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    4.6 out of 5


  • 2560 x 1440
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • LED backlight technology provides for industry-leading low power consumption and less hazardous materials
  • Full connectivity, including DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D and VGA inputs
  • Touch-sensitive OSD controls are integrated into the bezel, making display adjustments easier than ever
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Amazon Review by pablolie :star::star::star::star::star:

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but it is a step beyond the average 1080 display and provides really good resolution, clarity

wow - hard to believe there are no reviews on this monitor. so i shall add one.

in this age of retina displays on 10-inch tablets, it seems bizarre how most desktop and laptop computers lag pathetically behind in display quality.

given its rather large-ish 27-inch size, the 2560x1440 resolution isn’t really retina-like. but it is a step beyond the average 1080 display and provides really good resolution, clarity. and color accuracy and brightness. while not being a power hog. i really, really like this monitor. i used to own a 1920x1200 24-inch monitor before, but i much prefer this. it may sound like a marginal improvement, but to me it is night and day.

there are higher resolution monitors out there, but they are more complicated to drive. with those 3000-pixel-plus monitors, you probably need a video card, and not just an entry level one. this NEC works totally plug-and-play with most standard stuff out there these days. it is a breeze to set up. i connect it via a dual DVI cable to my KVMI switch, and my 2 computers (desktop and laptop) can easily use the large monitor. i love working on a large screen, many things get much easier to do.

note that if you connect it via an HDMI cable it will show up as an audio device on your computer, which may mess up your settings until you disable it.

NEC monitors in general are a reliable bet - lots of setup options, you can go through extensive menus to fine-tune them to every requirement - but they also work extremely well out of the box. every interface option under the sun is included. the base swivels and goes up and down - make sure you get the ergonomics of your setup right.

this monitor is also designed to, out of the box, save some kWh off your electrical bill, and has very smart functions to do even more stuff - it can detect when no one is in front and turn itself on and off based on that, and it does so very reliably, at least in my environment. i think that is awesome.

i like this monitor so much that i have 2 of them - one at home, one in my office. highly recommended. - Customer Reviews: NEC EA274WMI-BK 27-Inch Screen LCD Monitor



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