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  • Powerful
  • The strongest suction available in a robot vacuum
  • Blade brush for superior cleaning on carpet
  • Intelligent
  • Advanced laser guided navigation featuring Smart Sensor technology
  • Robot software can be upgraded when new features become available
  • High Performance
  • One high performance filter
  • Best choice for reducing dust and allergens
  • Automatic
  • Control center makes it easy to schedule daily cleanings or spot clean instantly
  • Kindly refer the user manual and video under product details below for troubleshooting steps.Please follow steps mentioned in the attached user manual and the videos provided to re calibrate the battery.
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Neato XV Signature Review

Yes, the Neato does occasionally get hung up on floor cables. It can wedge itself into tight spaces and get caught. It is rather noisy, especially when it cleans bare floors. But who cares? This thing cleans as well as a powerful upright (I have a Dyson and a Miele), and it does so with very little human intervention.

The thing is programed and equipped to be tenacious. It really digs in to extract dirt and fur. While it will gently recoil from furniture, it will gamely push aside pillows, slippers, small pet bowls and other light-weight items that might lie in its path. (Once we understood its determination, my wife and I did a much better job of tidying the house and gathering up cords and cables.)

I have three cats. They are terrified when I pull out an upright vacuum. But for some reason they don’t mind the Neato. I guess they see it as just another benign creature in the house.

Our unit seems to run for nearly 45 minutes. That’s enough to clean a hallway and three rooms. Then it will return itself to the base unit for additional charging to complete the rest of the house. With two cleaning sessions and one intermittent period of charging, it can take the Neato three hours to finish the 1700 square foot house. Most of the time we schedule the thing to clean while we’re at work. That way we miss the noise, yet come home to carpeting brushed in regular patterns and to fur-free floors.

As for daily maintenance, we have to empty the container of course. It has the largest capacity of any robot vacuum, but it still holds only two cups or so. It also helps to swab the laser guidance eyes with a q-tip now and then.

We have a new 8 x 10’ wool rug that freely sheds. On this rug the Neato really pulls out a lot of loose material. I mean a frightening amount. So when it cleans this sucker I know I’ll have to unclog the intake, remove fibers from the roller brush, and dust the outside of the unit, not that that’s a big deal. To prevent clogging entirely, I use the “spot cleaning” setting, which limits the Neato’s range to about 25 square feet. A quick emptying of the dirt cup, and it’s ready for another section of the rug.

Overall, we are very pleased with the Neato and can highly recommend it.

UPDATE: I’ve had the Neato XV Signature for two weeks now and used it everyday. Pleased with the thing, I purchased and installed the pet and allergy upgrade kit for it, which I think raises the model from a Signature to a Signature Pro. The kit includes a so-called allergy filter, but it’s the same filter the one that comes standard on the XV Signature. So now I have a backup. The best thing about the kit is the roller, which includes real brushes, not just plastic cleaning slats. The roller is a bit of a pain to install (I had to use a screwdriver to loop the rubber belt over the end cap), but it’s worth it. The noise level of the unit when working has decreased by half, especially on bare floors. So if you are trying to decide between the Signature and the Signature Pro, I’d recommend the latter. - Customer Reviews: Neato Robotics XV Signature Robotic Vacuum