal phone in my hands), I did not find the Nexus hard to use. Without a case, the Nexus gave me no issues. Once I put a case on it, I had issues comfortably using it one-handed, mainly because of the width of the phone. The MXP is significantly narrower, and is also not as tall as the Nexus. The MXP being narrower makes it much easier for one-handed use, and I honestly find it quite small now, because I got so used to the huge Nexus.

Winner: MXP. I prefer the bigger screen of the Nexus, but once it is in a case, the width became an issue for me. I have no issues with the size of the MXP.

Camera (MXP has 21MP Back and 5MP Front, Nexus 6 has 13MP Back and 2MP Front):
The Nexus camera was a huge improvement over my Galaxy S4, at least in the picture department. Anyone with the Nexus 6 knows how poor the video quality is. The OIS does not work reliably, and it has trouble focusing during video. The picture quality was better than my S4, but the OIS and focus made it worse than my S4. The MXP does not have OIS, but it has software stabilization. This works much better and more reliably than on the Nexus 6. I made a video of me walking with the MXP, and it barely moved compared to the Nexus 6. The MXP has more accurate colors in both picture and video, and it is a much improved camera overall. The MXP takes much more detailed pictures, and it captures images in HDR faster than the Nexus in non-HDR mode. The wide angle front camera of the MXP is amazing. It has significantly more detail (double the megapixels), more accurate colors, lets in more light, and captures much more in a shot. I used the front flash once, and it’s a flash. Not much else to be said. I have no use for it, but for people that want to take selfies in the darkness of them doing weird stuff, you can do that now.

Winner: MXP. The back camera is more accurate, more detailed, and higher quality in general. This goes for both pictures and videos. The software stabilizes videos better than the Nexus 6 OIS. The front camera has a flash (useless to me but could be useful to you), more detail, more accurate colors, and is extremely wide.

Hardware Design:
Both the MXP and Nexus 6 have a very similar design. The aluminum band and button layout are basically identical, except the micro USB charging port is upside down in the MXP compared to the Nexus 6. The back of the phone shows the main differences. I prefer the ring flash of the Nexus, as it gives off a softer flash with a nice oval shape. However, the MXP flash gives off a much more natural color. The dimple placement on the MXP is not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be too low compared to the Nexus, but I am used to it already. I personally prefer the bigger dimple of the Nexus, but I still enjoy the MXP dimple. The front of the MXP is different, as it has multiple more sensors compared to the Nexus. These are for Motorolas software features, which I will get to soon. Both phones have front facing stereo speakers.

Winner: Tie. I prefer the white front of the Moto X, while I also prefer the ring flash and bigger dimple on the Nexus 6.

The software on both phones is virtually the same, except a few things. The Nexus is the only device that uses Google’s Dialer, which lets you search for businesses within the dialer. Also, if you have your data on and receive a call or place a call to a business, Google will show the contact name for that business when you call. Motorola has its own software that many people have already talked about. You can use Moto Voice to do voice actions with your phone, and you are able to set a custom command. I don’t want to waste your time reviewing the software as they are similar except for the Motorola software.

Winner: MXP as it adds many useful Motorola features. The Google Dialer is the best dialer to me, but the useful Motorola software is even better. The Nexus will get updates first, which is the biggest reason I got the Nexus in the first place.

The Nexus has two options: Midnight Blue and Cloud White. The Moto X lets you choose different textured backs, including leather and bamboo. I always loved the look of the White Front and Bamboo Back Moto X, so that is what I got this time. I love it. The bamboo looks great, and is extremely soft and grippy.

Winner: MXP. The Nexus doesnt really offer customization.

Both phones have front stereo speakers. The Nexus 6 speakers get louder, but they sound quite similar overall. The MXP speakers can crackle at very loud volume on certain notification ringtones. I have not heard cracking during video though. I am not sure if this is hardware or software related, but it has not made me want to return the phone.

Winner: Nexus 6. The speakers are louder and do not crackle.

The Nexus 6 has quite poor battery life overall for me. I mainly use LTE, and I get good signal on Verizon. The Nexus can last me a day, but not much longer than that. So far, the MXP gets better battery life for me. I will have to test this more, but it seems that the battery is significantly better. Yesterday, I used data for quite a while, texted, called, listened to music while studying for 10 hours. The phone was on for a total of 21 hours, and I had 2 and a half hours of screen time, with 30% battery left. I could have easily gotten 3 hours of screen time, and this was with heavy usage for me. The Nexus would have 100% been dead in a similar time frame for me.

Winner: MXP.

Overall, I prefer the MXP. The customization was a huge selling feature for me, as I really loved the White Front and Bamboo Back. The battery, camera, and display are all improvements compared to the Nexus (at least in my opinion). The screen size is still quite good, while being a lot narrower than the Nexus, making one hand usage much more manageable for many of you. My personal recommendation is that the MXP is a superior phone to the Nexus 6. Granted, it is guaranteed not to receive updates as fast as the Nexus, but I am confident it will be a close second. Only time will tell. I plan to update this review if anything in my opinion changes. I also will update the review once my phone receives the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.

10/06/2015: I have added some photos that I took here. Amazon most likely will lower the resolution. The colors of the photos are very accurate, and each photo has a very large amount of detail.

