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  • Water repelling coating- RainX water repelling formula is applied to the windshield by the wiper blades and lasts for months
  • Now even easier to install - new and improved pre-installed universal adaptor installs within minutes and fits 96 percent of all vehicles
  • Advanced, beam style blade technology- contours to curvature of windshield for a smooth, virtually streak-free wipe
  • Ultimate all-weather performance - designed with a synthetic blend rubber squeegee to withstand extreme weather conditions and deliver longer lasting, superior wipe performance
  • Noise and wind lift reduction- aerodynamic spoiler prevents wind lift and delivers a quiet wipe
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Amazon Review by Roger C. Penwick :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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Worst Wipers Ever!!

What follows is the entire text of an eMail I sent to rain-X: "I've used Rain-X original on and off for decades and always thought it a great product. When I began to see the ads for your wipers I thought I'd give them a try. I live back and forth between Tacoma and Ellensburg, WA and thus drive over the Cascade passes several times each month. In winter this generally means driving in torrential rain or snow for 35-85 miles of I90. It also rains a bit in Tacoma.

I bought a set of the Latitude wipers in early January and followed the instructions to the letter. The vehicle is a 2002 Lexus LX470. The windshield had been replaced in September due to numerous highway stars and is in perfect condition.

First problem was that apparently when the blades began to try to apply the coating, in light rain they would smear and streak the windshield to the point where you could barely see out of it. I have a photo but no way to attach it. This lasted a couple weeks and was hugely annoying.

After that cleared up, the wipers worked great for a couple weeks. Then the driver’s side began to squeak loudly on each stroke even in heavy rain. This also stopped after a few weeks.

Recently on a trip down from Vancouver BC to Tacoma in extremely heavy rain, the passenger’s blade started to leave a deposit at the top of its sweep where it reversed direction. This turned into a black line at that point that looked like the thing was actually depositing rubber off the blade onto the windshield. I had to scrub it off with glass cleaner but at least it stopped doing it.

For the past few weeks the driver’s side wiper has been doing a great job of cleaning the glass on the upstroke. On the return stroke apparently the mid portion of the blade does not flip over so it drags a smear of water directly over the middle of the windshield and directly in my field of vision and leaves it there. Perfect.

I took these things off today and replaced then with a pair of Trico Exact wipers which cost 1/3 of what I paid for these Rain-X units. It is raining heavily today. The Trico wipers work perfectly. With yours I could barely see where I was going.

Needless to say I am WILDLY disappointed. I’m not going to bother going back to AutoZone looking for a refund almost 8 weeks after I bought these things. But in all candor I feel like you folks should provide a full refund. These things would be junk if they cost $10 per blade. At almost $30 each it’s absolutely absurd."

I never heard a single word from Rain-X beyond their auto-reply that they had received the message. Nice that they stand behind their products. The only reason I gave these things 1 star is there is no way to provide a zero star review. Incidentally I bought mine locally at AutoZone rather than online. Out the door with one 22" and 1 24" blade was approximately $67. I will attach the photo here I was unable to attach in the eMail to them. It was not taken following a truck on a dirt road as it appears but on a clean stretch of highway 99 near Vancouver in light rain and light traffic. This is what these things did for quite some time.

Amazon.com - Customer Reviews: Rain-X 5079282-2 Latitude Water Repellency Wiper Blade, 28" (Pack of 1)


Walmart Review by JoeyB :star::star::star::star::star:

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Very good wipers

I live in an area where a down pour can cover your windshield during a storm. These wipers are wonderful at cleaning the windshield but they also leave a slight haze on the glass. I thought this was strange but later learned why. The rain drops do not fly all over the place because of this haze. instead rain is repelled from settling anywhere on the windshield and the smaller drops were frozen in place literally till the wiper comes back around to clean it off. So these wipers do a two fold job and it worked out great. If having a slight haze on your windshield is a bother then these are not the wipes for you but I enjoyed this product very much and will definitely look forward to more rain-x products in the future.

Walmart.com - Customer Reviews: Rain-X 5079282-2 Latitude Water Repellency Wiper Blade, 28" (Pack of 1)