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  • The Samsung Gear S3 has an always-on watch face and distinctive steel bezel that you can rotate to access apps and notifications.
  • Text, call and get notifications directly from your watch through your Bluetooth connected smartwatch.
  • Make payments with Samsung Pay almost anywhere you swipe or tap a credit card
  • Connectivity Type:Bluetooth-only
  • The built-in GPS keeps track of your activity and makes it easy to share your location
  • With military-grade performance, the Gear S3 resists water, dust, extreme temperatures and the occasional drop
  • Compatible with select Bluetooth capable smartphones using Android OS 4.4 and later with at least 1.5GB RAM as well as iPhone 5 and later with iOS 9.0 and above
  • Not all features available with iOS paired smartphones. Gear S3 supported smartphones may vary by carrier and device. For a list of compatible smartphones and features, please visit samsung. For best results, connect with compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones
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Amazon Review by Rommel :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Great watch that could become awesome.

I've had my GS3 Frontier watch for 3 days, so I am ready to update some of my initial observations. Unlike a review that I read recently, I wasn't expecting the unboxing to be an experience unto itself; needless to say, the Frontier isn't a Rolex. These were the positives that I found:
  1. Just as with the Gear S2, setup was a breeze. The Samsung Gear app in my Galaxy Note 5 picked up the S3 immediately and went through setting it up effortlessly. It was nice to see that I can toggle between my S2 and S3 settings by simply selecting the watch model from the dropdown in the top left corner of the app.
  2. Even though the watch is fairly big at 46mm – larger than my 42mm Movado Series 800 – it didn’t look large on my wrist. Maybe I was just prepared for the size, but the features on the watch like the rotating bezel, buttons, and screen are well balanced. Maybe the dark color helps but it didn’t look or feel big on my slender wrist. By the way, that rotating bezel is awesome. I bet Apple wishes they had thought different!
  3. The watch faces that came with it were pretty nice compared to the funky ones that the S2 had. I felt less of a compulsion to buy replacement ones, although if you pay a few bucks, there are a few good ones out there that are more functional than the stock watch faces.
  4. The speaker on the watch rocks! I left it at the default loudness setting of 4 and I can hear calls perfectly. The maximum call volume is 6. I had my lady call me from the phone. She is very soft-spoken and I could hear her perfectly. You don’t need to bring the watch close to your mouth to be heard clearly. For all other sounds, which are Ringtone, Media, Notifications and System, I left them set to 7. Maximum volume for those is 15. Again, the speaker is pretty loud for such a small device.
  5. Answering or rejecting calls using voice works very well. I travel often to California, where stricter cell phone laws go into effect in January 2017. I’ll be glad to have this baby on my wrist so that I can avoid tickets with my Inspector Gadget gear!
  6. I haven’t had a chance to test the altimeter, but the speedometer and GPS work very well. I tested them with the free Speedometer app and the speed matched that on my car dashboard. I love hiking, so it’ll be interesting to see how well the technology works and whether an app ecosystem can grow out of those features.
  7. The screen looks really clear and bright. I have brightness set to 6 and the screen is perfectly readable indoors and in direct sunlight.
  8. I also tried the Sleep As Android app to test the S3’s biometric sensors. Except for a short period when my phone couldn’t get data, the app was able to collect sleep-related data the whole night. I don’t think that I will track my sleep with the watch every night because of its size, although I bought a replacement strap for it that is very supple and sleeping with it wasn’t too uncomfortable.
  9. The S3 can let you control your favorite music app on your phone (music is routed through your phone speakers) or you can listen to tracks that are on the watch itself (music is routed through the watch speakers or through attached bluetooth headphones). Check out Spotify. The S3 now has a native Spotify app that frees you from having to interact with your phone. If you setup WiFi access and log into Spotify Premium from your watch, you can stream music directly to it without having your phone with you or powered on. This feature shows how the S3 is increasingly becoming a dependable device in its own right.

Now onto the reasons why I gave it 4 stars:

a) Maybe it’s the size of the rotating bezel in this larger watch face, but it feels loose. There is a slight wobble on the S2, but if you tap the rotating bezel on the S3, you can actually hear it sound as if it is loose. Maybe they can make it a bit tighter in the next model.
b) The S Voice assistant is very rudimentary. In the age of Siri, Alexa and even Cortana, Samsung needs to catch up quickly with integrating AI into such an otherwise feature-packed watch! What’s the point of cramming in so much processing power if one is left with only a glorified phone dialer? SVoice needs to get smart.

