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  • Striking Minimalist Design is Reminiscent of all Classic Polaroid Instant Cameras
  • Compact Size Slips Neatly Into Your Shirt Pocket
  • Price is Equally Wallet-Friendly
  • 10-Megapixel Sensor Captures Brilliant Images
  • Micro SD Slot Holds 32GB (Max)
  • Integrated ZINK Instant Printer Produces Full-Color 2x3" Prints in Under 1 Minute (Available Separately)
  • Adhesive Back Makes for Easy Posting
  • Digital Copy is Saved for PC/Social Media
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  • Don’t buy

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Amazon Review by K. Groh :star::star::star::star::star:

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Instant Gratification! All the Details You Need to Know

Polaroid is the undisputed name associated with instant pictures so it is not surprise that they have come out with a compact and cute instant print version as their latest product. The Snap is just that, pictures in a snap. But there is a lot to know about this very simple camera.

What you GET in the box:
> Snap camera
> Wrist strap
> Micro USB charging cable
> Small illustration for paper placement and powering on.

What you NEED before you can use this:*
> micro SD card (up to 32 GB) - it will format your card so don’t use one with other files on it.
> Polaroid 2x3 inch Premium ZINK Photo Paper (30 Sheets) - Compatible With Polaroid Snap, Z2300, SocialMatic Instant Cameras & Zip Instant Printer (premium) or 2x3 Inch ZINK Photo Paper for Pogo Cameras and Printers (Pack of 100!) (basic). The premium paper prints much better!

  • You CAN take pictures without the SD card but you must have paper. OR you can take pictures without the paper but you must have an SD card.

The quick rundown: This is a 10MP camera that takes photos and saves them to the SD card AND prints them out onto 2x3 mini prints (optional as stickers) without the addition of ink or anything else. It is compact and will fit in a pocket. It includes a flash and a removable MAGNETIC lens cap. The pictures are good and are better when printed on the premium paper. But you also have the image on the SD card as long as it is loaded.

The rest of the story:
==> A few years ago, I purchased a Polaroid camera for my daughter. It ran about $65. I also bought a POGO Instant Printer (that uses the same ZINK paper) for about $40. Between the two, it was the same price as this camera and the Snap is more convenient to carry.
==> There are no instructions with the camera other than how to push the viewfinder up to power on and how to load the paper. It took some trial and error although it would seem like it would be intuitive to operate.
==> Some of my prints have streaks through them when using the basic paper.
==> The premium paper is running about 50 per piece. The basic paper is about 30 a piece - pricing depends on the volume as well.
==> You are looking at your shot through a small viewfinder on top of the camera. There is no LCD display and no way to review photos after taking them other than the prints or putting the SD card in your computer.
==> The digital photos are good for up to about a 9x12 print at 300 dpi.
==> The camera lens cap is magnetic - very cool - but you won’t know it is on when looking through the viewfinder. It may be easy to lose if you don’t keep it in a pocket and remember to put it back on.
==> You can take color or black and white and a vintage style to mimic the old Polaroid prints.
==> There is no way to stop it from printing a picture as long as there is paper in the camera. If you don’t want a print, take the paper out.
==> There is no zoom or wide angle, you get what you get and the viewfinder is not an exact image of the picture - it might be off a bit.
==> There is a tripod mount and a 10 second timer (which you can also activate by holding down the shutter.
==> The battery charges quickly and has lasted well so far.
==> You don’t get the same shutter sound as other digital cameras so sometimes it can be difficult to know if you took the picture. The sound you hear is subtle.
==> The paper goes in the camera with the glossy (print) side facing OUT, it holds 10 sheets at a time.
==> There is a cute feature, next to the color selections, that allows you to print with the familiar white border of the old Polaroid snaps. You can turn this feature on and off.

Our local camp also uses a Polaroid camera and POGO printer to takes pics of their campers for a “Passport.” This kind of camera eliminates the additional steps and could make the process quicker and more fun for the campers.

The bottom line: This snappy little camera is best in good light situations. It will not replace a good digital camera for quality of photos and features but it will provide a fun way to capture and print on the spot photos. It is great for parties, identification photos, or just for fun with friends. The paper can be costly and the prints are small. But the instant gratification and fun of watching the photo print on the spot is worth it.

A unit was provided for evaluation and review.

Amazon.com - Customer Reviews: Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera (White) with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology


Walmart Review by Deja :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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Waste of money!!! Do not buy.

My mom got me this camera for christmas and let me open it early. The stupid camera wouldn't even turn on, so I left it on the charger over night. The camera still isn't working and you can tell in the picture I have because it's on the charger and the light isn't even showing that it is charging. It's a waste of money and I wouldnt recommend it to anyone!

Walmart.com - Customer Reviews: Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera (White) with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology


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Review:Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera!



Best Buy Review by HankR :star::star::star::star::star:


I own several Polaroid cameras, both old and new, including a Z2300 which uses the same Zink paper the Snap uses. I bought the Snap so that anyone could pick it up and use it - it is a simple camera. You must know how to use a viewfinder as it does not have a LCD screen. Every camera used to have a viewfinder, but if you've never used a camera viewfinder you're gonna need to practice. with the Snap. Get the micro SD card, install it, and shoot several exposures without putting Zink paper in the camera. Then check your results by downloading the saved images to your computer. Once you get comfortable with the viewfinder, put some Zink paper in and shoot away. Oh - the camera does not come with Zink paper nor an SD card so be sure to get those when purchasing the camera. Know that the pictures are not large. Know that this is a fun camera and not a professional model. Know that the directions are online and not included with the camera. Know that there is a software update that you might have to install and that there may be more update installs in the future. (these help your camera to work better). I am very critical of pictures and I am giving this camera a "B+" grade. If you practice, you'll get good results and be able to tell others how to hold it when they use the camera. It's simple and the results are fun. Don't complain about the cost of the Zink paper. If you were to take digital pictures and print them out at home you'd be spending just as much - if not more - for the photo paper and the printer's ink cartridges. Like I said - practice with out the paper in the camera and check out your shots on your computer. So get this camera. Get Zink paper and an SD card. Charge up the camera and start enjoying the world of Polaroid.

Bestbuy.com - Customer Reviews: Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera (White) with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology