Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car Stereo With MP3 Playback Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐:halfstar:



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  • In-Dash AM/FM, CD, MP3 Receiver with Remote
  • Single-line, multi-segmented LCD display with LED back light is 35% larger
  • Power Output: Peak: 50 watts x 4 channels RMS: 14 watts x 4 channels
  • Theft-deterrent, detachable face plate with anti-dust design
  • Wireless remote control included
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Amazon Review by BlueSkyMike :star::star::star::star::star:

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GREAT performance, a wide variety of features, sharp appearance, and easy installation are definitely high points for this unit!

I have been a professional in the automotive service business for over 40 years, and I just could not believe how GREAT this unit sounds. It puts out great high, midrange, and bass frequencies equally well. With its multiple equalizer and bass boost settings it provides incredibly rich, full range, quality sound at a price (about $60) that just seems impossible to beat.

Although you will need to read up on all of its various settings and adjustments to “dial in” exactly what you want in the way of your own particular musical experience, it’ll be well worth your time investment. The aux input jack is another great feature that lets you update your vehicle to easily connect an iPod or any other sound device up to it using a standard headphone mini-plug. The remote control that is included is also a nice touch even if you don’t use it much. Imagine having a picnic somewhere, or using it in your RV, with this stereo providing the musical entertainment, and being able to control it from the very compact and lightweight remote you can keep in a shirt pocket. How cool is that?

It has a large, clear, screen display and an attractive, high-end-looking removable faceplate that offers some theft prevention, or at least theft-deterrent qualities.

Installation is very simple, as it will fit into any single-DIN slot by itself, or into any double-DIN slot if you add a single-DIN-sized pocket or spacer. Since almost every vehicle sold in the US in the last 30 years (at least up until the latter 2000s) uses the DIN mounting standard, there are very few vehicles in which this unit won’t fit easily. It comes with screws to mount it to most vehicle manufacturers’stock mounting brackets. But if your vehicle is missing those brackets it’s still no problem because it also comes with its own very thin sheet metal “sleeve” that can mount generically and sturdily to almost any factory stock or aftermarket DIN-sized frame/faceplate components. You then simply slide the unit into that sleeve and add the trim plate that is also included to complete a custom-looking installation.

To make things really easy and provide for a clean, factory-looking wiring job, I would suggest also buying and using an aftermarket wiring harness adapter (like the Metra 70-1720 Radio Wiring Harness I used for my friend’s '93 Honda Accord, which was available through for only $3.55 when I bought it). That way you can connect the new stereo’s wiring harness to the adapter at any convenient location outside of the car (like on your workbench or kitchen table) and then simply plug the adapter harness connector into your vehicle’s factory radio wiring harness connector just as though you were plugging a factory radio into it. This makes for a neat, incredibly simple, and professional installation at VERY little additional cost.

If you are buying this unit to replace another unit that was stolen from your vehicle, and the thieves damaged or removed the factory wiring harness connector plug and some of the factory wiring, you can also inexpensively bring your vehicle radio wiring back to “like-new” condition by getting a “reverse wiring adapter harness” (like the Metra 71-1720 Reverse Wiring Harness I also bought for my friend’s '93 Honda Accord). You then wire this “reverse” harness to the wiring in your dash that the thieves cut/damaged. You will then have a factory-type connector again, into which you connect the adapter harness connector as described in the above paragraph. Again, a great professional installation job.

Overall, this unit from Amazon is an AMAZING value… Thanks Amazon!!! - Customer Reviews: Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car Stereo With MP3 Playback


Walmart Review by pianoman87 :star::star::star::star::star:

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Awesome radio! Very happy!

I bought this unit to replace the one I had put in my truck not too long ago. Got tired of the other one. The display was so bright that it was distracting at night. I love this one! Especially the dimmer control (one of the main reasons I bought it). Sounds great, looks great! Easy to operate. My only complaint about it, is the fact that the new wires are not labeled what they are (specifically, the speakers). So you have to figure it out on your own. Took me a little longer, but once, I got it done, it was great! Awesome bang for the buck! The remote is nice too, though I don't know I'll ever really use it. Overall, I think this is a great radio! - Customer Reviews: Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car Stereo With MP3 Playback


@nolie great


Check this video

Pioneer DEH-150MP - Out of the Box


Best Buy Review by TheBeaseman :star::star::star::star::star:

Pioneer DEH-150MP

I was looking for an inexpensive radio to replace an din-sized aftermarket cd player that quit. This my "work" car and I don't need anything to interface with a smart phone etc. This head unit fit the bill nicely. MOSFET amplifier (clean, powerful sound) CD/MP3 playback as well as having an "1/8 (3.5mm) input jack. It was easy to install and to set up. I matched the colors to the existing wiring harness I already had, soldered it together and installed the sleeve into my existing dash kit. From there it was plug and play. It comes with a credit card sized remote. I had always thought that remotes for car stereos were a bit pretentious, but I like this one. It makes it easy to navigate through the MP3 discs where you have several albums on one disc I also feel like using the remote makes it easier to navigate through the menu on the radio for making adjustments: EQ, loudness, balance, fade etc. The buttons on the faceplate are a bit awkward. (at least there's a "back" button) I believe this unit was meant to work with the remote. Bottom line: I have a commute. I need to jam. I want cd playback, MP3 playback, and occasionally to pipe in a portable device. This is a hard radio to beat for the money. - Customer Reviews: Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car Stereo With MP3 Playback