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  • Turn your iPhone into an instant camera the size of the original Prynt Case, with an easy-to-remove paper cartridge
  • Print photos from your phone (even Instagram), or take new ones- printed in 30 seconds
  • Add a video to your Prynt and watch it come to life with the app
  • No ink necessary- photos are printed directly onto ZINK (zero ink) Sticker Paper- the only photo paper compatible with Prynt Pocket
  • Peel off the adhesive backing to turn any photo into a sticker!Compatible with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5
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Fast shipping, great packaging, and Awesome product!

I've been following Prynt since their kickstarter a few years back, but was always hesitant to buy it. I didn't know how the quality of the picture would turn out or if it was worth forking over $150.. but once I heard that they were releasing another version that was SMALLER and BETTER, I was intrigued and decided to buy it.


  • I got my package in about 5 days with no hassle and the packaging it came in was pretty neat and the instructions were fairly simple to follow.
  • I was able to learn how to use it and print a photo within 10 mins.
  • The app was super helpful and the navigation was pretty intuitive.
  • The product itself was very sturdy and you can tell the quality just by holding it. It had a nice grip all around and nothing felt flimsy or easy to break. - The best part was the picture quality + the ability to add videos. This feature of scanning a photo was always interesting to me and definitely one of the highlights.


  • I just wish I could use it without taking my phone case off!
  • I like that this new version is smaller, but it doesn’t really fit in your pocket… - Customer Reviews: Prynt Pocket, Instant Photo Printer for iPhone - Graphite (PW310001-DG)


Best Buy Review by PhotoEnthusiast313 :star::star::star::star::star:

The future of instant photography

I previously bought the Prynt Case back when it came out and got really excited to see a new product from this company on the market since i've been using the first version *a lot*! The Prynt Pocket is a smaller, faster, cooler, more ergonomic, better designed version of their first product! It feels better to the hand, it looks good (it has a soft touch feel that really enhances the product), fits in the pocket, prints faster, comes in various colors with different graphics... On top of that, it still has the cool "video trapped in a photo" feature with Boomerang videos now! The company really stepped up their game. I would totally recommend. - Customer Reviews: Prynt Pocket, Instant Photo Printer for iPhone - Graphite (PW310001-DG)


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Prynt Pocket, Instant Photo Printer for iPhone - Graphite (PW310001-DG)


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