A few things that improved my experience with the S3:

  • I got a comfortable watch strap that is perforated for breathability. The watch is pretty large, so I tried to make wearing it as comfortable as possible. A comfortable strap made from stretchy material also helps the watch hug your wrist if you are sleeping with it without being uncomfortable. Biometric sensors on the watch work best if they are closest to your skin.
  • Speaking of biometrics, give the Sleep As Android app a try if you are concerned about the quality of sleep. It collects a fair amount of data, but to me the most important one was the “deep sleep” periods.
  • Spotify for S3 frees you up from using your phone, but you do have to log onto an available WiFi and also have the Spotify Premium to make your S3 fully independent.

Notice that I didn’t complain about the absence of good apps. That’s because a great app marketplace doesn’t happen overnight. Apple has dominated that space, but the Samsung Gear S3 has plenty of features that can be used creatively. Spotify is an example of native apps that can become big hits. I have even heard that the video chip on it can drive a 720p display! Imagine being able to screencast pictures or even video from a watch some day!! (The S3, by the way, only allows you to synchronize pictures and songs at this time; not video.)

If I find more cool things to do with it, I will come back and provide an update. I hope you found this information useful. - Customer Reviews: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


Best Buy Review by Mattalt55 :star::star::star::star::star:

Samsung Gear S3 is a lot smarter than a smartwatch

Smartwatches, particularly those with good health and fitness underpinnings, are still a niche, but growing market. Samsung may well have made its new Gear S3 the best, certainly the most comprehensive, smartwatch with fitness benefits so far. There is an old saying about everything but the kitchen sink. In designing this, I am sure that if Samsung could have, it would have included that and an emergency shot of coffee as well. This smartwatch has it all.

It has: Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and headphones/buds; Wi-Fi to work stand-alone from your phone; a speaker and microphone to make and take calls, access OK Google and play music; continuous heart rate monitor; GPS; it is mill-spec, IP68 dunk-able; has great battery life and wireless fast charge; a fabulous always on AMOLED screen; uses standard 22mm wristbands; and that rotating bezel beats using a crown hands down. Dare I say it an Apple Watch killer par excellence.

I have been using the Gear S3, Frontier version for only a couple weeks now and apart from a brief recharge it has not left my wrist. Before that, I was using the excellent Samsung Gear Fit 2 that does a lot of what the Gear S3 does, but the latter is more fully featured.

Let me start by saying that I have its predecessor the Gear S2 and I call it a sensible smartwatch. It was more of an extension of a smartphone whereas the S3 can be more a standalone device. And the S3 has improved on every aspect of the S2.

It comes in a nice, elegant round, black, cylinder that will delight when found under the Xmas tree. The box contains the watch; a magnetic charger (small L-shaped that sits nicely on a bedside table); a micro-USB, 5V/750mA charger; a small-sized silicon 22mm, spring pin style, strap (only the side with holes not the buckle side); and a brief manual.

Set-up is very easy download Samsung Gear Manager for Android (almost any recent Android phone), pair up, S Health and sign up. By the way, Samsung is very close to the final version of Gear Manager for iOS too according to Softpedia.

You can download hundreds of analog or digital or themed watch faces many are free.


1.3 (33mm) 360 x 360, AMOLED, Always on Display (50% grey scale - can be turned off)
768MB RAM and 4GB storage (about half available for music)
Bluetooth 4.2m NFC, Wi-Fi N, GPS
Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer, Continuous Heart Rate Monitor, Ambient Light
380 mAh battery two to three days typical use and about 30-minute charge at 1A. Wireless dock provided, and it doubles as a night clock stand.
IP68 - water resistant to a maximum depth of 1.5m for up to 30 minutes, and are protected from dust, dirt and sand
MIL-STD-810G, Gorilla Glass SR+ (1.5m drop)
Microphone, speaker, linear haptic motor
Controlled via Touch, rotating bezel and two push buttons


I was love the 33mm round watch face had much usability with small fingers, but see no issues if you have meaty fingers. It is surprisingly useful, and the ability to choose a large display font makes it easy if you are long-sighted.

The rotating bezel is the most intuitive interface I have used and I have used many. Simply Rotate the bezel clockwise or anti-clockwise to see different screens or press the settings button and rotate through installed apps.

The phone function was remarkably clear accept an incoming call via the screen (it has caller ID), you will hear adequate volume at 30cm away, and callers commented the microphone is very clear. In fact, I found myself wearing the watch around the home and leaving the smartphone on the wireless charger.

The S Voice function has improved, is remarkably accurate and it is useful for setting reminders, voice recording, and initiating calls. Just set your secret activation words no OK Google here and you are away.

