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  • Works with HDMI and most older TV’s
  • 2500+ streaming channels
  • Search across the most channels
  • Great with mobile devices
  • Remote with channel shortcut buttons
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Amazon Review by NotTooPicky :star::star::star::emptystar::emptystar:

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A Neflix Fail

I bought my parents a Roku 3 this past year to replace their cable, then got my family the Roku SE when it came up for sale during Black Friday. When I was looking at the different Roku players, the comments I saw were focused on speed and using a voice search. I haven't found either of these things to be an issue. The Roku SE speed is a little sluggish compared to the Roku 3, but I don't find it noticeably inconvenient for our main apps (Amazon & Netflix). I did notice that certain channels were borderline unusable (Disney Jr.) with the Roku SE, which I assume is due to the slower processing power. If you need voice search, the Roku smartphone app provides that functionality as well as doubling as a remote.

My main issue with the Roku SE is focused on Netflix. I’ve gotten use to the web app for Netflix, where our family has four different profiles to match viewing preferences. The problem with the Roku SE is that you can’t select individual profiles, and the app seems to default to the primary account holder’s profile. This means that if the kiddos want to watch a cartoon, we have to sort through all sorts of crazy adult-oriented programming in a search for the kid shows. I just opened up the Netflix app in Roku and I have Netflix’s “The Making of a Murderer” being recommended alongside “Little Einsteins”.

Bottom line: If you are single, or adults with similar tastes, the Roku SE will probably do the job. If you have kids and appreciate the “Kids” profile option in Netflix, consider the Roku 3, which let’s you select the various profiles. I assume Roku 2 also provides profile selection, but don’t have firsthand experience. - Customer Reviews: Roku SE Streaming Media Player (Black)


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Walmart Review by momakimberly :star::star::star::star::star:

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Love this!!! Great deal!!!

Well, first we hooked it up and it immediately needs a credit card on file, even if you're only wanting to use what comes with the roku. We already have Netflix so we hooked that up also. There's all kinds of cool stuff. My other problem I have with this is, well I purchased it to in my children's room and I was showing them how to search for a show. Well I wanted to search Bob the Builder, I typed in bo and some of my kids started snickering, I quickly jerked my head up to see what was going on and you know how Google tries to help you out by filling in the blank for you, well same here. There were w movies with the word boobs in the title. When you're on the roku streaming page and you know what you want to look for, you go and search it by name and it doesn't just show the title of what you may be searching for, they show the movie cover. So if you have kids in the room, make sure they cover their eyes while you're finding the show. I would love it if I could set boundaries, you know, no R movies or X movies. But nope, everythings on there and you'll see it want to or not. - Customer Reviews: Roku SE Streaming Media Player (Black)


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