Samsung HW-J7500R 4.1 Channel 320 Watt Curved Wireless Audio Soundbar (2016 Model) ⭐⭐⭐⭐:halfstar:



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  • Enhance the look and sound of your TV with the sleek curved design that blends seamlessly with your compatible Samsung Curved TV.
  • Expand your surround system by adding the wireless Radiant360 speakers to immerserse yourself in our richest, fullest home audio experience.
  • 320 Watts of power and a separate wireless subwoofer lets you experience the full optimized power and depth of your favorite movies and TV shows.
  • Enjoy incredible dialogue clarity with 8 speakers - as well as expanded depth and fullness that brings the action of your favorite movies, sports, and TV to life.
  • Side Firing speakers add a new dimension to your audio experience, filling the whole room with rich, immersive sound.
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Amazon Review by Robert Hickman :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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This is a great product. Easy setup

This is a great product. Easy setup! I also purchased the Samsung Radiant360 R1 for the rears and the system works and sounds awesome! The only flaw that I have found with any of these wireless soundbars and speakers is if there is an event ie...router issue or power failure less than 5 minutes, the devices might loose their connections. Through trial an error I have found a fix that has been 100% reliable. Remove power from all associated devices by either unplugging or turning off the breaker for 15 minutes. Sometimes they simply start working as the previous setup or you have the ability to setup like when new but it works everytime this occurs. - Customer Reviews: Samsung HW-J7500R 4.1 Channel 320 Watt Curved Wireless Audio Soundbar (2016 Model)


Best Buy Review by LetterKenny :star::star::star::star::star:

Great upgrade from an older model.

We recently upgraded to a 4K TV, and upgraded our sound bar as well. We decided to get a matching curved bar to compliment the curve of the TV, and it looks great, sounds amazing. Super simple setup, and within ten minutes we had great sound to go with our stunning picture. The included wireless subwoofer stashed quite well behind our couch, and doesn't over power the speakers as it sits closer to us than the sound bar. Unit came with an included wall mount which we decided against, however it is a sturdy bracket that I would have no problem using in the future if I decided to wall mount. I am currently wired to my TVs input box via optical cable however both the TV and soundbar have an option for wireless connection keeping cables to a minimum. I may also in the future try some wireless rear speakers, however I am less an audiophile as I used to be and may just stay with the soundbar. Having the option however is super cool, just one more handy feature that is included. - Customer Reviews: Samsung HW-J7500R 4.1 Channel 320 Watt Curved Wireless Audio Soundbar (2016 Model)


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Samsung HW-J7501 Curved 8.1 Channel Soundbar | Review & Demo


Walmart Review by Beesknees88 :star::star::star::star::star:

Great Sound!

This sound bar has great sound. It can fill the room with sound, gets you into the experience of whatever you may be watching. The sound bar was very easy to hook up to the telly, and it was just plug in the sound bar and connect the cord to the tv. Super easy super simple. Even with connecting with Bluetooth, like to my phone, very simple popped right up, no problems. Although I am working with a Samsung phone too, so that may help, everything seems to work seamlessly. I have no problems with it. I aslo like that I cant control the sound from the soundbar with my tv's remote. I didnt even need to set it, it just happened - Customer Reviews: Samsung HW-J7500R 4.1 Channel 320 Watt Curved Wireless Audio Soundbar (2016 Model)


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