Simple Living Electric Portable Clothing Dryer - Compact Portable Clothes Dryer Rack- Dries Clothes in 30 Minutes. Saves Time, Money & Space. Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐:emptystar:



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  • DRIES CLOTHES IN 30 MINUTES. 0-180-Minute Timer. Safety Shutoff Function. 2 internal racks for Fast, Efficient and Reliable Clothes Drying.
  • CONVENIENT INDOOR PORTABLE CLOTHES DRYER. Dryer rack can be used almost ANYWHERE. Small Spaces, Apartments, Dorm Rooms, Hotels, Gyms, Studios, Offices, RVs, Boats, Houses and MUCH MORE.
  • CLOTHES DRYING RACK CAN DRY EVERYTHING. Ideal for all kinds of garments including DELICATES. Shirts, Dresses, Underwear, Socks, Baby Clothes, Uniforms, Sports Gear, Shoes and Towels.
  • COMPACT ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYER. Mini Drying Rack is extremely compact with 4wheels. Its Lightweight and can be assembled in 10 Minutes. Money & Time saving appliance for everyone.
  • QUIET CLOTHING DRYER. Electric Clothes Hanger Rack is Powerful but QUIET. Dries clothes Quickly and Quietly. Holds up to 15KG of Clothing Per Load.
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Very nice for single person/apartment living

I bought a portable washer about a month ago. I figured I could just hang dry and not need any extra expense. But the A/C works a little too well in my apartment, so clothes would take two sometimes even three days to hang dry and I didn't have any kind of yard to hang dry clothes on outside, plus growing up with a clothes dryer I did miss the softness especially with my towels so I decided to opt in for something to assist.

I knew I wasn’t going to get standard dryer quality drying, but just quicker drying with the clothes at least a little softer.

I got this a couple days ago. So far I’ve tested shirts, shorts, towels, and a blanket in it. Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the drying and how quick it is. Normal cotton t-shirts and shorts dry within 1 hour. Big blanket dry within one and a half hours. Towels dry (with a couple slight damp spots only due to the way i was hanging them) within an hour. I was worried about the venting at the top heating the environment but I haven’t noticed a difference, even in my small studio apartment.

Only real flaw is in the assembly process lol, instructions that come with manual aren’t detailed enough leading me to a lot of stressful trial and error, but once you figure it all out it’s actually quite easy and a nice design.

One thing I’ve noticed is the little rack at the bottom doesn’t hold the heating fan very well, so I may have to get something else to put there.

Overall very happy with my purchase! Hopefully I’m saying the same thing in 1-2 years time.

Note: Does use 1000 watts for possibly hours at a time. Keep in mind if you do have an electric bill to account for (thankfully, I don’t) - Customer Reviews: Simple Living Electric Portable Clothing Dryer - Compact Portable Clothes Dryer Rack- Dries Clothes in 30 Minutes. Saves Time, Money & Space.