Samsung UN55KU6290 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model) ⭐⭐⭐⭐:halfstar:



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  • Motion Rate: 120
  • Backlight: LED
  • Smart Functionality: Yes- built in Wi-fi
  • Screen Size (Diag.): 54.6"
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI, 2 USB
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Amazon Review by Flea on a Drum :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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Horrible Experience

After moving to another state, I broke from my usual purchase of Sony Bravia to buy the highly acclaimed Samsung. Best Buy brought it over and set it up on June 7, 2016. Soon I realized a problem: momentary and annoying audio and video degradation. I called Best Buy and they told me it was likely a problem with my HDMI cable, so I replaced that, but it made no difference. Then they said it was likely a problem with my cable/internet service. I called and scheduled to have the cable people evaluate my cable/internet. This did not solve the problem and the provider suggested a follow-up visit. This led to yet another visit, where a supervising technician informed me that he himself had purchased the exact same Samsung at Best Buy and that it exhibited the same symptoms. My cable wiring was replaced and did not solve the problem. I was told that the problem was with the TV. Called Best Buy and was told that the unit could not be returned because now the return window had passed; I would have to deal with Samsung. Called Samsung and after emailing my receipt and establishing a case file, and a girl spent considerable time having me unplug & plug various devices. Then she had me perform a reset and some other procedures. None of this did anything. Eventually, a technician came and replaced the main board and the speakers. This solved the initial problem, but I then could not connect to the internet or my apps (Netflix, Amazon, etc.). I was told to call Samsung again and, after the obligatory reset and unplugging ritual, was told by them to contact my internet provider to get my IP address. The provider spent a lot of time digging to find what turned out to be four different IP addresses: an "MTA" address, a "CPE" address, a "CM" address and some other one. I called Samsung and after a long hold, got someone to report this information to. It didn't work and I was then informed that I also needed a "Gateway address". So, I called the cable company yet again and after a lengthy search (and a reminder that they are not a TV repair facility), they provided me with my Gateway address, which I then reported to Samsung Service but it, too failed to solve the problem. They said they would schedule another service visit and two weeks later another main board was installed. Although I could now get internet and apps, I now could not get USB media to play, so I could not show my vacation pictures, etc. The repairman said he could do nothing until I had my cable provider come out again. The cable company sent someone out, but they failed to see why they were summoned---there wasn't anything wrong. I told them that the repairman had said that he wouldn't come back to fix the TV until after I called them out again and he had refused to simply call them to verify what I had said about their various visits. The cable company was not pleased that I was making them come out for no reason and I empathized. I then was contacted by the local repair scheduling rep. at CES in Bradenton, FL and they told me that This is a problem with your cable provider; we get this all the time., even though I tried to explain to her that I HAD internet access and apps on this set all along---until the technician replaced the main board---the board was the problem, not my cable service. Sirrrrr, Im not going to argue with you, she defiantly declared. I told her it was not argument; it was just a fact that she could easily check by speaking with the repairman she had sent. This angered her. I called the repairman and was told to contact Samsung, who reengaged me with the unplugging/plugging ritual once more. Then the woman said that they would agree to my request that they replace or provide a refund, provided I give them just one more chance to repair the unit. I agreed, provided it would be done quickly. This was agreed to, however Samsung relayed my complaint about the local CES repair person who I'd mentioned had been so rude to me. This apparently angered CES and they then claimed that their technicians were unavailable indefinitely---they had suddenly been called for jury duty. Oddly, when I then called the technician on his work number, he answered and acted as if he was indeed still working for this CES company. When I told him who I was, he immediately stated that he was busy because of jury duty and had no idea when I would be helped. He also said he had no idea how to get my media to work, and that I must now deal with Samsung. I called Samsung many times and told them that they should issue a refund, due to the fact that they failed to honor their side of our agreement. Seven times I was put on hold---one time for two and a half hours---before being promised that I would actually be put in touch with someone. But, as expected, I was routed to a prompt where I was asked to leave my number and wait for them to call me back. They did not do so. I had been repeatedly told that people would call me back and no one did until yesterday when, after the obligatory discussion with a front line "get them to give up and leave us alone" person, I was put on hold yet again. It was my land line and I let it hold while I was doing work on my house. After a long time I happened by the phone and noticed that the spacey "on hold" music was no longer playing and that there was actually a person on the line. They had me explain everything (now for the umpteenth time) and promised to evaluate my situation and get back to me with a proposed solution. It has been nearly 4 months and I still have a $830.00. TV that doesnt work. Will report back if I ever do actually receive a reply from Samsung about this... - Customer Reviews: Samsung UN55KU6290 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)


Best Buy Review by BigDS :star::star::star::star::star:

Great value!

I had been keeping an eye out for a good sale on a decent 4k TV for a few months. I need the 4k display primarily so I can monitor 4k content when I'm editing. But I also wanted smart TV features so I could enjoy streaming content in my office without needing a cable connection/box.

Originally I bought a 40" LG unit that I bought spur of the moment. It didn’t compare at all with the 4k images I’ve seen on the pro-level 4k monitors at work. It ends up that the entry level LG units utilize a RGBW pixel structure (red-green-blue-white). That’s why the image didn’t look sharp enough but it was fairly bright. Every 4th pixel is simply making the image brighter but adds no image detail. I also realized that 40" wasn’t sufficient for my needs.

The KU6300 series (KU6290) Samsung’s reviewed well and looked great when I checked them out in person. They still aren’t at the pro level, and they aren’t that bright, but they are amazing for the money. The higher-end models seemed identical to pro-level monitors, and they are bright enough to really give you true HDR performance. But they are much more money and I won’t spend that much on technology that’s changing so fast.

The KU6300 is the right TV right now for very little money if you get a sale. It has a wide viewing angle. The smart features work better than any TV I’ve used. I love how fast the TV turns on and that it brings you back to where you were last viewing (even if you were using an app). The sound is good for built-in speakers. Using the right settings, you can send a 12-bit signal from a PC video card, but the TV’s panel is only 10-bit. So the resulting image does have some noticeable banding in color gradients. But most people won’t notice this.

I can’t comment on all the gimmicky features like “smooth motion” and other things that generally make the image worse, not better. The first thing I do when I get a new TV is to turn all that stuff off and look up some ideal image settings on the interwebs. I also calibrate the monitor for use with my PC, so that the image is accurate for post-production work.

The biggest difference between the 6300 and the 6290 is that the 6290 has a stripped down remote that uses just a few buttons and a directional pad for everything. I have no problem with that for my use. But if it was my main TV, a universal remote would be needed. - Customer Reviews: Samsung UN55KU6290 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)


Check out this youtube video

SAMSUNG UN55KU6290 ( KU6290 ) 4K UHD TV // Specs TV Review


Walmart Review by :star::star::star::star::star:

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Amazing TV

After carefully shopping I came across this tv for $498. I am more than satisfied with my purchase. This tv is ready to go out pf the box. Not many adjustments to the picture are needed. The colors are bright & the 120 mpr makes everything I watch look amazing (I like the "soap opera" everything looks like live tv effect). Sure this tv is more on the "low-end" of things but trust me you will not be disappointed. - Customer Reviews: Samsung UN55KU6290 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)


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