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Amazon Review by Kitchen Barbarian :star::star::star::emptystar::emptystar:

Not the greatest, but better than buying an actual computer to serve as a streaming server to your TV

The Roku service itself kind of sucks, but it was much cheaper than replacing the dead computer I used to use as a dedicated streaming device for my TV.

One of the reasons Roku sucks is that the setup makes it look like you have to provide a credit card to get a Roku account (which is how you enable the device).

I absolutely WILL NOT put credit card information on an account that just anybody can then pick up my Roku remote and order away to their hearts content - and my financial detriment.

You CAN bypass this and its fairly simple. Just google “how to get a Roku account without giving a credit card” - Amazon won’t let me post an actual link in the review but you can find some articles for yourself so as to bypass this totally unnecessary and potentially dangerous option.

Another reason for moderate suckage on the part of the Roku is that there are a lot of channels on it that purport to be free but when you actually sign in, they try to sell you other services. There are a bunch that never play at all. And the vast majority of the “channels” they purport to offer are just worthless crap.

However at least I can watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime on the Big Screen again. - Customer Reviews: Roku 4210RW 2 Streaming Player (2015 Version)


Walmart Review by Chris :star::star::star::star::star:

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The Perfect Roku Device

My first Roku was almost 6 years ago when I purchased a Roku XD (which is still operational) and admittedly, I love these little devices. This Roku (the Roku 2 in the orange box) is actually the same innards as the Roku 3, their top of the line model but instead of having the fancy remote control that eats your batteries fast enough to get stock in the Duracell company, this one has the infrared remote control that you find on the Roku 1.

Having more memory and faster processor, this little baby loads up the ‘channels’ faster than the Roku 1 or the Roku stick, plus with all the media that I have on my home server, the titles load up much faster on this device than it dose on the Roku Stick or Roku 1 as well. So if you’re wanting the performance of the Roku 3 minus the higher price, this is the device for you because the only thing you’ll be missing is the headphone jack or voice search in the Roku 3. (Don’t worry, if you decide down the road that those features might come in handy, you can purchase a replacement remote from Roku and connect it to the device later down the road.) - Customer Reviews: Roku 4210RW 2 Streaming Player (2015 Version)