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  • A vibrant 10.1" high-resolution screen makes everything come to life.
  • Keep powered up and on the go with a long-lasting battery1 and a speedy
  • A microSD card2 expands your memory from 16GB up to an additional
  • Send videos and photos from your Galaxy Tab A 10.1" screen to your
    Samsung Smart TV.4
  • Easily transfer content to your new Samsung Galaxy device.5
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Amazon Review by Louis :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Superb Hardware - marred by the software.

Hardware wise, this tablet is unmatched as far as I know for this price point. The closest contender is the iPad Air 2, or perhaps even the Nvidia shield - both of which pale in comparison to the productivity and ease of use of the S Pen. The iPad Air may be lighter, and it may have a better screen, but it is outmatched in terms of processing power, price and ease of use (S Pen). The Shield is mostly intended for gaming - perhaps not the best choice for someone looking for a productivity and light-graphics tablet.

I wish I could give this tablet a 5. Despite its overall excellent design, screen (which is crisp, bright and colorful), and battery life (I nearly got 3 days out of it before having to recharge), the sheer amount of bloatware is an incredible irritant. Microsoft Office I can understand - Samsung Kids I can tolerate. But Samsung’s inclusion of over 6 GB of bloatware (mostly in the form of Texture, CNN for Samsung, a plethora of microsoft and google apps) is intolerable. And to make it worse, it is all 100% uninstallable. Expect 9 GB of usable storage out of the box ( and that may be generous, considering caching will slowly eat up the rest of the room).

Samsung made, in my eyes, a good choice in dodging the ‘adoptable storage bullet’- what appears as an appealing option to overcome the low internal storage is really just a major hit to performance. Their resistance to allowing users to uninstall the bloatware, however, has been somewhat of a nuisance.

Do not get me wrong - the pros of this gorgeous product outweigh the cons by a landslide. I don’t think I could even recommend another tablet for this price point without misleading you. Ideally, wait until the root patch comes out, and then remove the irremovable bloatware - and pick up a launcher from the Play Store while you’re at it, because Samsung’s default is, much like the bloatware, made with good intentions but somehow incredibly annoying.

Samsung Notes plays wonderfully with the S Pen, and the inclusion of Office has been very useful - the rest of the software, however, can go. - Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-T580NZKAXAR


Walmart Review by laurabun :star::star::star::star::star:

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I 'bought' a tablet from my BIL that seemed to be a good idea at the time. Boy, do I wish I hadn't!! Talk about slow, prone to lockups, poor storage even when it said there was a lot left. So, my dear hubby told me to pick out another. After three days of searching, reading reviews and debating with myself, I picked out this Samsung Galaxy A. Love at first touch!! I was mainly wanting a tablet dedicated to recipes that didn't take up much room in the kitchen while I cook/bake/clean up my messes. Even tho this tablet is almost three inches bigger than the cra#py one, it suits my purpose and area both. It's only 16gb but holds much more than I'll probably ever use. And fast?! It flips pages and apps better that any of my other electronics (and I've got a few!!). So, if you're wanting a tablet for just about any purpose, I recommend this Galaxy A. Samsung makes great products and this tablet is one of them. - Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-T580NZKAXAR


Maybe this video can help

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016 Review


Best Buy Review by DonPhoenix :star::star::star::star::star:

Exceeds Expectations

I was initially disappointed and hesitated to purchase the 2016 model of this tablet because I was hoping for the same or better screen resolution and quality, same or better processor, and as much internal memory as either of the 2015 S2 models. Some of the tech reviews were critical for this reason. But I wanted the same screen dimensions as my S7 cell phone, but with a bigger screen in a wi-fi device, so that I can get the most viewing ease out of android applications and videos that have a fixed dimension for use on cell phones (e.g. Periscope) without the wasted screen space as black bars. The S2's vertical orientation, as compared to the horizontal orientation of older tablet models, also doesn't make as much sense to me.

I carefully compared applications and images on this model with the identical same on the S2 side-by-side in the store. There was no perceptible difference in performance despite the differences in processors. If anything, pictures seemed to load faster on the Tab “A,” Both have the latest Android OS. The “A” had a brighter screen and the S2 model had slightly more rich color saturation and crispness. Emphasis on the word “slightly.” I could not detect the very slight difference in screen resolution on identical sample pictures. When I got it home and loaded all of my own apps, I was totally impressed with the excellent screen resolution, color and richness of detail in the display of my videos and pictures. I was also initially concerned about the limited 16GB internal memory, as the OS and apps left just 7 GB of space for data. However fast micro SD cards are so much less expensive now that it’s easy and typically more cost-effective to use them than to buy a device with more internal memory. You can add up to a whopping 200 GB of additional storage in a micro SD card (works great in my cell phone) - making this a non-issue for me.

Samsung’s S2 tablet has one of the best screens that you can buy and the Tab “A” display also seems much better than most of the competition to me. While this newer item is not discounted like some of the older and more expensive S2 models (newer S2s available later in the summer will not have the same discount), given the display dimensions I wanted and the almost imperceptible difference in performance, it seemed to be a much better value at this time to me. - Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-T580NZKAXAR