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  • 24" LED LCD monitor
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080, 16:9
  • Number of Touch Points: 10
  • Touchscreen Interface: USB
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Amazon Review by P. Harris :star::star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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A large but ultimately poor quality touchscreen

I have this monitor sitting on my desk at work after one of my bosses spotted it online and thought it was cool. He bought it with the intention of developing a touch screen application to take advantage of it, but I am far from impressed.


  • It’s big
  • It’s generally pretty sleek, it gets a lot of attention from people who walk by my desk
  • It’s bright, I’ve turned down the brightness quite a bit to make it easier on my eyes
  • Multitouch does work


  • First and foremost: the display itself is quite far back from the glass surface. If you’re not looking straight at the screen, the area you touch and the corresponding area on the display will not match. This leads to some seriously frustrating situations. Smartphone and tablet makers constantly improve how close their display is to the touch layer – this monitor is the exact opposite.
  • The color accuracy and saturation of the screen is quite poor
  • 1920x1080 on a 27" screen is pushing it in terms of pixel density. You can see color fringing on pixel width lines, and fonts render poorly. I’ve tried adjusting ClearType but to no avail.
  • Viewing angles aren’t great. It’s not as bad as my ASUS VK266h, but it’s no IPS panel
  • The included stylus broke the instant I tried using it. The rubber nub fell back into the metal shaft immediately, leaving me with a stick that would only be useful for gouging the screen.
  • The touch sensitive OSD controls combined with the OSD slowness ends up being frustrating to use
  • The display sits angled back and is glossy. I get a nice reflection of the fluorescent lights at all times.
  • The display is also quite low. I’m at eye level with the webcam at the top, meaning I’m always looking down to see the monitor itself.
  • The glass surface of the display is not smooth. You can see some waviness in the reflections of lights, and can definitely feel it when swiping across the screen. It feels pretty awful and is a far cry from the silky smoothness of an iPad screen. Additionally, I’ve tried simple things like drawing a line in Paint and had the touch drop out.
  • Webcam quality is your typical monitor webcam quality, AKA fairly poor. Since the screen is angled up from the stand, your head is at the bottom of the frame – if it isn’t cut off entirely.

For how expensive this screen is, I expected much better quality. I’m just glad I didn’t actually pay for it.I have relegated it to use as a secondary monitor with my ASUS VK266h taking center stage. I can’t recommend skipping over the Planar enough. - Customer Reviews: Planar Helium PCT2485 24" Widescreen Multi-Touch Monitor


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