10/31/2015: I’ve taken a lot of front camera photos now. I never really used the front camera on my previous phones, but the higher megapixels and wide angle lens really makes me want to use it. The photos always come out great, and I actually have used the front flash multiple times. It does not blind me, which was my biggest concern with a front flash. I have done some 4K video footage now, and it stabilizes just as well in 4K as it does in 1080p. The stabilization is not the absolute best when compared to other phones, but I find that it works great. I still stand by everything in my review. I currently am using the Incipio Octane Clear/Frost Case, and I highly recommend it. I’ll be sure to keep this updated if anything changes.

01/27/2016: I have been trying to edit this review for months now, but it would not work. I have contacted Amazon many times, and it seems they have finally fixed my issue. Anyway, I have taken a large amount of photos with this phone now, and I really enjoy the camera. I will try to post more pictures soon, because I only included two photos in my initial review. I updated my phone to Marshmallow about a month ago, and it’s been great so far. My apps stay open in the background even when I open 5 or more apps. I had trouble on Lollipop where after opening about 3 apps, my other apps would close. Marshmallow seemed to have fixed this for me, which is extremely helpful. My battery life does not seemed to have changed with Marshmallow. I was hoping that the Doze feature would improve my standby battery life, but it has not. The battery is not bad, it has always lasted me an entire day of full usage in the few months I have owned the phone. I am now using a Case-Mate bumper case, as I wanted some protection but wanted to feel my Bamboo back. Otherwise, everything in my review still stands. I have dropped the phone twice with no damage at all, which is great. It seems durable so far. If anything changes I will be sure to update my review again. - Customer Reviews: Moto X Pure Edition Unlocked Smartphone, 32GB Black (U.S. Warranty - XT1575)


Walmart Review by Giscar :star::star::star::star::star:

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Great Phone

I purchased this phone a week ago to replace my Moto G 1st generation on Total Wireless. I also got a Total Wireless SIM card from Wal-Mart. The phone is gorgeous, and the cameras are fabulous with a 21 Mp rear and 5 Mp front both with flash. The phone comes with a Turbo charger that allow you to charge the phone full in about an hour. A sharp screen with vivid colors on a 5.7" display which is good for movies and games. Now I have access to 4G network on Total Wireless for the fraction of the cost with through Verizon. Can`t beat that!!! I love it and will I recommend it. - Customer Reviews: Moto X Pure Edition Unlocked Smartphone, 32GB Black (U.S. Warranty - XT1575)


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Moto X Pure Edition 32GB Unlocked Smartphone


Best Buy Review by Rick :star::star::star::star::star:

They fixed everything I disliked on the 1st gen

I upgraded from a first gen Moto X phone, which I really liked in the first place, to this. In short they fixed everything I disliked about the first gen phone. This includes:
  • Front facing speakers which get decently loud
  • Better camera, especially in low light
  • Longer battery life
  • Expandable storage

On the old one the speaker was in the back which made it impossible to show someone a video in even a modestly loud restaurant and expect them to hear it. The new one has two stereo front facing speakers on the front, this fixes the problem.

The camera on this works very well in low light conditions and takes excellent pictures in even low light with the flash off or on. This was definitely the tipping point in which I decide a separate camera is entirely pointless. It also will capture 4k video, which I have no tried yet because I do not have anything to display it on and it also gives a warning when you try and select that mode that it cannot display 4k video in the galley and it also takes up a lot of storage space.

The battery life on this phone is ridiculously long. On my old, admittedly aged phone, I was ending the day dead, with this one I will have in excess of 50% left at days end with modest use. If I use the heck out of it I’ll still end the day with 30% so a guy could still go out at night and not worry about the battery running out. The other great feature is the turbo charging, the thing charges at 25 watts! 10-15 minutes on the charger gets you 20% or so more charge so even if you’re low you can plug in while you prepare and still go out for the evening and not worry about not being able to dial up an Uber.

I recently took a three and a half hour flight with this phone and I loaded some movies on to it. I put the phone on airplane mode with 90% battery showing and once airborne proceeded to watch a two hour 20 minute long movie, I did dim the screen only because it was too bright otherwise. I then listened to about an hour of music before landing. I still had 70% battery left when I took it out of airplane mode, navigate to the hotel and still went out for dinner that night all on one charge.

And then there’s the fact that this phone has a micro SD card slot also so you can expand the storage.

And the other big selling point is the almost pure Android software. Upon turning the phone on it very quickly downloaded the Marshmallow update that had been pushed to it, and shortly there after another update with bug fixes. The UI is very smooth with very little twitching only when heavy apps are running. And there is a lot to like in terms of little features that you’d never think about until you use them. For example, I drop a call and call the person back while they’re also calling me back at the same time. It will automatically hang up my call and ring, gently, in my ear as to not have both of us reach the others voice mail immediately.

Overall very solid phone and it fits in my hand fairly well despite it’s gargantuan size. There is a distinct lack of cases available for this phone. I do with there was an Otter box commuter available for it, which is what I had on my old phone, but they only make the very bulky defender. I ended up with an off brand case which fits a bit loose. On the old Moto X I had broken the screen with a modest drop (no case at the time) so I am afraid this one is about as delicate so I’m not taking any chances. Motorola does have their indestructible screen phone similar to the Moto X Pure, but it’s only available through Verizon with all their bloat ware installed. I do wish this was available on an unlocked platform because if it was I would have gone that route instead. - Customer Reviews: Moto X Pure Edition Unlocked Smartphone, 32GB Black (U.S. Warranty - XT1575)