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  • Motorola MOTO Z XT1650 64GB Factory Unlocked for GSM ONLY. Will not work on VERIZON CDMA Network.
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Best Buy Review by MotoMan :star::star::star::star::star:

Great phone, excellent modular implementation

This phone is amazing. The battery life is incredible, the screen is superb (much brighter and more vibrant than my old DROID Turbo), the phone is quick and responsive, and overall I am hard pressed to find any major flaws with it (okay, the fingerprint scanner is ever-so-slightly crooked, but I can live with that).

By the way, I love the fingerprint scanner! Motorola is a bit late to the game here, but they finally added it and it works perfectly so far. One of those things that makes you wonder how you ever got by in life without it…

One thing I had been hesitant about when initially looking at the Moto Z and Z Force is how big the chin is. Professional reviews I read gave it a pretty hard time for this, but I find that I actually like it. Yes, it makes the phone quite tall, but it also gives me a place I can grab the phone without touching the screen and I think it makes the back/home/cards buttons easier to reach with my thumb when holding the phone normally.

My wife got the regular Moto Z, and in comparison, hers is much sleeker and more slender than the Force. It’s a beautiful and impressively thin phone. It feels better in the hand too, because it’s just less bulky. However, for me personally I would not trade the bigger battery and shatterproof screen for that.

A caution to anyone considering this phone - it has Motorola’s 2nd generation “Shattershield” shatterproof display. The first version was on the DROID Turbo 2 and you could buy replacements for the outermost layer of the screen, which scratches much easier than Gorilla Glass. It was essentially a built in screen protector. So far I haven’t seen any confirmation or availability of replaceable outer screen layers for this one so I put a tempered glass screen protector on it for now, in case they don’t end up selling replacements. As a brief side-note, the tempered glass also feels a bit better/smoother than the plastic-feeling shatterproof screen so I’m happy doing that.

Moto Mods. Awesome. Finally. Do you really need them? No, nobody NEEDS Moto Mods. Are they an incredible innovation? Yes. And well-executed too. In my opinion the Mods themselves are priced significantly too high to really take off in the market, but hopefully if the concept doesn’t completely die off in 6 months it will become something of a standard and drive accessory competition. Anyway, aside from price, the Mods are quick to change, instantly integrate with the phone, and just work! The Moto Z and Z Force come with a “Style Mod” in the box, which is basically just a nice looking wood backplate (the black Z comes with a dark wood and the white one comes with an oddly chosen grayish wood back which doesn’t match the phone whatsoever). When I want to listen to some music and I’m not near my regular speakers, I pop off the backplate and snap on the JBL Soundboost Moto Mod and just like that, I have much better sound. Full disclosure, I’m a slight margin shy of being an Audiophile, so please understand that the JBL speakers are pretty bad quality for speakers in general, but excellent for being as small as they are and attached directly to a phone. For the extreme portability I find them fully acceptable. In the near future I plan to purchase one of the battery Mods for those rare times when the 3500mAh built in battery is just not enough (and for my wife to use since her Moto Z battery is quite a lot smaller). I will not buy the projector, because $300 is absurd, and I can only think of very few circumstances where that would actually be useful. I hear it works pretty well though, so, if you frequently need to present/project something then maybe it is worth it for you. I also can’t wait to see what other Mods they come up with (rumors have it there will be more Mods announced in the next few weeks).

Other thoughts:

  • As usual, Verizon adds plenty of bloatware to all their phones including this one, although I think it was less than on my DROID Turbo. I usually just go through and disable and uninstall most of the Verizon apps and any other strange apps that come out of the box (a couple of uninstallable games and a few other things).
  • Android is nearly stock. I love this about Moto phones. I can’t stand TouchWiz or Sense or whatever other bizarre nonsense phone manufacturers are obsessed with cluttering up phones with.
  • The few things Moto does change or add I generally find very useful and well designed.

I don’t know if this is the “best” Android phone available or not, I’m sure that’s largely opinion based, but I will say that it is fantastic and is certainly the most interesting phone on the market with essentially limitless possibilities for Moto Mods.

