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  • Horizontal_Viewing_Angle - 178
  • Vertical_Viewing_Angle - 178
  • Scan_Format - 720p
  • Standard_Refresh_Rate - 60 Hz
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Walmart Review by Shemoth :star::star::star::star::star:

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The most beautiful picture ever!

Build: Well packed item and extremely light weight. sO light that I could lift it using my finger! Beautifully designed, nice contours. Comes with Included accessories: Table top stand, Quick start guide, User Manual, Remote control. Has the following connectivity: Rear-HDMI Arc*1, Component, Coaxial, LAN, PC(VGA) The connectivity port at the back has a dent, convenient for easy connection of cables when mounted close to the wall. Remote is well designed, buttons well placed & easy to use. Direct access buttons for Netflix, Vudu, YouTube & 4 app buttons Works as direct access to user specified net apps. On the front these have various controls like play, pause, stop, forward & rewind. Apparently these are Easy Link/HDMI CEC buttons, however they have a certain benefit which I'd never thought would be possible! I'll come to that later. Picture: Now that I've hung the TV on the wall and I'm so anxious to turn on and test the picture quality. I feel like a little kid opening his first Christmas present!As I turn on the power button, Philips logo appears and I find myself looking at the Initial Setup screen. Auto-program for Antenna or Cable appears, I skip this step since I haven't connected to a antenna as yet. Then I'm taken to Network setup which gives you the option of choosing Wireless or Wired depending on the availability, I select Wireless(I work and live in a Hotel so I get free Wi-fi) I'm then asked to do a little "Speed Test" after which my TV is satisfied and say I'm good to proceed. In a few minutes I'm all set.I'm then taken to the "Settings assistant" which prompts me with a question-WHICH SIDE OF THE PICTURE DO YOU PREFER? I'm given a choice of Picture A & Picture B. I select Picture A and I'm taken through a series of pictures and each time I select Picture A because it looks more natural. In few seconds the set up is complete. Now for the part what I've been waiting for: testing the picture..I obviously need to see an HD picture to see the potential of the TV, so I go to Netflix and randomly select a movie called Hick, It starts off a little blurry(this is normal in Netflix streaming)Then few seconds later picture becomes normal and definition start building up...and then the moment of magic arrives..The clarity, sharpness & definition of the picture is nothing like I've ever seen! It looks so natural and real that for a brief moment I forget the fact that I'm watching a movie. It's like looking right out of a window! The picture is so crisp & razor sharp that every single mole, dent, hair, facial hair, UN-shaven parts of face can be seen. There is the scene where the main character is in a car with a guy, they are driving along the countryside It feels as if you were THERE with them...the greenery, sky, the sunlight partly shining on her face...all of these reproduced with astounding clarity & detail that it's faithful to real life and not enhanced or masked(beautified) like other brands like Samsung, LG, Vizio etc. I tell myself : WELCOME TO PHILIPS!! I then try out a different setting, so I go back to Settings assistant and this time I select Picture A. This time the picture is more colorful, contrast is enhanced, black levels are raised and the picture this time looks dynamic or enhanced. It still looks great but I prefer 'Picture A' because it's natural. Basically there are plenty of picture setting options you can play around with, I haven't had the time to look into all of those It's going to take me some time to get familiar with all settings. Next day I hook up a regular antenna and want to see how it looks on analogue cable(I watch a lot of news like CNN, Fox news) Auto tuning installs all! normal analogue channels looks clear and sharp too, if not hi-def. They are definitely watchable, renders almost DVD quality picture. I've seen the same on brands like Samsung & LG, it looks pathetic. Viewing angle is perfect from all angles, absolutely no deterioration. Sound: Like most of you I'm not a big fan of flat screen TV sound either, obviously you cannot get home theater sound from such a thin frame. However the sound is still pretty good, super clear sound with decent bass tones. It is just fine when you watch regular analogue TV, but if you want better sound the Obvious choice would be to hook it up with a sound bar/home theater. I've connected it to Yamaha sound bar via coaxial. This set supports DTS & Dolby Digital. Wi-Fi & Net TV: These days almost every device comes with Net TV. I mean even if this TV didn't have it I would've brought it anyways as I'm using Chrome cast. Fortunately I have excellent Wi-fi connection where I work & live therefore I'm able to enjoy the full benefits of this TV. As far as the performance of Net TV of this set is concerned, it is hassle free and uninterrupted as the performance of net TV is entirely dependant on the internet speed available. Unlike smart phones or PC I don't have to log in each time I switch on the set, the moment I turn it on the TV does all the work for me. The only drawback is that you don't see the volume control icon when using Netflix. I guess I can live with that. With Philips you never know they may come up with a software update soon. O.K now first things first for Net TV, make sure you do a connection test first. 3.0 Megabits per second - for SD quality 5.0 Megabits per second - for HD quality 25 Megabits per second - for full HD quality If the speed is below 5 Mb there's really no point having Net TV even if you have the best streaming devices. WIRELESS CONNECT is another awesome feature in this TV. It works very similar to Chrome cast, I'm able to stream all YouTube videos from my Smart phone to my TV up to HD quality. Now the best part is I'm able to utilize various controls(easy link buttons) from the Philips remote like rewind, fast forward, stop & use them to control YouTube & Netflix videos. Bonus for me. Verdict: Honestly, I'm in awe of this Smart TV. All I can say is if you don't own a Philips TV, your'e missing out on the Brilliance of technology! - Customer Reviews: Philips Smart TV Model 32PFL4909 32" 720p LED TV - 16:9 - HDTV


here is a youtube video

GT5 on 40" PFL4909 Philips LED Smart TV


Amazon Review by Jaderade :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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or give you the option to add any other apps than the few crummy ones that come installed on the device (Netflix is the only goo

Never ever, ever buy this TV. It doesn't even have the amazon prime app, or give you the option to add any other apps than the few crummy ones that come installed on the device (Netflix is the only good one). Even though it is a "smart" TV, you HAVE to hook up your other devices or buy Apple TV or Roku or something to get anything other then the few crummy apps it comes with. How disappointing to buy this TV only to find out that I would then have to go out and purchase more devices just to get it to stream the apps that I purchased a "smart" TV to do in the first place! Definitely returning this TV, if you decide to purchase this TV just be ready to buy a lot of other attachments as well. The false advertising is very misleading, this should not even be considered a "smart" TV. A regular TV would require the same amount of attachments! - Customer Reviews: Philips Smart TV Model 32PFL4909 32" 720p LED TV - 16:9 - HDTV