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  • Compatible with iPhone 5, 5s AND SE!
  • Robust, 3-layer protective case, with a built-in screen protector, withstands scratches, drops, bumps and shock.
  • Belt-clip holster included that doubles as a kickstand for hand-free media viewing.
  • Port covers keep out dust and debris - May not be compatible with 30-pin to Lightning Adapters or non-Apple branded USB to Lightning cables.
  • Includes OtterBox 1-year case warranty (see website for details)
  • Two-piece inner shell snaps together around the device while foam padding provides cushioning to the back of the device^The outer rubber slipcover wraps around the internal shell to absorb impact from bumps, drops and shocks^Belt-clip holster has a slim profile with a smooth ratcheting motion. Face the screen inward for protection or outward for use^Full access to all iPhone’s features through the Defender Series, including all buttons, microphone and camera^Multiple layers of protection include a polycarbonate shell, built-in screen protector, silicone slipcover and holster
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Walmart Review by ChattyPants92 :star::star::star::star::star:

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Worth it.

Just got my first iPhone not long ago. Through many friends I've heard how good they are but when dropped the screens tend to crack easy. My phone has slipped out of my work vest pocket several times at work on the concrete floor. No issues yet and I'm positive without this case I would have been devastated with a broken a phone that I haven't had long. - Customer Reviews: OtterBox 77-33382 Defender Series Case for iPhone 5/5s/SE - Hornet (Sun Yellow/Black)


Amazon Review by JJCEO :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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A good case design but not perfect with room for improvement!

I have used Otterbox cases for years for my iPhones and my iPad 2 and 3 tablets. They are about the best protection you can get for an iPhone if you can take the added size and weight that the case adds to the phone. I have a new iPhone 5S and I have used several cases while waiting for this case to arrive. I frankly have been afraid that I was going to drop my phone and beak it using these other cases. I actually came close to dropping it on concrete twice! This is the new case that is a combo case for the iPhone 5 and 5S. This color combination is called Surf.

Inside of the box you will find the belt clip on holster that also acts as a phone stand that allows you to set the phone up to watch videos. The phone can snap into the holster face in for added protection or face out for your ability to use the phone or to watch videos. One side of the holster has two curved corners that protect the edges of the case from falling and the top has a snap on latch that locks the case into position in the holster. The back of the holster has a rotating clip that allows the holster to spin 360 degrees and you can wear the holster at any angle that is comfortable but I recommend that the extended corners stay down for added security if possible. The clip can also be locked open to be used as a stand and twisting the clip allows you to set the angle at which your phone will stand up.

The case is a clam shell polycarbonate shell that fits into the silicone outer case. The inner case has foam on the inside back cover to protect your phone from shock, vibration and scratches and the inner clamshell locks around your phone to protect it. The outer case is a high density silicone that adds protection against drops and bumps. The ports are covered with flaps that are tight and designed to lock into place. They are designed to minimize the ingress of moisture or dust into the critical switches and ports. The phone front screen has a cover that covers all of it except the home button because of the fingerprint sensor. The edge of the case is high around the front of the phone and you can get the fingerprint sensor to work but because of the new higher angle of your finger’s approach you may want to rememorize your finger prints. All of the controls are accessible and the dual cameras and flash are uncovered to allow you to still take good photos and videos. In the video I assemble the case and show the details of its strengths and weaknesses.

Overall it is a nice case but not perfect. I actually think the holster is a weaker design than the one for the iPhone 4 and I show why in my video. I hate seeing someone trying to save pennies of plastic and making the holster look and feel weaker. This is not an inexpensive case and when you pay this kind of money for a phone case it should maintain high quality standards. In addition there is a front bottom piece of silicone below the home button that for lack of better words is just weak. If you are the type of person that does not use the holster and puts the case into your pants pocket or purse then I am sure that you will not like this thin strap. I show it in my video and it will easily get stretched and pulled out of shape. Some people may even break it in time.

Due to the cheaper design of the holster and the thin strip of silicone on the front bottom I rate this case as a 4 star. The case holster could have easily been made as robust as the one for the iPhone 4 which in my instance is still like new after several years of daily use. - Customer Reviews: OtterBox 77-33382 Defender Series Case for iPhone 5/5s/SE - Hornet (Sun Yellow/Black)