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Amazon Review by ~JoeyThePCguy~ :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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Some times it works great & sometimes not at all

I waited 3 months before writing this, because I did NOT want to judge too fast the product nor customer service, so this CAN BE VERY valuable information for others. I was so thrilled spending the time required to find a HIGHLY rated & option packed model tablet for the $100-$150 price line, but buyer BEWARE. 1.) It's hit or miss if the one you receive is defect-free. 2.) Runs HOT when doing small tasks = damages the product & ruins the life span. 3.) After the Windows Updates OFF & ON for 2 weeks you will have about "9-11 GB" left of the 32 GB Internal Storage, 4.) Charging cords has to be pushed 101% into the tablet or else the smallest tug it stops charging. 5) Bluetooth adapter seems pronged to a defect. Some times it works great & sometimes not at all. ( TESTED 10+ DEVICES ALL COMPAT) 6.) Wifi Adapter seems cheap OR also pronged to some defect. I could be standing right NEXT to the new wireless router & it had issues that came & wen't Loss of connection, limited connection, Youtube videos buffering at times for no reason. 7.) After only owning the brand new tablet for over a month I was fed up with my hands being HOT & at times feeling BURNED from holding the tablet & the mentioned wifi/bluetooth issues, so I called tech support & explained all this and the answer was "This is all normal thanks for calling RCA". 8.)After another 2 weeks of said issues the thing finally just crashed on me and not a normal crash like the whole thing fried or the OS was gone. No videos, no support nothing as for help. 9.) I filled a claim with RCA to get a replacement tablet, because it was by all means under warranty still. They DO NOT send you a brand new tablet even IF you send it back under 30 days they send you a refurbished tablet & it will come with issues as well. I received my refurbished model 15 days after the process started, 10.) The refurbished tablet has scratches & knicks on the back of it & here is the huge kicker. When I sent the tablet back I sent the original BOX & tablet all sealed up nice & secure as REQUESTED from their support team & when I received mine I got the 2 parts of the tablet, no box for the product, keyboard/tablet wrapped in bubble wrap & the charger unprotected was just bouncing around lose in the box. Worst Tablet Experience Ever. Worst Customer Support Ever. Worst Return Service Ever. I am a computer technician by trade & I do NOT recommended this product.

Amazon.com - Customer Reviews: RCA W101V2 B Cambio 10.1" 2-in-1 Tablet 32GB Intel Quad Core Windows 10


Walmart Review by Lutar66 :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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Excited Then Disappointed.

I wanted to get a small and lightweight device and when I found this Cambio I thought it would be wonderful. A 2 in 1. Just what I needed as a disabled person who spends 23 hours a day in bed. Desktop to much, tablets to limiting and smartphones to small. I immediately order it with overnight shipping. Then I realized my mistake and cannot get back to Walmart to return it nor ship it. Remember bedridden. With a income of only $805.00 I cannot buy another one for awhile. Here is a list just on the first few days.
  1. Bluetooth will not receive files/pictures from Windows 10 Phone. Get a error stating receiving device does not have capability.
  2. Goes to Airplane mode when started or restarted.
  3. Storage: Previous version of Windows will not delete. 7.89 GB (windows.old) folder. Tried manually and within Storage in Settings.
  4. Temp Files will not delete. Same issue as #3.
  5. Accuweather crashes within seconds of load. No help from Accuweather.
  6. Many other annoying things that do not happen to desktop or phone running Windows 10.
    Screen shots available on request.
  7. The pictures both lenses take are unusable.

    Walmart.com - Customer Reviews: RCA W101V2 B Cambio 10.1" 2-in-1 Tablet 32GB Intel Quad Core Windows 10


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