Samsung UN65KU6290 65-Inch 3840 x 2160 4K UHD TV (2016 Model) ⭐⭐⭐⭐:halfstar:



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  • 4K UHD Picture Quality
  • Slim Design
  • Smart View
  • PurColor
  • UHD Upscaling Picture Engine
  • Dimension: 57.6 x 33.2 x 2.5 inch
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Amazon Review by Brian :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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I had a price match for a even better price with local pick up at BB

After looking for a 65" TV for my basement and after having a older Samsung and loving it, I was looking at the 6300 series for a couple hundred dollars more . When this went on sale at BB. I compared the two on Samsung's web site and found out they are the same TV. I had a price match for a even better price with local pick up at BB. The TV lives up to Samsung's name. The 4k is great and the upscale takes my 720p video and makes it look like it was recorded in 4k with the rich color and detail. There were better priced TV 's out there Visio And LG but they did not have the quality that this TV has. - Customer Reviews: Samsung UN65KU6290 65-Inch 3840 x 2160 4K UHD TV (2016 Model)


Best Buy Review by mkmcg :star::star::star::star::star:

At the right price, and excellent 4K TV on budget

I got this for sub $1000. At that price, it's a great 4K TV. The application/menu system is very intuitive, simple, and works well to bring most commonly used functions to quick access. The upscaler is supposed to be very good based on review site input. I found it works well, but low res encoded DVDs and analog TV leaves a lot to be desired. Now that is asking a lot from a upacaler, 480i/p to 2160P. Most DVDs lok ok to good and BluRays and UHD look amaing on this TV via XBox One S playback. Plex runs well. The remote is very simplistic, e.g. no keypad, but it functional if you don't do a lot of manual channel selection. This TV does not have any bluetooth, so no keyboard, speakers, or headphones. You can use a non-bluetooth wirles keyboard with usb dongle, just not bluetooth.TV turns on very fast, but it's probably using more energy to keep that state ready; there eco modes that can be selected. There are only 3 HDMI inputs. For many this is not an issue, but you can run out quickly base on how many devices you have. There is NO headphone jack, which surprised me. There is only optical out, which work with a bluetooth transmitter that can be purchased online that wil take the optical output and convert that to bluetooth for speackers/headphones. The other option is to run HDMI into a receiver then TV, but if you have that equipment, you will probably looking at a more feature rich TV. Besides, there is Component and Composite video through dongles. No one would probably use this, but it does work with the WII in component mode. I did test that and it looks terrible on this TV unfortunately. The TV states HDR support, but there are different types of HDR support; color, brightness, or both. This TV appears to only provide some brightness/contrast part of the HDR concept allowing Samsung to state HDR support. The panel is only 8-bit I think, so it does not support 10-12 bit color support required for the color side of HDR. However, you can get the TV into a mode where devices like the Xbox One S thinks the TV support full HDR. I can only assume that it translates down. Not sure, and I have not noticed a big difference activating this feature on this TV. Contrast may be a little better, and supposedly darker scenes have better differentiation/seperation between total darknes, shaded, and litgher areas. Playing back the TV demos commoonly seen in stores look amazing on this TV. Stand is ok, but nothing to right home about. It does support VESA wall mounting using 400x400 mounts. TV is around 52lbs without stand. It's heavy but not too bad for it's size. I saw reviews that side to side and top to bottom viewing angles can quikcly get washed out beyond 30 degrees. I did notice this for this model in the 55" and 48" versions at a local store; reds became lighter orange and blues became cyan like. Fortunately, the panel in the 65" that I have does not suffer from this at all. 170 degrees experiences very liitle color loss. I believe that different model sizes and possibly panel manufacturer within a single size could have different LCD panel designs which will affect viewing angles. Overall, very happy with this purchase. It exceeded all lmy requirements; which were fairly limited. - Customer Reviews: Samsung UN65KU6290 65-Inch 3840 x 2160 4K UHD TV (2016 Model)


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Walmart Review by Malyshka :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Beautiful colors

I was a little hesitant buying this TV because of it's 60hz refresh rate. I was afraid that I would notice some stuttering, especially during gaming or sports programs. The price was hard to pass up though and as such I decided to give this set a try.

1; Beautiful colors
2: Easy set up
3: Smart TV
4: Affordable
5: Intuitive remote

1: 120hz refresh rate would be preferred, but I did not notice any stuttering during any regular programming (including movies, TV and sports)
2: I wish the remote had some defining colors. It is very small and is easy to get lost

Overall I really love this TV. Well worth the price! - Customer Reviews: Samsung UN65KU6290 65-Inch 3840 x 2160 4K UHD TV (2016 Model)


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