Small Compact Portable Apartment Washing Machine Fully Automatic 6.6lbs Washer Mar30 Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐:emptystar:



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  • Ultra-compact
  • 0.9 cu. ft portable washer
  • three water temperature combinations including hot/cold, warm/cold and cold/cold
  • 5 cycles and 3 water level settings
  • mounted on two wheels
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Amazon Review by Michael C. :star::star::star::star::star:

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Great peice of machinery, well made, but use these modifications I advise below. Happy Washing!

I am writing this review as my washer is running in the kitchen while I am watching TV and it's quiet enough that I dont even hear it while its running. If you are considering buying this product I have some advice for you. If you are going to run this off of a kitchen sink faucet you are going to want to order a Y splitter to hook to the back of the washer so the water from your sink can mix into both inputs on your washing machine. To find this product search Amazon for the following: "Y Washing Machine Mixer Hose". If you are planning on running this off of a kitchen sink it will not run properly, even if you select a hot or cold only wash, the machine will still a tempt to mix hot and cold water on certain cycles and if you don't have this splitter hooked up, the machine will attempt to pump water from both input spigots. To fix this issue, install this splitter, which will hook right up to the hose that comes with your washer that has a quick disconnect on it. To make set up easy you need to remove your old faucet head and replace it with the top half of the quick disconnect. When you install it MAKE SURE you wrap all threads all the way from the hot water inputs on the washer all the way to the disconnect installed on your faucet and all threads on the splitter. If every thread does not have Teflon Tape, you WILL get a leak as you are connecting metal to plastic threads. Some of you are curious about how much clothes this machine can run and I am very impressed with the capacity for thee 1.6 CF stainless steel barrel. I am able to fill the machine up with one normal sized basket of laundry. I have done 5 towels, 4 shirts, and roughly a dozen pairs of socks and a few undergarments in one load, just make sure that your clothes don't sit higher than the three agitator jets on the side of the barrel, or they wont be cleaned and set machine to highest water level. My third piece of advice for modifying this machine is that if you are going to be storing this machine in a different place then you will be using it is to purchase a set of 4 wheels. You can get these at your local harbor freight or home depot or lowes, then line them up on the bottom of the machine, drill your pilot holes for where the wheels will be and install your bolts from the bottom and install a nut on each bolt from the interior side of the machine. I would highly recommend this unless you want to have two people pick this big boy up to carry it around as the wheels that are on here stock do not work worth a darn. Overall I am completely satisfied with this machine and I would definitely recommend it to anyone lacking washer dryer inputs or space for a larger machine. Oh,....IT IS SO NICE NOT GOING TO THE LAUNDROMAT ANYMORE!!!!! Happy washing all. If anyone has any questions about installing these modifications post a question on here I will answer it.

UPDATE: I’ve been running the washer heavily for one year with no problems. The washer in the above review is the model with no dryer built in. This washer has been so great to me that I am now buying the washer dryer combo model(there are several model options) I have permanently plumbed my current washer into my water lines and drain lines under the sink just thought I’d throw that out there for anyone interested in a more permanent setup that this is possible to do… Will update again when I receive the combo unit. - Customer Reviews: Small Compact Portable Apartment Washing Machine Fully Automatic 6.6lbs Washer Mar30


Walmart Review by sweetshyloh :star::star::star::star::star:

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Utter Bliss

I am a senior living in a tiny apartment, and schlepping my laundry to and from the Laundromat was a major issue, since I do not drive anymore. When my little portable washer gave out, I shopped Walmart, and found this machine.

It fits into my tiny kitchen for water intake and drainage (sink), washes a good sized load extremely well, and never overflows, which was my biggest problem with the last machine. It is easy to use, and is very, very quiet. It is light, and can be moved into a closet if space is an issue.

I could not ever even imagine that such powerful and simple to use machine was made for the price. I would highly recommend this item for anyone living is close quarters. - Customer Reviews: Small Compact Portable Apartment Washing Machine Fully Automatic 6.6lbs Washer Mar30


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