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  • Affordable 4G Smartphone
  • All the Windows Phone 8.1 features you love like Cortana, OneDrive, SKYPE, HERE Maps and HERE Drive available at your fingertips
  • Live Tiles keep you up to date offering instantaneous information on constantly changing data like stock updates, weather, and even social networks
  • This 5MP camera will ensure you capture and share all your life’s moments with ease. Turn on the Lumia Selfie app to take those amazing “in the moment” selfies automatically from the rear-facing camera
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Amazon Review by :star::star::star::star::star:

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Unbelievable Technology for 50 Bucks!

Bought this phone for my 11 year old daughter. 50 bucks for a smartphone, what was I expecting? (I'm thinking $20 digital camera of a few years ago...yikes!! that was bad) Needless to say, I wasn't expecting much, but I am blown away by what you can get for 50 bucks. Obviously, it is not the same as my top of the line Samsung Galaxy, but it can basically do all of what you would want the smartphone to do. Pictures look good, screen is great, speed is fine, it even has Bluetooth, and internet tethering capabilities. I think it is a fantastic phone for a kid, and if it was all I could afford, I wouldn't be disappointed with it for myself either. Yah, you get what you pay for, but in this case I can think of a lot of other crap that I have bought for my kids for 50 dollars that is nowhere near the power of this high tech tool. Oh, and if she breaks it? The replacement would cost about the same as the phone case did for my Galaxy, ha!

FYI: We have T-Mobile with five lines, 2.5 gigs on each line, unlimited everything else for $120 a month. We like their service.

However. . . this is not a knock on the phone, but the Windows operating system. Microsoft has amazing “Family Safety” settings for all their products except… the Windows phone. You can set it up so that kids cannot purchase apps and only have access to downloading kid friendly games, but you cannot apply the internet filtering settings, which apply the kid’s PC account, to their phone account. There are also not a lot of kid safety apps, browsers, or options on the Windows phone. I’m crossing my fingers that Bill Gates asks his friends at Microsoft to make the family safety settings available to the phone. - Customer Reviews: Nokia Lumia 530 White - No Contract (T-Mobile)


Walmart Review by Popspon :star::star::star::star::star:

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Works great

I use it to replace a phone that was under contract. AT&T activated the chip it came with for free over the phone. Has a lot of apps to install in it and many can be uninstalled. I like the battery saver it changed my phone from dying over night to just loosing less than 10%. Screen is large enough and clear it also works great for emails and texting. The keyboard is a little small but with suggested words appearing as you type, it gets the job done. - Customer Reviews: Nokia Lumia 530 White - No Contract (T-Mobile)


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