Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 10.1"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-P580NZKAXAR Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐:halfstar:



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  • The S Pen allows you to take notes, draw on photos, create custom animated GIFs and more.
  • Watch everything come to life on the stunning 10.1" Full HD display.
  • An Octa-core processor powered by a long-lasting battery with up to 14 hours of web browsing.1
  • Expand your tablet’s memory up to an additional 256GB with a microSDTM card (sold separately).
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Amazon Review by Matt West :star::star::star::star::star:

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Great tablet, be sure to get an SD card.

Excellent tablet. The screen is huge, the battery life is amazing I use it a couple of hours a day and only need to charge about once per week so far, could go even longer.

I use the tablet for drawing, Kindle, email and a few games. It handles all of these without trouble. Games I’ve tried include Dragon’s Lair, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, and Hearthstone, as well as Monkey Junior and other kid’s educational games.

As a Kindle device, I love the larger screen. I have 20/20 vision, but as I’ve gone into my forties I find reading slightly larger print to be a better experience. The screen real-estate on this tablet means I can kick the text size up a notch and still have plenty to read on each page.

I also have a few large PDF documents, and with Adobe Reader (a free app) I was able to set them up to page through with a tap at the edge of the screen, just like a Kindle book. These documents are very image heavy, but the reading experience is still very smooth and fast. I was surprised by how nice it was. This tablet has some serious muscle.

One thing I was surprised by is how fast this thing downloads apps. Apps that will take a few minutes on my HTC M8 take less than one minute on this tablet. I assume this from better use of wireless AC, but the experience is great.

Since I do have the Android phone I mention above, all my apps from that phone auto-installed on the tablet as soon as I connected my Google account. That was very convenient.

One thing I would recommend is to pick up a 64GB SD card (or larger) for this tablet. Moving apps over to this card is very easy and fast, and if you store a lot of big files like movies or comic books or lots of pictures, then internal storage isn’t going to cut it.

Another recommended accessory would be a decent set of bluetooth headphones.

If you’re looking for a good 10.1" tablet though, go ahead and stop looking, this is a great device.

Enjoy! - Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 10.1"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-P580NZKAXAR


Walmart Review by John :star::star::star::star::star:

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I had a note 4 before and thought it was great but this is even better. So glad I got it - Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 10.1"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-P580NZKAXAR


check out this youtube video

Samsung Tab A 10.1 Inch 16GB Tablet - Black Android 6.0 Marshmallow 2GB Review


Best Buy Review by RonD :star::star::star::star::star:

A Spiritual Charge for My Mom

I purchased two Galaxy Tablets, one for me and one for my 92-year old Mom. She lives in Florida. I live in Pennsylvania. I bought the one for myself so that I could help her through any problems she experienced, and do so over the phone. I gave her a tablet 5 years ago, but it went bad 6 months ago. No email, no Skype, no traveling to exotic places via browsing through the Internet. She was a a bit down in the dumps.

So I gave her the Galaxy Tab A (w/S Pen) as an early Christmas present a couple of weeks ago. And I was amazed at her response, her ability to pick up on the new Android features, and how easily she navigated through the various pages, setting up her bookmarks, downloading her favorite games through the Play Store, and dictating her email messages to her friends. When I showed her how to dictate her messages in french to her Canadian friends, she was even more amazed! She easily mastered taking still and video pictures. She even figured out how to take pictures at night time and crop them into wallpaper shots. She also figured out how to download and play some of her favorite music and old time radio programs on the extra memory added to the tablet.

So, how do I feel about the Galaxy? It has become my mom’s new companion. And, giving her a much appreciated boost to her spirits!

Well done, Samsung!

Rd - Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 10.1"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-P580NZKAXAR