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  • Contains: PlayStation VR headset, Processor unit, PlayStation VR headset connection cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, Stereo headphones, AC power cord, AC adaptor, PlayStation VR Demo Disc
  • Games Come First - With gamers in mind, PlayStation delivers a new world of unexpected gaming experiences through PlayStation VR.
  • Just Plug and Play - Getting into PlayStation VR couldn’t be easier. Just plug the PlayStation VR headset and your PlayStation Camera into your PlayStation 4 system. Sold separately.
  • Advanced VR Display - Seamless visuals keep you connected to the virtual world through an expansive 5.7" OLED 1080p display running at up to 120 frames per second.
  • 3D Audio Technology - 3D Audio with PlayStation VR means that you’ll be able to pinpoint sounds above, below, and all around you.
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Amazon Review by Genryu :star::star::star::star::star:

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Free your mind - take the red pill

This is probably the first VR experience for most of you reading this, so here are my thoughts on what to expect: the good, the bad, and ultimately whether it's worth giving VR and Sony a shot. There's a comparison to Oculus and HTC Vive below for those who are curious as well as a TLDR at the bottom.


  • Very easy to put on, works well with glasses and is comfortable on the head even for longer gaming sessions.
  • Tracks position easily when moving around a reasonably large area.
  • Easy to re-center with just the touch of the ‘options’ button so you can get in a nice comfy position to play.
  • Comes with a lot of different types of VR demos, games, videos, experiences to try out of the box.
  • Guaranteed to impress friends, family, and significant others.
  • Lets you play regular games and watch movies on a big virtual theater screen (up to about IMAX size).
  • Lets you play games privately when someone else wants to use the TV.
  • Using AMOLED screens means nice inky black levels with that fantastic contrast ratio.
  • Unlike buying that higher resolution display, this actually feels like you got something new and special.
  • Really is just ‘plug and play’ - no driver troubleshooting needed


  • Can use the cinematic mode on other devices (Xbox, PC), but you can’t easily re-position it without having the dual-shock controller which can be a real bummer if you’re not in a comfortable position already.
  • The playstation move controllers make games feel more interactive, but there are mixed results with tracking in certain games (80-90% of the time it works all the time.)
  • Video applications like VRideo are really cool, but require a good deal of bandwidth to run fluidly at higher resolutions. Sadly no Youtube VR support (yet).
  • 3D spatial audio not currently compatible with wireless headsets, but it’s very easy to use a wired pair (and one comes in the box).
  • There are a lot of wires you need to plug in to get connected, but they include a very easy to follow instruction manual and a beefy connection cable that is quite durable and should last a long time.
  • Most games work great with the standard PS4 controller, but the move controllers really do make it more immersive so you should spend up if you get the ‘core’ version.


  • Visuals not as sharp as competitors, and frankly plenty of visible aliasing/jaggies in certain games/applications.
  • YMMV on nausea with more ‘active’ titles that have lots of change in direction.
  • Loses track of you if your camera isn’t positioned well.
  • Wires suck and really limit how far you can move around. An unfortunate compromise to hit the lower pricepoint and reduce the latency.
  • Not safe to use with friends who get scared easily. Seriously, don’t let ‘jumpy’ people play while standing or else you may end up with a hurt friend, or worse a damaged/broken VR headset.
  • PS VR worlds DOES NOT come with the core version - a real bummer. Basically, buy the launch bundle if you don’t have a PS Camera and/or PS Move controllers already. Come on Sony, support your fans and throw it in for everyone.

Comparison to Oculus: Oculus has the resolution, but lacks in the areas of positional tracking, cost, and widespread support for their $200 controllers. Ultimately if you want the highest visual fidelity seated VR experience go for the Oculus, or better yet wait for their recently announced wireless headset. For those who just want to have fun in VR and don’t want to deal with drivers, PC hardware upgrades skip the Oculus.

