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  • The all-new Roku Express delivers fast HD streaming at an incredible price.
  • There are no monthly rental fees for owning a Roku Express-it’s so affordable, you can make every TV in your home smart.
  • Because Roku Express is from Roku, you’ll get great features like an easy-to-use remote, simple navigation, and unbiased search across top channels.
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Amazon Review by Phil :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Still an excellent choice all around especially being the cheapest streaming device right now

I ended up buying this from a big box store since it's still not in stock for Amazon. At first I felt that it was a bit slow, but much faster that the older Roku Streaming Stick it was replacing. I also have a new 2016 Streaming Stick to compare it to, which is still probably twice as fast as the Express. The Express is probably twice as fast as the previous purple Streaming Stick. The remote is IR, so it does need a line of sight to the box, which is very light and tiny and can be mounted on the TV itself. It comes with a foot HDMI cable and longer micro USB cable for power. It can still be powered by the built-in USB port on the TV. The real key I was looking for is speed. I use Playstation Vue for my TV service, and it took probably 30 seconds to load the app on the older purple streaming stick. Navigation was very slow as well. The Express cut these times, but not as good as the newer black streaming stick. Netflix is also a little sluggish in loading the Netflix Home Screen. It's still a good device for any TV. The remote is a little different in that it's flatter on the bottom verses the round half circle of the previous Roku remotes. Also, it only has 2.4Ghz Wifi whereas the black streaming stick has dual channel 2.4 & 5Ghz. The $30 price point makes this very affordable to outfit multiple TVs, especially if you're in my situation of changing from traditional set top box cable TV switching to a streaming provider, in my case PS Vue. In my case, I have moved my black streaming stick to the main living room TV, while I have the Express on a bedroom TV. I will be purchasing another Express for another bedroom TV. - Customer Reviews: Roku Express


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Roku Express Review


Best Buy Review by STEINT :star::star::star::star::star:

Perfect for the user looking for ease

I previously owned a stream stick (v15) had to purchase a replacement remote as 1st one quit after 4 months (only came with 3 mo warranty). Hated it, caused loose connections in my tv and its remote eats batteries! This Roku Express is mounted so the HDMI is not pulling from the weight of the cords, it is easier to switch source to watch and stays connected when I am watching, whereas the stick would go offline even for a second or two because of the looseness, so it would have to completely reboot taking 1-2 min multiple times while watching. THIS EXPRESS stays connected, works with remote or phone EVEN when you change routers (which stick needed the remote to setup new network -not phone- so unable to use stick til spending almost as much as a new to replace remote. I Would HIGHLY recommend the Roku Express to anyone!!! Easy enough for anyone to use! Reliable! Great connections! - Customer Reviews: Roku Express