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  • Bluetooth Wireless with 6 Hour Battery Life
  • Removable Flex Collar
  • Supreme Sound
  • Onboard Mic/Remote
  • One-Year Manufacturer Warranty - Details at (US & Canada only)
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Amazon Review by Brandy Alexander :star::star::star::star::star:

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LONG TERM USER HERE **** one year update they still work ****

*****UPDATE **** I have had these 1 year now and their still going strong...only gripe is the battery is dying faster lately but overall Still a great set !

I have a job that allows me to wear headphones for my ENTIRE shift. Lucky me , lucky them. I have had a few cheaper brands of Bluetooth headphones. They are generally sub par so I was hoping that these Skull Candy brand ones would be good. I have been using these since November and I am mostly very happy. When you consider most wired or Bluetooth headphone give out by the 3 month mark these are pretty durable. I have the White and I reccomend NOT getting the White. It gets grimy quickly and it’s pretty difficult to keep clean.

Build Quality and Design

Pretty good for this price. The cables are thick and the flat wire type. The buds stay in good. I have a very physical job and they NEVER fall out. The rubber end pieces stay on! It comes with few extras but I have only lost one in the months I have had these. These DO NOT block out sounds. I can hear people around me easily. I work in environment where I need to hear others. If your looking for deep sound blocking these are not for you. I mostly listen to audio books and podcasts. These sound " like SKULL CANDY HEADPHONES" If you have ever tried the mid range wired Skull candy headphones and like them you will like the audio experience with these. Very clear , crisp and not too bass heavy. The extra money your paying over a wired set is just for the Bluetooth feature , it does not seem like the extra bucks goes toward an upgraded audio experience.
The design is a bit weird… That funny collar part holds the components and the battery. That piece ( when removed from the collar) is about 2 inches long and a little heavy. If you take it out of the collar It can slip back on your neck pulling your buds out of your ears. It could be easily lost. The collar can be felt while your wearing them. You will get used to it but you always know it’s there. I like that feeling because I have lost other Bluetooth sets when they slipped off my neck without me noticing. There is a little clip that holds the wires together if you have the buds out. Basically keep the collar on this unit.
Battery life is quoted as 6 hours. Honestly I get more like 7 hours and I am a hard user. It warns you with a series of beeps that battery is getting lower . You generally have at least 10 minutes left of power when it starts beeping. It charges quick.

I just want to mention that because of the placement of the charging port you CAN wear and use these while you are charging them. I use a portable battery pack in my pocket. They lose the connection when you start charging but you can simply restart the Bluetooth connection. There is a light on the headset it flashes blue while these are in use and red when charging. It is visible to others ( only at a certain angle) when you are wearing the headphones. I always have a hoodie on but if my hoodie is off the light could be seen. It’s not flashing like a loony siren but it could be seen.

In my experience the Bluetooth connection has been excellent. It take a bit of practice to get the button press just right but once connected it’s strong. I connect to two different devices at once. I connect to an iPad mini 4 and a MOTO G cellphone at the same time. It switches effortlessly from my cellphone calls right back into audio books on my iPad . Call quality has been great. I literally blab for hours with zero issues. This is one of the best headphone mic set ups I have ever used.

I’m a fan ! If these broke right now I would purchase the same set over again. They include a year warranty but I made the fool mistake of purchasing from an eBay seller that was not an authorized dealer so no warranty for me.

Overall, if your looking for a nice , reasonably priced set of Bluetooth buds you can’t go wrong with these…just don’t get the white. - Customer Reviews: Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, Black/Red


Walmart Review by momofscooterandlovebug :star::star::star::star::star:

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Great so far!

I have had a really hard time finding a Bluetooth headset that would work for my ears. All the others that I have tried hurt my my ears terribly. Then while perusing the electronic section at my local Walmart, an associate led me to these. They fit my ears better than anything I have ever found. They are very comfortable and the sound is so clear. I have a hard time hearing as well and these are perfect! I would definitely buy these again. - Customer Reviews: Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, Black/Red


Best Buy Review by rhd777 :star::star::star::star::star:

Surprised with these.

I got these for a great deal. They were on sale, and for the price I would buy them any day of the week.

The sound quality is better than I expected. Maybe not as good as other options out there, but for what I use them for they sound great. They sound better than my wired earbuds.

Battery life is pretty good. I’ve only had them die on me 3 times since I got them, and I make use of them for about 3 hours in the early morning as I do deliveries and then throughout the day. They also charge quickly.

They are durable, I play basketball wearing them and I don’t ever worry about them falling apart or any issues with moisture from sweat. I’ve owned several pair of Skull Candy ear buds and these are my second favorite (they stopped making Heavy Medals years ago, and my set have long since given up the gohst - RIP Heavy Medals…)

I would recommend these to anyone looking to get an affordable bluetooth headset. - Customer Reviews: Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, Black/Red


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