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  • Delivers seamless integration with any Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Bluetooth wireless with up to 40 hours of battery life with rechargeable battery
  • Refined memory foam ear pads enable a noise isolating fit.
  • Creates powerful, adjustable bass your can feel.
  • Custom-tuned drivers and memory foam ear pads provide clear sound and cut noise.
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Amazon Review by Doug :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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I spent a lot of money and time figuring out how to find a headphone i love for all types of music

Ok, let's first say while I have a LOT (25+) headphones, I do not have a "neutral" preference for headphones. I spent a lot of money and time figuring out how to find a headphone i love for all types of music. For reference I own: Sennheiser HD598, AKG K550, AKG K701, Sony XB950BT and AP, Sennheiser Momentum, and a ton of various other phones throughout the years... Here is my unbiased breakdown:

Build Quality: This headphone is built well, especially given Skullcandy’s awful history of build quality. It has a metal band, premium pleather memory foam earpads, and a nice pleather feel on the headband. The cans are a solid feeling, heavy but not too heavy set. Score: 8/10

Features: Bluetooth is excellent streaming quality. It gives a feeling of noise cancelling although it’s truly just PASSIVE noise cancelling, which is fine for me. The largest feature for me is probably the 40+ hours of usage i’ve gotten out of these cans. They truly are amazing amounts of battery capacity. The buttons are just normal like any other BT headset - Volume up, Volume down, Play/Pause/Call button. Features are all i’d expect and then some from a BT headset. Score:10/10

Sound Quality: As this is the most subjective, I’m going to give my opinion… my suggestion is to go to your nearest BestBuy and listen to them. I’ve had 5 coworkers listen and they’re absolutely blown away at the bass. This is my favorite part of them. However, even with the bass as the lowest setting, you still find the higher mids quite recessed. Highs are great and hyper-bass is quite fair as well. Overall this is somewhat of a bass-skewed U shape that feels so warm and pleasant to my ears. Definitely not for everyone and DEFINITELY not for producers/mixers/engineers. My subjective sound quality score: 9/10

Price: I got these boys for a lucky $99 during a black friday sale, which is half of the MSRP. I will definitely be keeping them at this price, and i say up to around $150 these are a great deal. The premium feel and LIFETIME WARRANTY is an extremely compelling to any set of cans, on top of the awesome sound they have. Price Score: 10/10

Design: Here’s where i have my greatest complaints… The earpads don’t swivel horizontally (which is annoying but tons of headphones don’t). They also don’t swivel vertically more than about 5 degrees… this means the bottom of the pad clamps your head more than the top if you have a large head like mine. You feel quite a bit of pressure underneath your ear after a bit of time, leading to more clamping fatigue than desired. The bass radiators also are a bit of a pain since if you have anything hit the headphones, or if you tap on it, or if you step too hard, you feel a very low twang in the headphones, even if they’re off. This is almost comical so i’m not terribly weary of it, and to me it’s definitely something i can get over for the positive sound. Score: 7/10

Package Contents: Typical contents and accessories: felt bag (not hard so it offers zero protection) with storage pockets for cords; power/charge Micro USB; aux cord; manual. Score 0/0 (more for information)

Overall: Since I love trying out headphones, this is a pleasant addition to any arsenal of phones. Even if these are your only headphones, you’ll enjoy the “fun” sound of the bass-heavy crushers. If you’re listening to Classical, turn down the bass (and probably miss some of the detail and soundstage compared to an HD598 or the like); if you’re listening to hip-hop, rock, pop, jazz… it’ll be a very hard time not to turn the bass up so high it rattles your teeth. You’ll have a lot of fun with these. Score 8/10 - Customer Reviews: Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone with Mic, Black


Best Buy Review by Andy :star::star::star::star::star:

Best Bluetooth Headphones On the Market For the $$

Battery The battery on this unit is phenomenal, Ive had it for over two weeks and I still havent had to charge it, granted I have been used it in wired form as a mic for my PS4 which doesnt use any battery but either way its still great battery life and is rated at 40 hours per charge.

I feel like this category is really like a matter of do you like a loose fitting pair of headphones or do you like having a tight pair? These do pinch but they seem to pinch below the ear vs like Beats Studio Wireless tend to pinch on the upper ear which I find unbearable. So ultimately these are the most comfortable pair that I’ve ever worn that does pinch. I dont think I could wear them as long as I could with the Bose QC35 but again its preference.

Noise Cancelling & Volume
These are noise isolating not cancelling so this is kind of a preference again, they do a good job of blocking out outside noise when listening to music and for the amount of bass they put out there is very little if any bleed. But when listening to like podcasts you can hear outside noises, so they may not be best for a plane ride, but if you have music on Im sure youd be fine.

The sound on these if absolutely phenomenal, I mostly listen to Hip-Hop and Rock and it has such clean bass it really brings out the baseline with bands like FFDP and with hip-hop you can imagine the booming bass. Even with the bass turned down the audio is crystal clear, I really expected bassy headphones like these to be very muddy but it is not.

Heres the only place I would kind of knock the headphones(not enough to drop a star thou), you can connect more than one device but the problem is when you leave the room, it like pauses your music trying to find the second device, just drop the device already Ill reconnect it later if I need it. I also noticed skips in the bluetooth when using two devices almost like its checking to make sure the second device is still on board. The bluetooth isnt really on par with Bose which has an app that lets you control what devices your connected to instead of having to go into pair mode to switch to different devices that you werent currently paired with.

Overall comparing these headphones to other headphones on the market they compare very favorably, Ive owned Beats Studio Wireless, Ive Owned Sony Extra Bass and I currently own the Bose QC35 and I think these Skullcandy Crusher Wireless are better than all of them. I think the Bose pair has pluses were skull candy has negative and vice versa but you cant beat the price on these, which is why I would select them over the Bose QC35. If money isnt an issue I think the Bose QC35 is slightly better but overall you cant go wrong with either pair. - Customer Reviews: Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone with Mic, Black


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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphones


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