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  • With a slick and taught weave, the Razer Speed Surface allows you to glide across the mouse pad with blazing speed for fast-paced games
  • The Destiny 2 Razer Goliathus offers next-level control so you can adjust your settings and allow your Razer mouse and mouse mat to work for you
  • With exceptional portability, your Razer Goliathus can be rolled up and taken anywhere to allow your gaming to go mobile
  • The anti-slip rubber base will keep your mouse mat in place, so you can focus more on gaming and less on your equipment
  • For Destiny 2 fans, the Razer Goliathus Destiny 2 Edition offers an opportunity to pick up exclusive gaming gear that can’t be found anywhere else
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In between Goliathus Speed and Control - FPS Veteran

My only real issue with this pad is the raised logo, meaning the mouse can hit it.

I know it’s huge and probably won’t ever get in the way, but that’s not the point… don’t even RISK hindering my mouse movement. Ever.
Regards, Every Serious FPS Player

Thankfully due to the size, it’s fairly easy to avoid, and it has a lot of positives.

The rubberized hexagonal patterned base grips the desk well, so it didn’t slide around.
The surface is somewhere in between a Goliathus Speed and Control, but feels smooth like a Speed, which is something I’ve really wanted to try lately (and so far it’s great).
The size is awesome, if you have the desk space.
Smooth, soft stitched edges, no irritation on my skin.
And most optical sensors track as well as they can on it (laser sensors, not so much).

You can get a plain black version from Razer, but otherwise the logo is green - which is a negative in my opinion.
“Hi, we’re going to Chroma everything, now let us dictate the color scheme by putting green on the pad”.

Not a big deal, but… that’s two rookie mistakes.

Otherwise, I love it, great pad, hope they fix those couple of things in the next version.

For the video review, just search Rocket Jump Ninja Gigantus on YouTube.

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