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  • Easy to use - With a kid-friendly design (age 14+) and an easy to use remote, our quad drone is great for novice pilots Auto-orientation and 1-button controls allow you to take-off, land and perform 360-degree flips, while built-in speed settings offer maneuverability and control.
  • 30% Longer flights - Premium rechargeable LiPo battery helps drone flies up to 10 minutes on a single charge! Paired with a 6-axis stabilization system and an altitude hold function, you can glide, race and soar through the air while maintaining safe, stable flight.
  • Complete Kit - For no-hassle flights, each drone copter comes with everything you need! You’ll receive a USB charging cable, landing gear and 4 propeller guards as well as 4 spare propeller blades. For added convenience, no FAA registration is required in USA.
  • Lightweight and expertly crafted air drone with advanced technology and a durable design help it resist damage on crash landings, while its 400-foot range provides safe control whether indoors or out.
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Amazon Review by Savvy_Thoughts :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Good for the novice pilot. I agree it does not fly in the wind. Makes exaggerated flips. Easy to take off/ land and hover.

 National Geographic Quadcopter Drone is the easiest drone I have ever flown due to the added "Headless Mode" feature. That being said, it is difficult to fly when wind is blowing. This quadcopter is very light-weight compared to others and becomes a wind sail in a light breeze. I've tried overcompensating with a hard trim, but the drone bends downward when moving against the wind. When the air is completely still this is exceptionally easy to fly! If you are a hardcore quadcopter fan then this is not the one for you. This copter is built for the beginner with auto features and slower speeds. The auto buttons are your take off/ land button, flip and return home.

The take off feature will automatically start the blades and lift off the ground and hover at a lower altitude awaiting your next control. After take off you can see if the drone needs to be trimmed. Mine tends to drift to the right indoors and outdoors. The trims are not gradual and when pushed may cause an overcompensation. Now, this is good during a light breeze, but other than that watch your surroundings for the quick directional change. The copter is very sensitive to your movement of the joysticks and responds instantly. To flip the drone you simply press “flip” and then push the directional joystick in any direction. Before flipping increase the altitude, because the drone has a very exaggerated flip. It will come down hard and then back up returning to a hovering state.

The only feature that I found faulty was the “return home”. This feature tells the quadcopter to return the controller. This feature you see in more expensive models, but since the range of this model is 400ft it could help if out of sight. I do not recommend using it. In this video, I demonstrate the return home in my backyard. (I have tested in a large field too) The drone knows to head in the opposite direction, but depending on the position of the back of the drone depends on the direction it backs up. Example: you take off and fly forward. You use the throttle rotation just a tiny bit in flight. You press the return feature and it backs up in that position which could make the return flight far from you. Since this drone does not have a GPS it is programmed to fly backwards when return home is pressed.

Overall, the current price is competitive for the caliber of the drone. The automatic features you find in more expensive models. I would recommend this to an older child that has never flown a drone before. Thanks for watching! - Customer Reviews: National Geographic Quadcopter Drone


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