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  • Instant Cold Water - No more storing pitchers in the fridge and running out of space to enjoy a nice chilled glass of water. Enjoy the delicious taste of Primo water. Just push the button to instantly dispense cold water into your glass. Mix it, infuse it or enjoy it on its own. Unit chills water and maintains a water temperature of 4 Degrees Celsius using a powerful yet energy efficient cooling compressor. Dispense a cold refreshing glass of water whenever you like.
  • Instant Hot Water - Forget about heating water on your stove or waiting on the microwave. Prepare hot tea, soups or meals conveniently with purely amazing Primo water. Instant meals won’t taste the same without the smooth flavor of Primo water. Just release the child-lock and push the hot water button to dispense water at 98 Degrees Celsius. Prepare exquisite teas and delightful instant soups and oatmeal with the touch of a button.
  • BPA Free - Designed and constructed to meet the highest quality standards from Primo. Materials that come in contact with the water you drink are BPA-free certified including the premium internal stainless steel water reservoir, which also aids in the prevention of bacteria growth.
  • Primo Simplicity Design - Soothing lines and minimalistic design makes The B150 a perfect addition to any room in your home or office. Its Black neutral color makes the unit blend easily with the room. Simplicity and functionality blend beautifully in this design.
  • Bottom Bottle Loading - Avoid lifting and flipping heavy bottles. With Primo’s bottom loading feature, changing the water bottle has never been so easy. Place the probe inside your water bottle, slide the bottle into the bottom of the unit and close the cabinet door. The B150 water dispenser will pump the water from the bottle into the Hot and Cold reservoirs for you to enjoy. When the bottle is empty, take the empty bottle out, place a new one and continue enjoying delicious Primo water.
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Amazon Review by J.E. :star::star::star::star::star:

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5 stars

Its been 3 weeks since I got my Primo dispenser. Im very satisfied and happy with my purchase... I'll give 5 stars! - Customer Reviews: Primo Effortless Bottom Loading Water Dispenser - 601088


Best Buy Review by Yodathe3rd :star::star::star::star::star:

Awesome Water Dispenser

I did quite a bit of reading looking for a quality water dispenser and this one has to be one of the better one's i have seen on the internet and the ability to price match another store with also having the warranty is nice. I have saved so much on not having to buy bottled water anymore since having this and its nice to be able to get hot water with a flick of a switch. - Customer Reviews: Primo Effortless Bottom Loading Water Dispenser - 601088


Walmart Review by IBuyEverything65 :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Nice Unit

I've only had the product for (1) but I love it so far. I selected this unit because the top loader units are too top heavy and my pets might knock them over. I like that you can shutoff the hot & cold tanks individually. I like the drip container has a full indicator. I absolutely the color because it fits the decor' in my kitchen. - Customer Reviews: Primo Effortless Bottom Loading Water Dispenser - 601088


@fuzal I want it