If you have a legitimate question please comment on my review and I’ll do my best to answer! - Customer Reviews: Motorola Moto Z XT1650-03 64GB Factory Unlocked GSM (no Verizon, Sprint or other CDMA) BLACK - International Version no warranty


Amazon Review by SMAZ :star::star::star::star::star:

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Moto Z Force Droid a big hit in android kingdom

I have been waiting for this phone for a while, but it came Verizon exclusive few weeks ago. So this is good for Verizon customers till the international version hits the market. For the phone itself it is a wonderful product and I am totally in love with it. This time Motorola teamed up with Lenovo to optimize the OS on this phone and it turned up dope. The user experience is wonderful, the interface is buttery smooth with lots of features. Motorola took the lead in starting the era of phones with no headphone jack. As there is no headphone jack the design is so slick and beautiful. Also the phone comes in with the provision of "MODS" , what that means is that there is a bunch of pins in the back of the phone which can be utilized to plug in new features and functionality to the phone. Third party vendors are already on it to put on some innovative functionalities for the MODS. With the beautiful camera (21 mp in the back and 5 mp in the front), long lasting battery (3500 ma), extendable storage capacity, latest processor (snapdragon 820), stunning display (5.5 inch super amoled with 535 ppi), turbo charging(latest and fastest version of fast charge), unlimited possibility with the MODS this phone is no doubt the best in its class right now.

************More detailed review *************

Below are some of its features which makes it stand out of the crowd:-

Built quality: No doubt it has the best in the class built quality with the unibody design, glass finish in the back and super slick body. The overall wight is 163 gms for the MOTO Z force as compared to 135 gms for the MOTO Z, which means these are super light weight phones. Now the MOTO Z force is a little bit thicker than MOTO Z as it has a shatterproof (a built in multiple layer tempered glass screen protector) glass and larger capacity battery. Inspite of that extra thickness this is definitely the more deserved one. One more thing this phone is water resistant but not completely waterproof like a galaxy 7 series. So it is good if a glass of water spills on the phone or you need to take a call in the rain but you cannot submerge the phone completely in the water.

Display: As other flagship phones in the marked it has a 5.5 inch super amoled display with quad HD resolution. The resolutions are 14402560 which 535 comes to ppi. That means the resolution are top of the line which produces a sharp and bright display. The blacks are very dark and rich and the whites are actual whites without any yellow tint. A very beautiful display.

Fingerprint sensor: The fingerprint sensor is 100% active. It comes as a square box in the front and not in the back, so the position is easy. Once you set it up it acts super fast and accurate, better than most of the android phones. Now it looks like a button but it is not, there is no physical home button like iphone. If you hold on the fingerprint sensor it will shut down the screen and put the phone in standby, which is a hot new feature.

Gestures: Motorola came up with some new and really nice gestures which are fun. Like double chop to activate flashlight, twist to activate camera and so on. The good thing is that, the phone has multiple sensors one in the top and one in the bottom due to which the phone is so responsive. I can just hover my hand near the phone and it wakes up, doesnt matter which side. Also from the lock screen you can view the notifications you want which is nice.

Camera: The moto Z force comes with a 21mp camera in the back as compared to a 13 mp in moto z. It has a laser auto focus and face detection, these doesnt mean much in real life but the pictures sure comes great. Due to the high resolution the images looks more sharp and real. The camera app is like a stock android one with standard features, one thing new is that you can take panorama with both landscape and portrait mode. It do have a 4k video recording built in and you can choose the size of the image based on your storage. It also gives a manual option for the pro photographers.

Battery: With 3500 ma battery it is one of the highest capacity in the market. What this means is that it can hold more charge to give a longer life to the phone. The battery management from OS is also good which makes the phone go on for ever. With continuos screen on and heavy usage like youtube and gaming it gives a 5 to 5:30 hrs and with medium to low usage the battery goes for 2 days with one charge easy. Also it has turbo charge with usb type C which gives 30% charge in 10 mins full charge in 1hr which is awesome. One thing to note, it does not have wireless charging built in, but that can be handled by the MOD.

MOTO MOD: This is a hot new feature of this phone. What it means essentially is that there are a bunch of connectors in the lower back of the phone with which can be used to connect to the case like a docking station. It also has built in magnet which is the primary locking for the case. The style MOD comes with the phone which gives a wooden classy look to the phone. Some MODS which are already available in market are power bank MOD, JBL speaker MOD, a projector MOD etc. They are a bit expensive though, the projector MOD goes all the way up to 300 bucks. But good thing is that whatever MOD you need just slap it in the back and it is ready to rock, no pairing or nothing is required. This really makes the phone super powerful.

Bottom line if you are in market for a top of the line phone and you are not a huge fan of samsung note, just go for this one. - Customer Reviews: Motorola Moto Z XT1650-03 64GB Factory Unlocked GSM (no Verizon, Sprint or other CDMA) BLACK - International Version no warranty