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  • SNAP, PRINT & SHARE - Sleek Digital Camera Features Built-In Printer So Your Photos Can Be Instantly Developed on 2"x3" Polaroid Zink Zero Ink Paper
  • COOL TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY - 3.5" LCD Viewfinder is Great for Capturing Still Photos, HD Videos & Selfies
  • Easy Navigation, Photobooth & Burst Modes
  • ZERO INK, ZERO TONER - Camera Integrates Polaroid Zink Zero Innovation
  • Simply Load Adhesive-Backed Paper & Watch Images Come to Life
  • SMARTPHONE COMPATIBLE - Bluetooth-Enabled Camera Integrates Printing App for iOS & Android
  • Edit & Add Filters, Text, Borders, Emojis, Digital Stickers & More
  • CHARMING DESIGN - Comes in Variety of Fun, Bold Colors
  • Fits in Your Pocket & Includes Handy Wrist Strap, Micro USB Cord & Paper 10-Pack
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Amazon Review by K. Groh :star::star::star::star::star:

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So Many New Features... Full Print Control On the Camera

Last years Polaroid Snap was fun a camera with a built-in printer. But Polaroid has stepped it up big time with a new model. I have the original Polaroid Snap and it is great. Its fun with instant gratification and about right for the price. But Polaroid has taken everything missing in the lower price point version and added it AND MORE to this new model.

What you get in the box:
’ The Polaroid Snap TouchScreen Camera
'1 Pack of Zink Photo Paper (10 sheets = 10 photos)
’ USB to Micro USB charging cable
’ Magnetic Lens Cap
’ Wrist Strap
’ Instruction Book (a plus because the first model had nothing!)

What you may want:
’ More Zink Photo Paper premium or regular I suggest the Polaroid POLZ2X350 2x3-Inch Premium Zink Photo Paper Quintuple Pack for Polaroid Snap, Z2300, Socialmatic Instant Cameras & Zip Instant Printer (50 Sheets)
’ An SD card (can be up to 128 MB) the camera will store about 10 photos without an SD card

This camera has added so many features Im really impressed in the improvements.
The top benefits:

  1. Its a 13 MP camera great detail and the ability to ZOOM in and out using the touch screen (in comparison, the Fuji Instax has no megapixels because you cant save the photo)
  2. You can take photos or video (video is also something the Fuji Instax is not capable of)
  3. It has a built-in flash with the ability to turn it on/off or auto
  4. It has an LCD display for viewing your photo in advance (as compared to the previous Snap that has a mock-window that gave you a general idea of the picture)
  5. It has a ton of control features including: optional date/time stamp; fun borders, stickers, and effects that can be added right from the camera before printing, photo booth (creates three photos in a row that become a single picture)
  6. It has been good so far in low light settings. Much more clarity than the original Snap.
  7. It has a rechargeable battery via a USB to micro USB cable (the same cable you use to do firmware updates) with good battery life.
  8. I has a burst mode where you can take a series of photos quickly
  9. It has a tiny mirror on the front for taking selfies so you can at least get an idea if your face is in the middle of the shot.
  10. You can attach it to a tripod and there is a built-in timer
  11. It makes noise so you can tell that the photo was taken (although you have control over the volume and can turn it off)
  12. It has a Bluetooth feature if you want to connect a smartphone to the camera for printing photos. You have to download an app first. I have not been able to get my phone (Samsung S7 Edge) to connect but will continue to try.

And the best feature is
13. IT PRINTS RIGHT FROM THE CAMERA! How cool is this. Its about the same size as other point and shoot cameras but it will print mini photos right from the camera. It holds 10 sheets at a time and they can be purchased as regular photo paper or sticker prints. Instant gratification, personal and private, great for sharing, great for weddings, parties, and whatever. The list goes on.

This great feature has been enhanced because Polaroid added this: you can control the print function. On the previous Snap, it printed automatically as long as there was paper inside. But this camera allows you to choose if you want to print AND gives the option for setting the number of prints too.

All of the questions and issues that many commented about on the first version have been addressed and more.

The drawback to any instant print camera is the cost of the paper, anywhere from 31 for the standard paper to 40 per sheet for the premium paper (and the size of the package changes the cost per sheet as well). The prints are only 2x 3. The quality of the prints is actually one of the downfalls. There are sometimes streaks in the paper, although you can get much better quality print if you upgrade to the Premium paper. As a note, the paper needs to go in with the blue sheet face down.

You have the option of taking your SD card out and printing full size or larger prints as well so you lose nothing in your photo control. Firmware updates are easy and instructions are on the Polaroid website. Having your photos to share other than prints, is a huge benefit over the Fuji Instax. And since the Snap take a high resolution photo, you can print them big or small as well as post and transfer photos electronically. You could easily print a 10x14 with the resolution quality of the digital file.

Amazon.com - Customer Reviews: Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera With LCD Display (White) with Zink Zero Ink Printing Technology


Walmart Review by amandao :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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Price tag doesn't match quality

The little fake picture they had coming out of the camera looked rich in color and had high quality. I snap a photo with the camera and printed it. Whites look more blue and browns and pinks look very pale. On top of that the photo is very grainy. Not worth the money at all. I had it for 20 minutes and I hate it. Returning it tomorrow and going to find something better

Walmart.com - Customer Reviews: Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera With LCD Display (White) with Zink Zero Ink Printing Technology


Maybe this video can help

Polaroid Snap Review



Best Buy Review by jay4rm619 :star::star::star::star::star:

i love it a lot.. the newest in the market

i bought it and i loved it! i take it with me everywhere i go! i take photos of everything and add it on my wall!! i love how it has a touch screen so if u don't like the photo u can delete it! or if u wanna edit it.. then its easy right there and then!!

Bestbuy.com - Customer Reviews: Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera With LCD Display (White) with Zink Zero Ink Printing Technology