The security and emergency features work amazing. The SOS function is handy too nominate your contact, and if you press the home key three times it will contact them. Find my Gear also works excellent. When you take the watch off your wrist it will lock, and can only be unlocked when you enter a pin.

And that is where Wi-Fi comes in. Whatever Wi-Fi networks you have accessed with your smartphone are automatically available to the watch. If your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi at home and say your watch is connected at work, you will receive calls and notifications on the watch. It works after extensive testing at local businesses I can say I did not need to take my phone for a walk every morning.

The App

The other part of the equation is the health app. Samsungs S Health app has improved enormously over the last two years. It is up to version 5.3.1.X and when I last tested the S2 it was version 2.x the improvements are palpable, and it is ready for mainstream use with features being added regularly.

Personally, I still think the programmers have a little too much to do with its look there is lots of gamification, certificates, social media and friends challenges. Good for some and thankfully fully customisable so you can turn it off!

Sleep tracking is automatic and reasonably accurate in showing start and stop times. It is now more useful in that it clearly graphically and textually shows light, deep (motionless) and restless times, gives you an efficiency rating and allows you to comment on the sleep quality.

Walking is also automatically tracked and gives steps (pedometer), estimated distance, pace, and timelines. It is reasonably accurate compared to the GPS you can adjust step length to get it much closer. I found the HERE app most useful, and it even displayed a tiny map on the screen.

Heart rate is a continuous monitor type. It gives the range over time intervals. My only gripe is that it does not overlay heart rate on other activities like walking or sleep take note programmers because it would be easy to do.

GPS functions are attached to running, cycling, hiking, skiing, backpacking, canoeing, circuit training, and much more. Again, the programmers have been busy, and it has more than 120 sports that you can track, and many are auto-detected. You can set up exercise guides and programs as well marathon training etc.

The social aspect allows you to nominate friends and create challenges as well as gain valuable comparative information about where you relate to others at your life stage.

There is also a range of about 70 partner apps that will share S Health and Gear data these cover fitness, nutrition, rest, health care and more.

My only gripe, take note programmers, is that it does not have a standard Web interface so I can check in from a computer browser it is all on the phone.

Other apps and watch faces

Gear now has over 10,000 apps and custom watch dials. I installed a stopwatch, timer, and Samsung Pay. Things like Uber, Spotify, Here, Nike+ Running, GolfNavi, and more are either there or coming. It will even play games and link to Nest and control Philips Hue lights.

It supports connected services, data sharing, and exports data in .GPX format.

But the screen, no matter how good, simply does not lend itself to complex apps and that is where notifications come in most apps can send notifications to the S3.

Samsung Pay

It supports both NFC and MST contactless payments with and without your phone.


Pairing a set of Bluetooth headphones was easy be they Samsungs ICON-X right up to Sennheiser, Parrot, Bose and more headphones and speakers. Usable memory is 1.64GB. I uploaded over 300 songs and had space left. It will display metadata (performer, photo, title, etc.) if known.


I think the Gear S3 crosses over the boundaries between a fitness band and a smartwatch adding considerable value to each category. It is fashionable yet highly functional.

I find it a tad large in the best way possible 46mm diameter but it fits well on a male wrist. Comments from others say it is fine. I suspect that women will find it too large but that is a matter of personal taste. Of the 50 or so people, I have shown it to, about 75% expressed interest in purchasing one, and about 90% loved the Frontier style over the Classic.

I liked the Gear S2 but at that time the S Health App was not up to Microsoft Health or Apple Health it has now exceeded the functionality offered by both though it has been designed by a programmer!

Killer features the rotating bezel is easy to use, Wi-Fi is an added bonus for untethered use, and the app ecosystem is comprehensive.

At $349 ($249 on sale) it is arguably the best smartwatch to date, and certainly, eclipses the Apple Watch this is as good as it gets until the S4. - Customer Reviews: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


thank you :+1:

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Unboxing and First Impressions


Walmart Review by BoobabyMom :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Not Just for Guys!