Comparison to HTC Vive: HTC Vive has superior spatial tracking, and frankly is probably the highest quality experience in VR today. But, its really lacking right now in terms of first and third party games. This is an area where I think Sony has a lot of room to shine in the VR space. Same issues with driver updates and hardware upgrades as the Oculus.

Final thoughts: This is very much a first generation product, but Sony is off to a great start. The main negatives right now have to do with a lack of horsepower for that extra clean finish. Games like DriveClub VR have some pretty obvious visual compromises, but it’s something you don’t tend to notice once you start moving. Hopefully the PS4 Pro will help with providing the added graphical prowess to make for cleaner visuals - but even without getting the latest and greatest PS4 you’ll be in for a treat.
I remember playing a VR game back in a mall in the 90’s, it was bulky, looked terrible and I knew at all times I was standing in a giant piece of plastic in the mall. With the PSVR on you lose sense of time, get literally transported to a different place, and truly enter a new world. Upcoming games like Robinson the Journey are going to give you the chance to explore new worlds like you’re actually there, and that’s what makes VR special. You aren’t just sitting on a couch thinking about how gorgeous those vistas are on your TV screen - you get to literally take a step forward into a creepy house, explore a mysterious jungle, and take flight across a wide expanse.
The way you interact with things is still a work in progress, but the experience is still absolutely one of a kind. Sure beats just getting nicer looking games every year that are ultimately still the same experiences (not that I dislike nicer graphics or anything). I’m sure we’ll see some really exciting software from Sony because unlike Oculus (owned by Facebook) and HTC Vive (backed by Valve) they are more directly invested in making successful software themselves rather than relying only on third party support since they make the hardware and software. If you have the means, take a chance on Sony, I have a feeling they won’t let you down.

TLDR: If you want to know what it’s like to plug in to the Matrix, face off against a shark, fly high above like Superman, stand tall with the powers of a god - this is the easiest way to get a taste of that. There are other options, and this is very much a generation 1 product - but man is it just really cool. Plus Sony is all in on making this a success - so I’m betting that means much better first and third party games coming over the next year.

Are you ready to free your mind? Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

UPDATE with PS4 Pro
So I’ve been using my PSVR with the PS4 Pro pretty much since it came out, and I still have my original PS4 that is soon going to be resold to compare the 2. I’ve tested the following titles: Robinson The Journey, PS VR Worlds, Batman Arkham VR, Eve Valkyrie, VR Playroom, PSVR demo disc, and Until Dawn Rush of Blood.

Pros (pun unintended)

  • Overall “cleaner” appearance with less shimmering around the edges (aka better anti-aliasing/textures)
  • PS VR Worlds and Robinson in particular seem to have a little bit of extra polish that makes them feeling more realistic
  • Games will only continue to improve and take advantage of PS4 Pro, but even for 1st gen ones you can see some benefit
  • Frame-rate is locked for games, but subjectively I felt less motion sickness and as though there is less latency


  • Hardly changes the fundamental gameplay, and though visually better it really is just mild-moderate benefit right now
  • Cannot get HDR currently when hooked up to VR through the connection box, but 4k does work just fine

If you’re buying a PS4 Pro to get better VR, the honest answer is you won’t notice a night-and-day difference today with the first generation titles. However, I am seeing bigger improvements relatively with games like Robinson that came out after launch and that bodes well for future titles to take advantage of more aggressive anti-aliasing and higher resolution textures. Games like Farpoint are being touted as being more optimized for PS4 Pro hardware and I’m sure future Sony first-party titles will give you even more of a benefit. This is true not just with PSVR games, but console games in general. Just look at the gap between Uncharted 1 and The Last of Us - both were running on the same hardware but with experience you had a lot of performance to be eeked out.

