Panda PAN70SWR-GPS Larger Size Fully Automatic 2.1 cu. Ft. Topload Small Compact Portable Washing Machine, White ⭐⭐⭐⭐:emptystar:



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  • Panda is a Top Brand in Washing Machine Category, provides various choices for your need with excellent quality and customer service
  • See-through viewing lid and stainless steel tub, Pulsator generates strong and weak water flows
  • Lager size 2.1cu.ft /15lbs capacity, Touchpad controls and LED indicator lights, Delay start available, Two built in rollers at the back for easy movement
  • 6 Fully automatic wash cycles: normal, quick, cotton, jeans, anti-wrinkle and air dry
  • Connect the washer directly to your faucet with the included quick connect adapter kit and hoses
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Nearly three years later, still going strong!\

I am editing this in February 2017. I bought this washer in June 2014, and it has been working just fine since then. We do 6 to 8 loads of laundry a week.

My original review.
The Panda machine arrived today. Fast shipping, I ordered Monday, it arrived today.

It is impressive looking, nicely styled, easy to move around. Nothing in the way of assembly for the washing machine itself. The only tricky thing was figuring out the somewhat terse instructions about installing the quick connect on the faucet. I finally went with “trail and error” on the rubber washers and ended up trying all 3 before one “fit”. I still need to work with the connection a bit because it still leaks just a little bit. The type in the instruction manual is very tiny, I had to fetch my reading glasses to decipher it. It is needlessly tiny too, since there is plenty of white space.

It does come with a strong chemical smell. If I was writing ad copy I would describe it as “that luxurious new car smell” except of course that that smell is outgassing volatile chemicals, lol. And after only a couple hours in my kitchen, the whole place stinks so i turned on the whole house fan. Tomorrow it’s going onto the back porch for a few days until the smell goes away. I ran two “quick” ten minute wash and rinse cycles, with no clothes, and I used dish detergent, in the hopes that the smell in the tub would go away and it did substantially go away after two wash and rinse cycles, no clothes. But the exterior and hoses appear to be the continuing source of of the chemical smells.

The tub seems roomy.

It was amazingly quiet while going through its quick wash and rinse cycles. it is fully automated, unlike the smaller and older model that is #1 in this small apartment washer category, you can set it and forget it. You need to make sure the drain hose is secured in the sink. I neglected that detail but fortunately I was in the kitchen when the drain hose hopped out of the sink onto the floor. Oops. So I put it back and tucked it between the water hose and the faucet and it stayed there securely.

It did come with some water in it, which I heard sloshing around as I walked it into the kitchen from the front porch. It wasn’t too heavy for me to do that (and I’m 62).

The promised dolly to move the washer around with is not a Panda product. It comes in a separate box. and the instructions appear to be in a charming prose consiting of English words in what I bet is Chinese word order, lol. . . I quote. . .

“(1) In the prescribed length (62 x 62 cm) and bearing weight (128 kg) for use. (2) Before installation on the pipe centerline draw, resize to pull out the red line as the center of symmetry support plate, the last screw. (3) If there are 2 directional wheels, directional wheel mounting direction to be consistent. When using 2 directional wheel in the back, brake wheel and regulating towards the front.”

Etc. And all the wheels appear to be “directional”, I’m guessing, but each of them rotates 360 degrees, none of them are fixed in a particular direction.

Fortunately, looking at the pieces inside the box, it appears to be fairly straightforward, four sections to put together using 8 heavy screws and four wheels. And there are 8 holes for the screws and 4 holes for the wheels so the instructions notwithstanding, it seems fairly simple to put together. The final size is adjustable.

So I am going to go ahead and give it a four star rating and maybe eventually five. It seems to be working as described, I who am a mechanical dunce managed to get it out of the box and hooked up and working and look set to figure out the movable dolly that it comes with.

It is the quietest washer I’ve ever come across.

Next day. . .
The next day, most of the chemical smell was gone so I didn’t exile it to the back porch. instead, I did my first load of laundry, 9 shirts, which loosely filled the tub. Product worked like a charm, and it was still quiet with the clothes in the tub.

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Panda PAN70SWR-GPS Larger Size Fully Automatic 2.1 cu. Ft


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