I have recently had the pleasure to test drive the new Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. This review is being done by someone who has never owned a smartwatch, so I may not get into a lot of the internals as I think at least some of us who buy this are just going to buy it because its really cool and not because we have any understanding as to whats under the hood. First off the packaging is very nice as you would expect from any high end device you may purchase. The bottom half even becomes a charging base stand if you have a lot of room where you want to charge your S3. The Gear S3 comes with a charging base, cable and block to plug it all in. It also comes with two different sized bands. The Large comes pre-installed and there is also a Small provided. The bands are very easy to change thanks to the Quick Release. This is a little nub that is in a recess of the band and you just push it over with a fingernail. I have pretty small wrists and am female. My wrists measure 6.5 inches. While large, the Gear S3 does not actually seem as big once you are wearing it. I do highly recommend buying a new band. For my wrist size I found the one provided to be too stiff and made the S3 a lot more uncomfortable than it is now. The provided band is Silicone and is easy to clean, but I found the black metal mesh one I bought to fit me better. Thanks to the Gear S3s water rating you are supposed to be able to really put this sucker to the test! White water rafting anyone? I have yet to try any water tests but I would be willing to wear the Gear S3 to the beach! The Samsung Gear S3 is rated to 5 feet of water for 30 minutes so I guess Swimming is out but you could leave it on in the shower? Just make sure the band and your wrist is dried off after because you can cause some real funk to your wrist if water is trapped under the band! Washing the S3 is simple with a little water and some non sudsing soap. Guys, you are going to have to make a trip down the facial cleansing isle. Or you could just buy it online, I bought Auquaphor. I also use it on the families fitbits and other household watches. The first thing I noticed about the Samsung Gear S3, the screen is amazing! Viewing photos, playing games, and. WATCH FACES!! There are hundreds of free watch faces to choose from! I absolutely love the live saltwater aquarium! I shut off the Always On watch face to save battery. I also disabled Quick View this turns on the screen when you lift your arm or turn your wrist as if you want to check the time. All I have to do is tap a button or turn the bezel and I can see my fishes swim! Oh and I guess see the time, date, day of the week, BPM and steps. You did read right earlier, I did say GAMES! So far I have only played fruit ninja but wow, not having to take out my phone like everyone else at the doctors office made me feel special! I have no other way to measure my heart rate but the average that the Gear S3 seems to record sounds about right from what I know of myself. I used to have a fitbit HR and it seems on track with that. If you are really concerned with tracking accurate heart rate though you should buy one that has a strap. I do currently own other Fitbits and there really seems to be a discrepancy between their data and what the Gear S3 records. The Gear 3 recording about 500 less steps a day. The floor counting is kind of a joke and takes forever to sync. I had climbed 6 flights of stairs and sat down for at least 5 minutes before my watch buzzed and congratulated me on climbing one flight. Then the Gear S3 only recorded me doing 2 flights of stairs. So if you are looking for a device to accurately track your fitness this is not for you. It will keep you motivated by constantly telling you you have been sitting too long though! I watched a movie at the theater with my son yesterday, our theater has an app that rewards you and silences your phone during the movie. My Gear S3 however did not get this memo because towards the end of the movie it buzzed, lit up and told me I had been sitting too long! Yikes! I downloaded the theater widget for future use! The widgets are quite useful. I have Weather, Calculator, Samsung Pay. I can even turn the screen into a flashlight! Samsung Pay works independent of your phone, I believe this is because you do not have to have a Samsung phone to use the Samsung Gear S3. You can even use an Apple phone! This means even if you have Samsung pay on your phone you are going to have to re-add all of your cards to the watch. Once you do this it will add a pin you pick out to lock your watch anytime it loses contact with your skin! Kinda neat but also a pain especially if you like to wear your watch loose. I did try last night to use Samsung Pay for the first time and got an error. I have never used it before so may have been my fault! I had no idea how long I had to keep my wrist next to the car reader. Answering calls is a breeze! I dont even think my callers know they are talking to me through a watch! You can add individual contacts to the Bezel rotation or grab the multi contact widget so you dont use as many spots. I have my husbands cell separate because he is the one I use most. I wear my watch on my right hand, which makes using Samsung Pay easier, but texting is a lot slower when you are using your off hand! I use the feature where you draw the letter with your finger. It will not correct if you use a mixture of upper and lower case in a word however. So I had to actually think to make SUrE it DIDnT CoMe OUt LiKe ThiS Get to fixing that Samsung! Lol. The Samsung Gear S3 is also capable of tracking your sleep. This worked pretty good when I took a nap on the couch but sleeping at night is a whole other thing! I really dont know how well it would track actual sleep, I have to take it off. Even with the always display off, and quick view off, the screen lights up all the time! Every time you move and accidentally touch the bezel you will be bombarded with light! This may not happen with some of the darker watch faces but with my aquarium it is quite distracting at night and will wake you up. I would love a night lock, but until then I use night to just set the Gear S3 on the charger, which is not necessary because after a day of use the Samsung Gear S3 is still at 80% Battery! Overall I am extremely pleased with the Samsung Gear S3 and I am sure there are many things I have yet to discover! I would also be interested in trying to make my own watch face someday to share with others! - Customer Reviews: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


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