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  • Multi-surface teething makes this teether perfect for assisting in the eruption of front, middle and back teeth
  • When place in the refrigerator Nuby’s PurICE technology provides gentle cooling on baby’s gums
  • Easy grip design is ideal for little hands and helps with coordination
  • Combines exercise for young hands, gums, and teeth
  • 3 Months + / BPA Free
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Amazon Review by MsD :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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It cut my baby

My daughter actually quite likes this teether, and it seems to sooth her for a while when her gums are playing up. She's 4 1/2months old and the packaging says for 4months+, we were given this as a gift, not bough from Amazon. I was watching her chew on it for a while, and she was really going for it, quite content and then I noticed the blood dripping form her lip. She was chewing on the ring, not the keys, where the Nuby logo is, the lettering is slightly raised, and apparently sharp, as it has cut her gum. She's now sore and crying and getting blood all over everything. Her teeth have not yet come through, so it's not from her own tooth, it really was the ring. I'm writing a stern letter to Nuby, as this is not acceptable. - Customer Reviews: Nuby Icybite Hard/Soft Teething Keys


Walmart Review by Alyssa :star::star::star::star::star:

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Perfect for teething!

I really like these! Not only are they cute but they are very nice to have. My little man is teething, and these are perfect. I can toss them in the fridge or freezer and it holds its coolness for quite a while. I love that it has a big band to hold them. My little man's hand fits right thru, so I don't have to worry about it getting stuck on his arm! Also , the keys aren't the only part he can chew on, the Nuby knob is great too. He loves this toy! It goes with us everyday wherever we go! (I tried to upload a picture but it wouldn't go thru) - Customer Reviews: Nuby Icybite Hard/Soft Teething Keys


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