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  • Meet the Cube: The 2-inch portable mobile projector that works with phones, laptops, tablets and gaming consoles to give you larger-than-life entertainment, anywhere.
  • Compatible with HDMI devices, rechargeable with a 90-minute battery life and works with mobile adapters for streaming on-the-go. The most user-friendly projector in its class.
  • Vibrant LED light projection lasts up to 20,000 hours. Display stretches up to 120 inches.
  • Purchase includes HDMI and MHL connector cables, USB charger, remote control, flexible mini tripod and free 1-year warranty.
  • Technical details: Connectivity: Micro SD, MHL & HDMI. Native resolution: 854x480 (WVGA). Throw ratio: 1.99:1 dist/width. Video input up to full HD 1080p. Cube dimensions: 2 x 2 x 1.9 inches. Brightness: Full 50 lumens. Adapter may be required.
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This item first and foremost is super dope lol I bought this item from Amazon warehouse and it was literally half the price as if it was new, and let me tell you people don't be intimidated if an item you purchase on Amazon says it has scratches and it's acceptable. It is still inspected by Amazon warehouse deals and they would not sell it if the thing didn't work, ok so now let me tell you more about this product. I purchased it to have outdoor movies with my kiddos and I am by far not a technical person although I love gadgets, this product is super easy to use. I could not believe how simple and clear and compact this product is. I have used it with the following products, iPad first gen and Itouch 4th generation, and I purchased the hdmi cables both here on Amazon for about 16 dollars which is not bad at all. So I read a bizzilion reviews about this product before deciding to purchase it and let me tell you NOBODY out of all the reviews I read was specific with this one information.... You can use this projector WHILE the projector is charging and that will allow you to use it passed the 90 min that it gives you if you just used it with out it charging. Meaning this projector has a battery inside of it that works for 90 mins.... Sooo Having said that I read you can connect a usb external portable battery charger and it will work but for me it did not I just dragged one of those orange long cables put it outside with the projector and WAMMOO I was able to watch 3 movies without the projector dying on me at the end of each movie. So I am just trying to be as specific as possible people you can connect it and use this projector at the same time. I have included several pictures unfortunately I can't seem to upload any videos, to show you the projector in action but it's awesome, the remote that comes included with the package was damaged and cracked but it worked so I really didn't complain about it, I do hear it's cheaply made and I agree compare to the projector itself. There is 3 separate cables that come with the projector and honestly for me except the actually charger cable all of the other cables was useless and they should consider adding a cable for apple product users considering there is a huge amount of consumers like myself that use that product. Now I was going to spend freaking 300 bucks on a projector screen so a little tip for my fellow amazonians, go to Home Depot or lowes and get you a 3 1inch pipes and 2 elbows to hold the pipes in place and a white or light cream cloth canvas mine is about 9ft tall and I think 12 ft wide and get some rope and make your own projector this will save you tons. This is what happens when you have a household income of one lol well I hope this review helped you all and if you have any questions please let me know :-)

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