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  • Includes Triple Minutes for Life FREE!
  • 3.5" Touch Screen
  • 3 MP Camera/Video Recorder
  • No activation fees, contracts, monthly bills or credit checks. An Airtime Card is required for activation of this phone.
  • Safelink customers cannot upgrade or transfer service to this phone
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Amazon Review by PepperPot :star::star::star::star::star:

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Upgraded from a LG 840g and I'm not looking back.

My prior phone was the LG 840g. Although the LG served its purpose providing a mp3 player, a better GUI experience, easier texting and a touch screen in comparison to my Motorola flip phone that preceded it, I was growing a bit weary of the limited software available and was anxiously waiting for tracfone to offer an android phone. I also admit I have been obsessed with the sony smartwatch and its not compatible with any Java tracfone. Anyhow, after 4 days I can say I am more than satisfied and, no, it has nothing to do with the watch. I didn't buy it yet. The most difficult issue I had was transferring my contacts from my old phone. Eventually I just transferred them phone to phone using bluetooth which was super easy after I figured it out. I went to the tracfone website to complete the transfer myself and it was easy. The transfer itself took about an half hour after I completed everything.

Things I like:

  1. Multitasking - you can browse the web, play a game or access an application while you’re on a call. Smart phone users might read this and say “welcome to 2011”. However for tracfone users transitioning to android, its a mind blower.
  2. Text messaging arrangement - No more going back and forth from your outbox to inbox just to see a full conversation. It’s rite there on one screen. Your texts are on the right. The recipients response is on the left.
  3. Triple Minutes - nothing new to LG 800 and LG 840g users BUT you get triple minutes for calls, text and web each. In other words 20 min are actually 180 min divided 3 ways. Have fun with it while you can. Someone is going to realize they made a mistake and change it. Just a Note; my LG 840 automatically utilized wifi when I was in range for the web. This phone will use your minutes if you don’t turn off Mobile data under settings -----> data usage. Thanks to C. Overhulser for pointing this out.
  4. Phone looks good and feels solid. Looks much better in person if that matters to you.
  5. No issues connecting to Wifi.
  6. Google Play - the software available on android is more than enough for anyone. I downloaded a free call and text app that I can use to make calls over wifi instead of using the minutes I paid for. That means I can do what all my friends love me for, which is listen to their relationship issues. Lucky me . . . I think.
  7. Bigger screen - not in comparison to the current phones on the market but enough over most tracfones.

Things that I’m so so on:

  1. The learning curve if you are transitioning to Android, could be a bit challenging. I went through hours trying to figure out how to transfer my contacts. At first, when I tried to connect the phones via bluetooth it didn’t pick up. Under Your centura bluetooth menu select “only visible to paired devices”. That switches it to pick up devices that are not paired. For some reason none of the tutorials I found on the web mentions transferring contacts phone to phone via bluetooth. Save yourself the trouble and pair the phones.
  2. I don’t like the tracfone app. Unlike the LG, its not real-time. You basically refresh the app through the web. No web, no update. It was automatic on the LG. No internet needed. The widget is also huge, but considering the info it provides I understand the size.
  3. My 3g signal has only reached 2 bars, but honestly, I’m not even sure what that means and if it relates to me specifically.
  4. The psychological transition - how do I explain this? Tracfone users like myself see a phone for what it is - a phone. The extra bells and whistles are a convenience, not a necessity. The smarter the phone the more personal it tends to be. For example, I synch’d this phone to my email which automatically makes this phone almost as important as my wallet. For me, its a bit uncomfortable. Of course you don’t have to synch your email or any of your accounts but the whole idea behind upgrading to an android is to take advantage of what a smart phone has to offer. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s something “dumb phone” users like myself never had to worry about. It basically means your phone may contain sensitive information which makes it more than just a tool to make calls. In other words password protect it.

If you’re on the fence I say give it a try. Overall, I’m happy with this phone. The price was not even a question for me. It’s worth it. I took advantage of a deal on ebay that offered 200 minutes which broke down to 600 minutes each. It takes what the LG 840g does to a smarter level. I would also urge anyone looking over reviews or writing reviews to take a second to distinguish if the faults are a software or a phone issue. For example, although it was resolved, there was talk there was no way to view your remaining minutes. I can’t hold samsung responsible. That is an android/tracfone issue. If you are new to android and your issue is software related, it will be an issue regardless of the phone you buy if its on android. - Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Centura Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone)


Walmart Review by Netbug :star::star::star::star::star:

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Great price

After using a basic cell phone for over a decade, I was totally surprised at the powerful features and usability of this affordable android cell phone. After reading the owners manual and using most of the functions over a weeks time, it became very easy and practical to use a number of the provided apps and widgets on the cell phone. I have added 8 more apps from the Google store, and all programs have function properly once installed, along with a SD Micro card. My area in which I reside is notorious for having very poor and at times non-existent service coverage, due the mountainous terrain. However this Samsung cell phone connected every time I have had the need to use it, while family and friends cell phones would not be able to linkup with the local cell service as we stood side by side. Using the wifi wireless feature is great to use when a hotspot is located for viewing information and the Bluetooth connection is wonderful to use for hand free conversation. I would not hesitate on recommending or making an additional purchase for a family member. This Samsung Android cell phone may not have the latest and advance electronic hardware on the market, but it will service you good and is affordable. - Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Centura Android Prepaid Phone (TracFone)


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