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  • PLS Technology
  • 178-degree wide viewing angle
  • Glossy black finish with soft blue neck and bezel
  • Game Mode for optimized gaming performance
  • Mega DCR and Magic Upscale for brilliant picture
  • Breakthrough picture quality with Magic Upscale Technology
  • Glossy black design with ToC
  • Watch full HD Video with HDMI
  • Audio Out
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Amazon Review by Alastair G. Stell :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Amazing monitor on the worst stand imaginable

This is a PDS monitor which is basically Samsungs answer to IPS. Subjectively it is as good as my Dell U2410 IPS monitors. While the frame and base are a glossy plastic the screen itself is matt. For me this is ideal. Color is excellent although light intensity isn't as even as the Dell with the right hand edge marginally more subdued than it should be. It is still head-and-shoulders better than any TN display and ideal for extended time in front of the monitor. Viewing angle is excellent - especially the up-down view angle which is where TN displays fail so badly. I would actually rate it more highly than my Dell IPS monitors in this regard.

There were zero dead pixels on the monitor I received.

The only interface (of any importance) is the single hdmi input. It does have an SVGA input but why? I haven’t used SVGA in at least 10 years! OF course the monitor comes with an SVGA cable but (you guessed it) no hdmi cable! Power is provided by a very small external brick that delivers 12V to the montior. In normal use the power block remains cool. I haven’t tried serious gaming on this monitor.

So what is the downside? The base - it truly wobbles like a jelly on springs! The problem is the translucent pylon that connects the base to the back of the monitor. It is far from rigid and the junction between the pylon and the monitor is particularly inadequate. I immediately epoxy’ed this junction which helped somewhat. Honestly, I have no idea how this design defect escaped Samsung’s attention! Very poor indeed.

The monitor has a tilt function only - no rotate capabilities whatsoever. It is also completely non-standard (non-vesa).

Overall then the picture quality is superb, viewing angle is on a par with IPS and PVA monitors, so for this reason I recommend the monitor. However the base is truly the Achilles heel of this model. I paid considerably less than the Amazon price and I’m sure that’s because people have complained about the horrid base. - Customer Reviews: Samsung S24D390HL 23.6-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor


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