Pioneer AVH-2330NEX 7" DVD Receiver with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HD Radio ⭐⭐⭐⭐:halfstar:



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  • Apple CarPlay Compatible
  • Android Auto Compatible
  • AppRadio Mode+ Compatible
  • Spotify, Works with Pandora, SiriusXM-Ready
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Love it. My thoughts on the technical points:

Some random thoughts on my own NEX 2330 install.

Ive read some of the negative reviews, and I I have to question the quality of their installation. One reviewer did not install the $13.99 parking brake bypass you can buy on Amazon, and was disgruntled with side-effects of not having that. I read that his/her reverse camera was cutting in and out - mine has been working flawlessly.

I solder all my connections and use adhesive-lined heatshrink tubing (also called marine grade heat shrink). I bought a cheap $25 license camera on amazon, and it works great, but in no way are the connections meant to stand up to water intrusion (installed this on a truck). I covered the delicate rear connections of the camera with adhesive lined heat shrink, and protected the even more delicate yellow RCA cable with 1/4 wiring loom from front to back.

Im impressed with how quickly it switches to backup camera view when you throw it in reverse - as fast or faster than a new 2018 Chevy (Ive checked).

You can set up the day and nighttime brightness as automatic, by time, or manual control. I prefer manual control, and the menu is super quick to move through. I like that you can add specific menu adjustments to a favorites category in the menu for quick access.

I went ahead and hooked up the vehicle speed sensor wire, but I feel this was completely unnecessary. I believe this is only used for units with built in GPS (I just the Apple CarPlay feature and apple maps from my phone on the screen).

I realized on my truck the reverse signal wire did not pass whatsoever into the interior (not even the instrument cluster), so I ran a wire into the engine compartment where I found it coming from the park/neutral switch after carefully reviewing a wiring diagram for my truck.

I bought a USB panel mount and would HIGHLY recommend you do the same. Modify an existing power port hole, or drill a new one and mount it there.

Bluetooth and apple CarPlay work great. Sound quality is great, as I would expect from Pioneer.

Ive installed a Beuler SPA300 to allow me to mirror whats on my phone, onto the screen. I use my panel mount dual USB port to keep everything looking clean. Useful for YouTube/Netflix, or when I want to use Google maps instead of Apple maps. Apple doesnt allow their competitors GPS into CarPlay, which I get. Apple maps is not as bad as what I remembered, and gets the job done for the most part. I looked into jailbreaking my phone and using NGXplay - ultimately, not worth it whatsoever.

Im happy with the software of this unit. I like that it connects to my phone fairly quick when I start my vehicle. I found a firmware update available on Pioneers site - I had version 8.05, and they had a 8.26 available. It was easy to install (file size was just shy of 32gb I believe). You need a a completely empty usb drive, and you need to get rid of the folder that the file comes in. Just put the bare-bones update file in the usb drive, and not the folder containing it. There are pdf instructions on pioneers site near the firmware download. - Customer Reviews: Pioneer AVH-2330NEX 7" DVD Receiver with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HD Radio


Here is a nice video

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@fuzal I like it, you should definitely buy it