TLDR on PS4 Pro w/ PSVR: Looks better, but not a big difference yet. Advantages will be seen as new titles come along that are optimized to take advantage of the extra power. - Customer Reviews: PlayStation VR


Walmart Review by gambitwise :star::star::star::star::star:

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Absolutely crazy for old school gamers

I'm rating this product as a part of a contest. I'm a bit of an old school gamer - I enjoy FPS games like Call of Duty series or Halo series. So I was excited to test out the VR with Star Wars word - WOW. What an experience. The first thing that hit me was how real of a feeling it was, mostly caused by how awesome the 3D graphics were. Something as small as turning your head to look out the window, see what's beneath your Tie Fighter, was such a detail that you wouldn't normally expect. I flew by one of the larger space crafts on purpose, just to admire details, and the rumbling from the headphones combined with the fact that all around me was spacecraft, made me feel like I was minute next to something incredibly huge.

This was definitely an experience you need to at least try out, especially if you’re a gamer at any level. This will take gaming to a whole new level. I can see my two year old kid playing this one day and thinking that this is the norm, or the standard.

The cheapness in me probably won’t pay the price tag yet…but once it becomes more popular, more affordable…sign me up! - Customer Reviews: PlayStation VR


@michigan great


Best Buy Review by Skyboxer :star::star::star::star::star:


First I'm an older gamer (50) and have seen pretty much everything so I am never overly critical (Other than glitches and lack of QA from devs) of most things.

So far it’s delivered really more than I expected. Then again not really sure exactly what all I expected.

Graphically, no you will not be playing in super stunning visuals. I never expected as much though… however it’s not bad at all.

After playing the last couple days I can say that not only was it a good purchase for being able to experience gaming in a new way, it was a great purchase. God willing I’ll be around for long enough to see the next few advances in the tech lol

Setup was a breeze and I’ve had zero issues with calibration … none. If the screen, during play does get off center a bit all you have to do is hold the options button down and it re-centers. Done.

The camera and move controllers I kept over the years all worked fine so that’s what saved me some $
I’m Using the Gold headset which fits fine over the VR. I also wear glasses and the VR fits over them with no problems.

I’ll go through what I’ve played so far:

Tumble is what it looks like. Many different levels etc… of stacking different types of blocks to either get a certain height or a certain amount on the table. The last one I did was one called " Limbo" which is where you had to stack the blocks but in a way where they all fit under the back and forth bar. I believe 10 blocks got you gold… which I finally got.
Surprisingly there was one where you placed mirrors to get certain light etc… (Screen shot above) …so there seems to be a few different types of things to do. The precision of the Move controller was great and had no issues.

VR Worlds: Luge – The first possible nausea inducing game. First off (and I’m assuming this is the complaint with Drive club) the distance down the track is blurry. Not enough to not know where track goes, but blurry none the less.
The sense of speed is there and yes on the very first track I could feel some sweat starting but no real nausea.
I stuck with it and my plan is to only play games like that 20 minutes or so at a time and see if I can get brain used to it.
I did make it through the first 4 tracks (Failed on 1 ) without vomiting. Actually never got to feeling that bad. So, so far so good but I will take it slow.
Steering with the head was fine and better than expected. Had no issues with missing obstacles etc… and was laughing at myself for actually ducking my head to keep from getting decapitated… Lol

VR Worlds: Ocean Dive was an awesome experience. I ended up standing during this and kept reaching out thinking I could grab the rails or touch the fish. Won’t go into it a lot (Only did the one dive) but it was pretty sweet indeed.

I’ve also played some of the demos like Job Simulator which was fun. I’ll get into the full version later as well as Keep Talking and Rush of Blood.

I know 399.99 or the 499.99 is a bit of money but: 1: if you don’t go in thinking you’ll be playing a high def greatest ever visuals and
2: Are wanting to enjoy a different way of getting a gaming experience… for me it’s a great buy.

Looking forward to getting wife on it the next couple days.
Hopefully the games keep coming and get better and better.

Bottom line-- I’m VERY happy with it! - Customer Reviews: PlayStation VR


A great Youtube review: