Samsung Electronics UN55J6201AFXZA 54.6" 1080p Smart LED TV ⭐⭐⭐⭐:halfstar:



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  • Motion Rate: 120MR (Effective)
  • Backlight: LED
  • Smart Functionality: Yes- built in Wi-Fi
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV w/stand: 49.3" x 31.1" x 9", TV w/o stand: 49.3" x 28.7" x 3.7"
  • Inputs: 2 HDMI, 2 USB
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Amazon Review by looking to save some money :star::star::star::star::star:

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A Great T.V. for the Price

The picture on this t.v. is so vivid. I had no trouble installing the enclosed stand, taking only 10 minutes to set up. I don't have an unmetered internet access, so I have not used the smart features. My Blu-ray and Dish service are absolutely awesome on this t.v. The only downside are the speakers, but I have a sound system installed- so that's not really an issue. For $550.00, (Cyber Monday) along with free shipping, it is well worth the price. - Customer Reviews: Samsung Electronics UN55J6201AFXZA 54.6" 1080p Smart LED TV


Best Buy Review by aky13 :star::star::star::star::star:

Great TV at a reasonable price - BUT ....

Before buying this TV, my wife and I read countless reviews, both professional and consumer. We consulted Consumer Reports. We also spent hours at Best Buy and other stores LOOKING at TVs.* Because of prior happy experience over several years with Samsung TVs and a bad experience using a SONY TV warranty, we decided to stick with this brand. Once we decided on a size (we were replacing a 46" TV), we then had to decide on a model series. Samsung, as with other manufacturers, offers a wide variety of model series; each with slightly different sets of features and at different price levels.
  • REMEMBER, what you see for demonstration purposes in Best Buy is NOT likely to be the same signal quality that you will have at home. They ALL look eye-popping spectacular in Best Buy!

BEFORE you buy a TV, you need to decide:
1 - size. Big is wonderful, but too big for a small room can be annoying
2 - resolution. Will you predominantly be watching TV? Streaming? DVDs or Blu-Ray discs?
3 - your budget, of course. Are you willing to spend $600 or $3,000?
4 - whether or not you want a SMART TV. Do you want to stream directly through your TV?
5 - Are you sensitive to “motion blur”?
6 - whether or not you MUST HAVE the “latest and greatest.” REMEMBER, no one broadcasts 4K signals. I am told that Amazon Prime and Netflix do offer limited programming in 4K, BUT you MUST have an upgraded wifi system in your home (at least 50mbps; not worth it to us to upgrade our FiOS service) to get them. There are 4K upscaling Blu-Ray players but NO 4K discs yet. In short, your TV may be capable of displaying 4K programming, but there is not much available to be displayed!

Before buying THIS TV, my wife and I bought the significantly more expensive 8000 series Samsung model of the same size. SUPER ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION. Once we got it home and set up, we found that the picture was no where close to what we saw in the store. WHY? NOT DEFECTIVE!! The three signal sources that we have: Blu-Ray, Verizon FiOS cable and FiOS lowest speed streaming from Amazon Prime are all 1080 resolution sources. NONE of ours are “4K.”

Simply, for what we watch, the TV was NOT worth the money. We took it back and dropped down TWO levels to this 6000 series Samsung. Took it home, set it up, and got a spectacular picture from our three signal sources with very little tweaking (there is at least one excellent web site with very specific setting suggestions for each model, IF you want to bother and if you feel it necessary).

I was concerned that the “lower level” of TV, with an actual refresh rate of 60Hz (regardless of what Samsung calls it and regardless of their explanations of computer trickery) that motion blur would be a problem. I see it in our now 6 year old 46 inch Samsung. Apparently, the Samsung computer trickery DOES work fairly well. The motion blur is very minimal and ALMOST imperceptible. I DO see it, but rarely and very minimally annoying. I am told that sports fans would find it troublesome. Doubtful to me!

The image quality is superb. Excellent color saturation, blacks, contrast, brightness, clarity and sharpness. The sound is surprisingly decent for a TV (NO TV, at any price level, has great sound. The likely assumption is that you will have some sort of external sound system for movies). I am hearing impaired until I get hearing aids and require a somewhat elevated volume. However, the speech is sufficiently clear from the TV as to not require use of my headphones.

What IS disappointing in this TV, and the reason for the “but” in the title of my review, besides the poorly designed remote control that everyone complains about (commonly used control buttons are far at the bottom and are difficult to use because of their location), is the SMART app feature.

Set up and connection to our in home wifi was fairly easy. Connecting to our Amazon Prime account was also easy. Streaming works very well. But use of the on board “apps” has been very annoying. I am particularly bummed that THIS TV does not have the same suite of apps available to it as does the 32" Samsung in our bedroom. I cannot get the “Accuweather” app on this TV. Of the ONLY two weather apps available, one is horrendous and the other slow, spastic, inconvenient and not overly helpful. Samsung tech support (I have spoken with them many times for several different Samsung products and have ALWAYS gotten the BEST care) tells me that there is NO WAY to change the app suite or apps that are available in each model. You have NO WAY of knowing any of this before you buy!

For the picture and sound, this is a great TV in this price range. Streaming works very well as long as you can stand the remote control. The apps suck, but this is a minor part of the TV’s features. This “lower level” TV ONLY has TWO HDMI inputs. IF you want to connect more than two HDMI devices, you will need an HDMI switch box. In my opinion, not worth upgrading to a better model just for this! - Customer Reviews: Samsung Electronics UN55J6201AFXZA 54.6" 1080p Smart LED TV


thank you

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Walmart Review by Craig :star::star::star::star::star:

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Awesome Samsung

Bought this on Black Friday, a 55" SMART TV, & have had zero problems with it. Also bought the 3 year warranty. Lots on integrated options (like Netflix), etc. HD, WI-FI, & surround sound. Just have to set it all up. No brainer. This TV is awesome, & as a buyer with a fixed income, I would highly recommend it. - Customer Reviews: Samsung Electronics UN55J6201AFXZA 54.6" 1080p Smart LED TV


@patadm I like it, you should definitely buy it