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  • Transforms with Moto Mods using interchangeable back covers
  • Up to 50 hour battery* and TurboPower for up to 9 hours of power in 15 minutes of charging
  • Android 6.0.1, Marshmallow with 32GB storage and micro SD card support
  • 16 MP laser autofocus back camera and 5 MP front camera
  • Brilliant 5.5in 1080P super AMOLED display
  • Unlocked and compatible with GSM networks like T-Mobile and AT&T.
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Amazon Review by hans :star::star::star::star::star:

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I'm coming from a nexus 5x which well had a few terrible bugs (muting conference calls wtf) and terrible battery life

Amazon somehow shipped this to me 4 days early.

I’m an Android developer and have access to a ton of phones. I’m coming from a nexus 5x which well had a few terrible bugs (muting conference calls wtf) and terrible battery life. This z play is a revelation. It’s blazingly fast compared to the 5x. It feels faster even though 8 x a53 cores shouldn’t be faster. I have a s7 for work and it feels no slower. The build is great and feels at least as nice as day a Samsung s6/s7. Our Google pixel phones came today as well and honestly this feels as fast and build wise more expensive. The battery life is amazing too. Maybe losing 5% after surfing the web for an hour is pretty special.

The price is a bit more than Motorola’s last gen. I had a 2015 moto x … And this is just a better phone than that. Faster, and nicer materials and amoled. What a difference a year makes. - Customer Reviews: Moto Z Play - Black - 32GB (U.S. Warranty)


Best Buy Review by oneandonly :star::star::star::star::star:

almost a true 5 star phone

lets start with the negatives"small complaints", which really there is almost none. 1. The camera could be better, still a good camera in all standards but its not class leading and don't expect it to for this prize. 2. the performance which in reality is superb. definitely one of the fastest phone I've had, but there is some microscopic stutter in some animations. in addition this phone doesn't support the google day dream vr compared to its more expensive siblings. now for the good stuff, and believe me there is a lot to like about this phone. lets start what makes this phone the best smartphone i have owned. 1st is the battery life. The battery life on this phone is next level. i have made it through the day with 10plus hours of screen on time with the Bluetooth on and watching and streaming a lot of you tube and twitch videos. i have my smartwatch connected and location services enabled which truly makes me worship Motorola for making this phone. just to give the average buyer a sense of how good this is, my iPhone 6s did 4&1/2 hours while the plus did close to 6 and the iPhone se i owned in between at 5 -6 hours. and this is with Bluetooth off and limiting the background process and notification on the iPhone. next is the moto mods which is an genius way to make this smartphone its own. lets you customize your phone and add cool gadgets like the speaker or battery pack" not like you need it". I recommend reading more about them so this review is not to long. but they are superb. 3rd is the addition of Motorola own little touches on the phone and the speed when it receives the latest software updates, both amazing. like i stated read more online. the front facing speakers are also superb loud and the location makes the phone an ease to use in the bed laying down or when you put down the phone on a table. 4th the design, this one is up to each person to decide, but the phone itself is very thin coming in at 6.99 mm making it feel very premium in the hand, its also very sturdy. but at the end is the combination of a very fast phone with fantastic software and features and the legendary battery in a small package. would buy again. what i only wish is that next year phone has an outstanding camera on the same package, with the latest software. - Customer Reviews: Moto Z Play - Black - 32GB (U.S. Warranty)