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  • Flexible 360 profile. Enables you to use upright as a computer to reply to emails or finish a paper and recline to tablet view ideal for surfing and viewing
  • This Device comes with the pen out of the box. Power to personalize your communications by writing directly on screen. Take notes, make a sketch, capture part of the screen, etc
  • All the apps you love on your phone are now available on your computer. Over a million apps are waiting for you. Find your favorites or explore what’s new
  • Your world doesn’t have to hit pause when you’re not online. Continue to get things done using docs and apps in offline mode
  • Makes it Easy to carry with you wherever the day takes you. Turn heads with a full, metal design that’s a touch above the typical Chromebook
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Amazon Review by Amazon Customer :star::star::star::emptystar::emptystar:

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Really good, but not worth the premium (especially if it's the apps you're after).

Disclaimer: I was in it for the Android Apps....

I’ve been using Chromebooks full time for about two months now (Two different Acer models). I know that’s a small sampling, but I’m on my computer all day at work so I’ve definitely been able to put them through their paces. I’m a huge fan. They are so simple, fast, and reliable. I have one big annoyance with them. In my job, I have two different Office 365 accounts. This means that if I am logged into one I have to log out and completely close the browser (along with all of my tabs), reopen, and log into the other account if I need to use it.Then of course I’ll immediately need something from the other account and have to switch back. Desktop apps like Outlook solve this problem on PCs and Macs.
That’s why I was so excited to see that Android apps are available for this Chromebook. That solves my one big problem. I can download an app and have both of my email/calendar accounts easily accessible. Unfortunately, they don’t work as smoothly as I had hoped. They force quit themselves several times during the setup process and just don’t seem stable. I know, I know…it’s a beta thing. Still, should be mentioned. Some apps I wanted wouldn’t work at all.
How does it compare to the other two Chromebooks I own? If you take price out of the equation it’s great. The screen is excellent, the touch screen is responsive, the pen is a nice touch. It feels well made. However, I have a feeling I’ll very rarely fold this thing over and use it as a tablet until the apps work properly. To me, this means it’s not worth the premium. The $284 Acer Chromebook 14 is a way better value.
-Great screen (I actually really prefer the 3:2 aspect ratio to 16:9)
-Pen is cool, works well
-Tablet mode works well, touch screen is properly responsive
-Trackpad is excellent

-Android apps are a failure so far (I’m assuming this will change…hope it’s soon)
-Price (since android apps don’t really add much to the experience). If this thing was $375 it would be the best on the market. - Customer Reviews: Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Touch Laptop with Pen XE513C24-K01US


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Best Buy Review by Seantech :star::star::star::star::star:

2017 Chromebook that runs Android Apps

I have been waiting for this Chromebook ever since it was announced a while back. Picked one up today. It wasn't even out on display yet. I researched many Chromebooks over the last month and wanted to wait for this model. This is the Plus model, a faster processor model will come out later (Pro). I couldn't wait and decided to buy this model. I'm glad I did! The looks and feel of the unit are premium. It feels like a high end MS Surface. I thought the screen would be small but at the factory display setting it's fine. You can change the resolution and the screen becomes highly usable. However, I would need my glasses! They keyboard feels great. The keys feels good and they have a good response. This isn't a high end Macbook but it it's very nice for the price. The performance has been great. I have downloaded a lot of Android apps from the Play Store. I haven't ran into an issue other than the Android version it is emulating seems to be Marshmelow so a couple apps were not there yet. (like Microsoft Office apps) You can still access the web based versions for now. There are two USB C ports which you can use a dongle to add additional ports and options. Overall I am happy so far. I needed a new machine for web browsing and some productivity without the hassle of installing windows updates. A majority of my work can be done on this machine, especially with the ability to run Android apps. The only negative I would add is that out of the box there was very little charge on the battery and the first update took a while to download. The laptop seems to charge pretty fast though and the battery time has been great all day. I really like the Pen. As a former Note 7 owner\tester I really miss having a pen on a device. I have a Surfacebook and the pen doesn't fit inside so I never bring it with me. The pen on this laptop fits inside so you will always have it. It's great for making sketches. I'm sure I will use it more. - Customer Reviews: Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Touch Laptop with Pen XE513C24-K01US